Honda Lawn Mower Rear Wheels Lock Up – Step By Step Solution With Best Tips 2023

Rear-wheel lockup is a common scenario for a Honda lawn mower after a period of mowing. A solution to this problem requires a bit of mechanical skill and careful assembly of bolts, screws, and lawn mower body parts. Let’s release the Honda lawn mower rear wheels lock up.

After completing the following steps, you can make the mower ready to mow some grass with a swift roll of wheels in both directions.


  • Remove the spark wire to avoid accidental engine start
  • Do not forget to organize the screws, springs, and bolts

It is always better to consult a mechanic to solve any gearbox problem if you are a newbie to handle lawn mower.

Tightening or Losing the Drive Cable

Drive cable adjustments sometimes go wrong and create problems like front or rear wheels lock up. To readjust the drive cable of a lawn mower, we can use  10mm wrenches to tighten or loosen the drive cable of a lawn mower.

In most cases, perfect adjustment of the drive cable fixes problems related to rear wheel lock up situations. Particular rotation direction of the drive cable operates differently to adjust the drive cable. The instruction manual of your machine contains a detailed diagram to associate you.

Instruction Manual For Releasing Honda Lawn Mower Rear Wheels Lock Up

Honda lawn mower instruction manual contains the exact diagram of adjusting the drive cable. By using 10mm wrenches, one can solve the drive cable mismanagement. Thrust collar, 13 mm washer, 13 mm Circlip are basic aer small pieces of equipment connected to the shaft front in a lawn mower body

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Gearbox management

Before everything, this process requires parts to reassemble and a bit of mechanical skill, let’s be patient to complete this whole step. Rear wheel lock-up occurs because of the dysfunctionality of the gearbox on the wheel.

So, first, you have to start with separating the gearbox from the mower body. You need to pour some oil or grease on the upper side of the wheel shaft to unleash the gearbox smoothly.

  • Separating gearbox

Gearbox separation requires wrenches to unleash the bolts and wings on the backside of the lawn mower. Multiple O-rings, screws, and bolts attach the shaft of the gearbox with the rear wheel.

Unleashing the rear wheel is easy but the gearbox separation and shaft separation require proper attention and skills to complete. After separating the gearbox, the green corroded portion of the lawn mower body needs cleaning and we can use grease or controlled flow of water to clean the rusty portion of the lawn mower rear side.

Spring connected to the gearbox attaches the transmission cable.

  1. To unleash the whole transmission cable, lose the drive cable as much as possible.
  2. Use a spring hook to unleash the spring easily.

Check the shaft rotation

Simply check the shaft rotation by hand and inspect if it freely moves in both directions or not. If it does, then the gearbox is working ok, but the shaft in the middle is facing problems. Shaft rotation allows the wheels to rotate.

  • Shaft cleaning

Rear wheel locks up occurs because of the blockage of the bushing on the shaft’s surface. Bushing reduces the friction between rotating shafts and stationary support components.

In terms of material configuration, a typical plastic on soft metal and oil films is known as the bushing which supports the rotating shaft. The harsh area covered by bushing needs a polish.

Note. Each of the three processes is required on both sides of the rear wheels before moving forward to the Bushing surface.

Bushing surface cleaning

The bushing surface on the shafts sometimes gets corroded because of friction on its surface. A red corroded portion of the shaft disables the shaft rotation while pulling backward.

20 mm sandpapers will be perfect to clean the bushing surface. Once the bushing surface is cleared, you will find the shaft shining like a new one. But don’t push too hard. Try to keep it as smoothly as possible.

Note. Due to the messy surface of the shaft, initially, bushing removal requires extra force by hammer or pressure from both sides. Take your time to avoid accidents.


Here comes the last part. Arranging the screws and bolts while unleashing is a pro trick for someone working on the lawnmower body. Reverse operation of all the steps will award you a perfect lawn mower without locking up its rear-wheel while moving backward.

Put the gearbox back, cover up the upper body of the lawnmower. Tight the bolts and screws on both sides. While assembling the parts, make sure to carefully put the minor components like thrust collar or washer or circlip.

Never lose the springs. They are hard to find and responsible for the whole machine’s technical operation.


Why is my Honda lawn mