Best Front Tine Tiller – Reviews & Buying Guide For 2023

What is the first thing you need to consider before starting any kind of work regarding garden? I know what you are thinking. It doesn’t matter in which level of gardening you are right now, you may want your garden to be best tilled or cultivated, and that is always the first thing to do of gardening.

Now to make a garden in your yard or land, it is a must to prepare the garden very well. For that, you have to dig the soil, make rows and beds for the plant. You may use spades for this, but surely it will be a challenging task to do and will spend a lot of your valuable energy. But there is also a much easier way to complete the task, and that is by using a Front Tine Tiller.

It is essential to use a quality Front Tine Tiller so that you can cultivate your land properly at less time. There are so many Front Tine Tillers in the market and can prove much challenging to choose the best one if you need to buy. Because every machine expresses them to be the best and that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Keeping that in mind, we have performed an in-depth analysis of the best Front Tine Tillers according to brand, model, engine, etc.

And as a result, narrowed it down to 9 Best Front Tine Tiller available in the market, explained them with honest review and compared them on a different basis. As you know, ‘It is never about buying the best one, it is about buying the right one for you.’

What is The Best Tiller of Soil?

Choosing the right tiller is essential for optimal soil tilling. Three factors determine which soil tiller is best for a particular area: the amount of land, the type of soil, and the level of intensity. A high-quality tiller should be durable, efficient, and easy to operate.

Larger plots of land are typically tilled with gas-powered tillers. Smaller properties are generally planted with electric tillers. Front-tine tillers work best for loose soil, while rear-tine tillers are ideal for compacted soil and larger plots. Ultimately, the best tiller for the ground will be one that provides reliable performance and meets gardener or farmer-specific needs.

Top 9 Front Tine Tiller

1. Schiller-Grounds-Care-7940-Cultivator

2. Sun-Joe-TJ603E-Electric-Cultivator

3. Earthquake-31635-Cultivator-2-Cycle-Warranty

4. TACKLIFE-Electric-Cultivator-Removable-Adjustable

5. TAZZ-35310-Viper-Compact-Tiller

6. Southland-SCV43-Cultivator-Crankshaft-Engine

7. XtremepowerUS Commercial Powered Garden-Cultivator

8. TACKLIFE-Electric-Tiller-Foldable-Adjustable

9. TC-210-Cultivator-Front-Tine-Forward-Rotating

There are also other excellent products on our list. It is evident that there is a difference in everyone’s point of view. So, I would love you to check all the products on the list so you can make an honest choice.

1. Schiller-Grounds-Care-7940-Cultivator

The Schiller ground care 7940 is one of the most wanted and popular front tine tillers. And so, we are keeping this at the top of the list here in the review. It has so many great features that will surely catch your interest.

Whenever we examine any tool, what we first check is its engine power. There is a sturdy and durable Honda 25cc impactful engine in the 4-cycle version of the Schiller ground care 7940 front tine tiller. The great engine shows hardly any problems or complaints at all.

The engine doesn’t need gas or oil mix as fuel which means you will just need to add gas to get the thing going. The fuel tank can take up to 0.15 gallons, and you can see that trough so that you can always be able to say how much is in there. According to our customer research, you may probably get about 90 minutes to use out a full tank of fuel.

You will get an excellent warranty with the tiller. It will cover you against any type of defect for five years at the time of residential use. And 2 years for commercial use. Also, you will have a lifetime guarantee against the breaking of the tines. They will replace them soon after you let them know. Check the package for more details about it.

The tool is so lightweight like other Schiller tillers. It is just about 24lbs. Though it is 4lbs heavier than the previous 7920 still it is one of the most lightweight product for the size of the tiller.

Being so light is a great advantage that can customers get. You can easily carry it around using the integrated handle. If you ever used any heavy products, you are surely going to appreciate the difference in weight.
Schiller 7940 has foldable handles so that the handles can be folded down which occupies along 30 inches long space. So it is relatively easy to store the tool.

You may wonder that this small and light product can be how much powerful at all. But, surprisingly, it can go through serious tilling on any type of soil. Its design and the way of using make all the difference.

The tines have their unique curvy shape which helps it to dig into the most robust soil and with no bounce. And as said before, with the lifetime guarantee, you can use it at freedom.

It is also a matter to see how you actually use the tool. You can not only use them in forwards but also you can move them back as you want with the back and forth motion.

The maximum speed of the tine is 240rpm. You will have control over the speed of the tines. The squeeze will help you to get the tines turning and control the speed.

In the tilling mood, the tool can dig about 10-12 inches deep hole on the soil. And it is ideal for planting crops or any other tree. You just need to hold the tiller in position, and it will do the rest.

The only problem you can face is breaking a large amount of ground. The Schiller can break almost every type of soil, but it will take time to break a large plot. So, if you have a larger plot, you may choose one of the larger machines that we will review below.


  • Powerful Honda engine  
  • Lightweight
  • Finger controlled throttle
  • Foldable handle


  • Time-consuming for larger grounds

Our verdict

The tool 7940 is a brilliant worthy tiller. You will be glad after buying this model that it performs so good at every type of soil even though it is a little time-consuming for extensive grounds.

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2. Sun-Joe-TJ603E-Electric-Cultivator

There can be a different type of condition of your garden that demands a different solution. Likewise, you may in need of something so influential on the hard ground and at the same time equally gentle on the soft soil. If you ever face these types of requirements, Sun Joe electric tiller is precisely what you need for that!

Sun Joe TJ603E electric tiller is a complete package of features which will make it a breeze for you to work the ground. Also, it will help you take away the hassle in storing the equipment after all the hard job.

The TJ603E tiller can prove to be an obvious and greener way of tilling the soil. Here you will find a powerful 12amp motor. It will help to pulverize the dirt quickly and slicing the soil. You will get the maximum aeration to help to prepare the perfect seedbed for the garden.

By the tool, you will be able to cultivate the plot up to 16inches of wide and 8 inches deep within seconds. If weeds are growing in the garden, simply use this to control them.

Because of its durable build of 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance, it is one of the best garden tillers in my eye. Through this, you can complete the job with fewer strains and more comfort of course.

The 3 position wheels make it very easy to move around. The wheels allow for maneuvering around the sidewalk or anywhere else. But it has a long cord that comes in between work, that’s the only thing which seems dislike to some. Other than the minor problem, this is a cool machine to use.

It is awe-inspiring to have tines. The 6 steel angled tines increase effectiveness. The rotate speed of the tines is 340rpm. You will also find secure storage with the foldable handles feature. For transport, the handle can be handy and help you maintaining control over the cultivator when moving it.


  • Easy transportation and compact storage  
  • Handle rough ground
  • No maintenance needed


  • The big cord can come in the way

Our verdict

TJ603E electric cultivator is a potent tool for the garden. Every feature tends to contribute to its performance. This can work on all types of hard surface, and at the same time, it is so easy to move the tool. So, if you’re in search of something compelling, I will suggest you go for it as it is designed to work into the extreme ground condition!

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3. Earthquake-31635-Cultivator-2-Cycle-Warranty Currently Unavailable

The best alternative is: Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator 2-Cycle 5-Year Warranty. See product

Insert Image

The Earthquake 31635 cultivator is an excellent tool for aeration and cultivation for your garden bed soil. It can provide significant performance in weeding and mixing the soil. It is a very lightweight product as it weighs only 24lb.

So, it can be a unique advantage for transportation as you can take the tool to your garden bed. When you don’t need to use the product, its stable upright parking stance can be instrumental in gaining compact storage.

You can have great control over the tool by the grips and handlebar tubes. It will enable you to remove the weeds growing on your garden, not the plants. The handlebar, designed as U turned, can reduce the vibration while using on the surface and give you a more significant source of confidence in the garden.

Removing the wheeled units, the Earthquake 31635 allows gardeners more clear line of sight around the plant and makes a superior option. Without the wheels, it is lighter than any other wheeled counterparts. Yet, it shows more excellent maneuverability and control in the field. You will get an industry-leading 5-year warranty in the US.


  • Versatile  
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Designed to maneuver


  • Bounces a lot


There is only a little scope; you can get to complain about the tool. It can prove to be a beneficial product for your work. So, choosing this can definitely be one of the most excellent decisions for you that you’ll possibly never regret.

4. TACKLIFE-Electric-Cultivator-Removable-Adjustable

To loose soil and planting, the TACKLIFE electric cultivator TGTL01A can be one of the best choices from my suggestion. It has so many exclusive features that others don’t.

First of all, the TACKLIFE TGTL01A has a powerful 13.5amp cooper motor. The motor can prove in low loss and high conversion performance. Therefore you can get dominant power from it while cultivating. The copper motor can generate speed up to 380rpm. This speed can make things pretty easy to loose the soil.

The tool can reach up to 8 inches deep, and it is ideal for any type of soil. By this tilling depth, you can easily loosen up the soil in perfect depth and make the garden bed well prepared for further planting.

Talking about technical specifications, it has electric power supply with 13.5amp. The product is one of the most lightweight in my list. It weighs only 22lbs. The width variable plough width is about 12.5 inches and 18 inches.
You will face a deficient noise level using TACKLIFE. Its noise level is of 93db. The voltage it needs is about 120. As it is a foldable tiller, it can seem very small while folded.

It has an adjustable width advantage. That means you can switch from 6 tines to 4 by no help of any other tools instantly. And also the working width about 18 inches to 12.5 inches. It will help you cope up with different working needs at the time.

The foldable design is an excellent feature as it allows you to fold the tiller and provides space and storage by ensuring cleanliness. It shows high efficiency for loosing soil and bed preparation.

Being a lightweight product, it has proved itself as a user-friendly tool. It facilitates your daily jobs with mobility. The folding handlebar can also reduce your arms fatigue. It also has a safety button on it.

This safety button and brake switch give more protection preventing any type of accidental start. These buttons indicate to start the machine. The steel tines ensure stable performance and maximum durability.


  • Lightweight  
  • Value of money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Maneuverability


  • Too small for some

Our verdict

Some people look for a lightweight and small product with incredible features. This tool is one of them as you can see. It is lightweight and shows the value of your money with its fantastic quality.

5. TAZZ-35310-Viper-Compact-Tiller

The TAZZ 35310 Viper Compact front tine tiller is one of the most excellent tools on our list. It is widely asked product and very popular to the customers. It has a mighty 79cc engine with4 strokes. TAZZ 35310 is known to people as the beast tine tiller.

You can enjoy the high-quality performance from TAZZ 35310 cultivator. It has accessible start tech with the feature to start it whenever you want. There is a massive 21 inches tilling width. Without any outside help, you can remove the outer steel tines for small areas cultivation.

On any type of soil, it can be destructive with its incredible tilling power. It can break any type of soil in no time. The handle will help you achieve your desired tilling depth, so do the drug stake adjustment. And also, the rugged forged can prove useful in making the soil crunch.

It has a very lightweight own design with a low centre of gravity on the surface and compact footprints. These features can prove to be a great experience with decent control over the tool.

It has incredible more control and maneuverability compared to other tools. Its exceptional design helps to remove bouncing the tool and generates more user control over it. And the tilling performs with absolutely no harm to the plants.

It can also be useful in 2-in-1 versatility. There are outer tool-less tines and shields on side. These make it a great cultivator. By the 21 inches width tilling, there will be level seedbed plants. You can also maintain rows and weeds by plants by switching it to the 16 inches and 11 inches width.


  • The versatility of 2 in 1
  • Covers larger area
  • Stable and have the most control
  • Flexible


  • It takes time to assemble

Our Verdict

For many gardeners, it is best for cultivating as it covers a vast area with powerful tilling. It is committed to keeping your satisfaction, and I believe you can count on it.

6. Southland-SCV43-Cultivator-Crankshaft-Engine

Using the Southland SCV43 cultivator, you can quickly get your landscape beds in the top shape. It is so easy to assemble the tool in no time. It runs smoothly, and storing is easy as well. There are two 7 inches wheels—this help to adjust to make easy transport over smooth or rough terrain.

There is a tilling depth of about 5 inches and a width of about 7-10 inches. It helps to provide the best performance possible for any type of plot. There is a narrow width in the tines. It helps to provide the perfect movement in plants, shrubs, and trees.

This tool can be very useful in cutting throw the soil by the 8-inch tines by easing the workload of the cultivator. After finishing the work, store it by the front carry handle and tool-free handle design.

The machine has some other great features that you need to know. You will find natural manual recoil start fuel delivery system with the professional quality crankshaft design. There are 8 inches tine diameter with 5-inch tilling depth and adjustable tilling width.

Also, the impressive direct gear drives with a clutch solid steel drive shaft. There are 7 inches 2 rear wheels for easy maneuverability.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Value of money
  • Easy to use
  • Jumps a lot
  • Wheels are too close

Our verdict

It is ideal for any landscape or garden enthusiast with its smooth start feature and the 43cc powerful gas engine. You can get a limited 2 years warranty with the product. With belief, you can go for it!

7. XtremepowerUS Commercial Powered Garden-Cultivator

The XtremepowerUs commercial powered garden tiller is known to people for its small size and lightweight design.

These make the tool easy to transport in the tilling field and increases maneuverability through the garden rows without damaging any plants. It is equipped with a manual recoil which makes it easy to start-up systems. There is also a direct gear drive with clutch.

Here the tool is built as a trouble-free performer machine. It is a dependable product as well as is backed by the service network to keep it running strong for years long.

There are two rear wheels of 7 inches attached to it. It will provide easy work site maneuverability on the tight space. The adjustable tilling width is about 6 to 10 inches and up to 4 inches in depth. The tines are so narrow that will offer the perfect movement between shrubs and plants.

It is totally a garden superstar in a matter of weeding or aerating the soil. It has some specifications like the engine is of 5cc powerful 2 strokes 1E40FN with hp horsepower. It can generate so much power which will be enough for your work.


  • Great little digger
  • Lightweight


  • Lack of Instruction
  • Poor customer service

Our verdict

Many gardeners will say that this machine is best for small tilling fields. It may be small but has an excellent quality package. Without customer service, it works so well, and no one can complain about that.

8. TACKLIFE-Electric-Tiller-Foldable-Adjustable

The TACKLIFE TGL02A electric tiller’s version is also as popular as the previous one. It is said that TACKLIFE electric tiller is one of the most beautiful creation in the tiller world.

This front tine tiller is as efficient as powerful. It has a 12amp pure copper motor which ensures stable performance of the tool. The product can provide up to 400rpm high speed with efficient operation, and high torque is grinding. This can be useful in any type of garden.

There are 16 inches cultivation width and maximum 8 inches cultivation depth. With this fantastic cultivation size, there are also 6 high-hardness manganese steel blades to turn the deep soil, crush them for deep cultivation.

TACKLIFE front tine tiller provides much convenient storage. As it has a foldable handle, it is easy to fold without any other tools. The folded size helps saving space giving convenient space and makes it easy to carry. Keep in mind to lift the transport wheel when the machine is running.

The safety system is always a catchy side of tillers. It has double safety switches to provide double protection. There is a safety button trigger to start the tool. The steel shield prevents small stones from hurting.


  • Perfect for small garden
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate


  • Not useful in big fields

Our verdict

It can be a perfect experience using TGTL02A. You can find it perfect for its open armrest, stability and without deviation feature. You can easily lift it by a hand and operate as you want. Any type of people can use it as it is lightweight and anyone can handle the length. So, it can get your garden ready for the he4althy growth of the plants you want!

9. TC-210-Cultivator-Front-Tine-Forward-Rotating

The TC 210 is a great small forward rotating Front tine tiller. It has 21.2cc power boost vortex engine at the small body. The tiller makes the job so easy by its vortex engine.

It is a lightweight product as has 4, 10-tooth reversible tines which can dig up to 9 inches width and 6 inches in depth. It also provides a lifetime warranty and offers smooth tilling action for up to 9 inches wide furrows.

There is kickstand for secure storage. A switch increases user comfort and makes it simple to operate. Also, there is a waterproof stop switch and throttle control at the operator’s fingertips. The warm gear type transmission offers high rpm tines and more torque.


  • Great small tine
  • Light and powerful


  • Hard to start

Our verdict

The following specific features that provided up here can be exclusive to so many. According to its price and quality, it is a likely product to many. So it is always the right decision to take the decision and choose. Here are some simple things you need to know about front tine tiller. If you are well-known to Front Tine Tillers, skip this section.

What is a Front Tine Tiller?

Front tine tiller is a tool or rototiller that usually have tines at the front side of the machine. These tillers are mainly used to loosen up the soil. They let the soil nutrients to come up to the surface and are great for maintenance and soil preparation.

Front tine tillers are used generally for in light soils. They are used for digging, smashing, mixing etc. to make the soil weed-free. This tiller is often manual so that it can be operated in a much easier and flexible way in all type of areas but especially in the small or medium gardens. It is suitable for most of the farmers.

How to find the best Front Tine Tiller?

There are so many right front tine tillers there in the market. And without proper knowledge or experience, it will seem like diving in the deep sea.

Here in our list, only 9 seemed to us those could be the best analyzing all the features and perspective. This guide will lead you to your independent choice. Considering the given factors, you can find the best Front tine tiller.

Buyer’s Guide

These were our 9 best Front tine tillers according to their unique features. Each has excellent quality. Some may offer more. So, if you’re still having difficulty regarding the best one for you, use the buyer’s guide here.

The area

If there is a large area to till, you should not go with the compact one. On the contrary, choose a front tine tiller which has a larger tilling width.

Considering field type

If the area you are going to till is full of weeds or sods, I would suggest choosing a tiller that can handle tearing up those grass or weed.


The type of soil is also a point of view before choosing a tiller. If the soil is sandy or loamy, it is easier to till. So, you can choose a low powered tiller for the job.

Types of tiller

Here you can find electric tillers as well as a gas-powered tiller. There are advantages to both. Sometimes it is comfortable and likely to use the electric tiller. Again sometimes gas-powered tiller seems sturdy more than electric tillers to some.

Considering the ability to ease the use

The tiller must fit your plans and abilities. Check if it is easy to use for you. You should know about how to assemble the tool. If assemble is hard for you or not. Does there too much power to control for you. Because it is not always about power, it is more about the power fit for you or not.

The engine

Front tine tillers here can be 4-cycle or 2-cycle engine. So, you should know what you need and go for that. We reviewed both here on our website for you.

Type of Tine

You will find both forward rotating and dual rotating tines in the list. Dual rotating helps to break hard and tough soil at ease. But if you have a healthy soil on your soon-to-be garden, then you should choose forward rotating.

Weight of tiller

The weight of the tiller is one of the significant consideration. If there is a need to take the machine for here to there for work, you should search for the lightest one. There are so many lightweights, small tools on our list.


If you’re likely to have much storage product, you should search for it. If there is not enough storage, you should choose a tiller with folding handle or a compact version. It helps to create much storage.


A good warranty is always outstanding. Warranty can bring your mind in peace. So if you’re that kind of person, you may choose the one with excellent customer service and warranty.

2-cycle engines

2-cycle engines are more powerful than the one of 4-cycle. If you like a powerful engine, you can choose this type of engine. On the other hand, the 4-cycle engine is not that powerful as the 2-cycle engine, but they are impressively fuel-efficient and as well as eco-friendly.

Considering efficiency, this can be the one. Also, consider the engine power by cc in the product list. The larger engine power is, it is more heavy but powerful. So, you should know what you want or need for the field.


Last but not least, you can never ignore the term cost. You should always keep your budget in your head before choosing one. Remember, this review is all about helping you find the best product in our list in your budget.

You’ll find the then-latest price of each product in the amazon link. Choose the one for you, as we have reviewed almost every range of product to make things easy.

FAQs about Front Tine Tillers

What do I need to level ground with the tiller?

To get a better result, it is necessary to level the ground. Tilling can break the field for you but to level it, you should need to start from moving the higher grade to the lower grade. You may need a shovel, water, rake, etc. By crossing the whole ground, pushing it forward and returning from the other side, doing the same can level it most efficiently.

How to use a Front Tine Tiller?

To use it correctly for your field, you should start from a corner and slowly reach to the other side to till the whole ground. By opening the throttle, the speed will be up. You can get better output by increasing the speed, but it can prove difficult to control. You should do the tilling from one side to another in the same way for few times to complete the process.

What Engine capacities of a Front Tine Tiller offers?

Front tine tillers are mainly for breaking the softer soil for preparing it to the cultivation process. So, there is no need for higher engine capacities generally. But, still, they need to be powerful enough for the job. The range that front tine tillers often offer is between 160 to 205cc. This can be perfect for the work.

Final Verdict:

There is hardly any chance that you can go wrong using the review of our website. By following the best front tine tillers review and buying guide, you will surely be able to recognize what it that you need is. The 9 models that enlisted here are of different price range and different features. You know where you need a top hit. You just have to hit it!

After all the discussion above, we have to say that your time and money is always the most significant value. So, I would suggest you spend it wisely. Let us know by comment if this review was any help for you. So, get pursuing your dream right away!

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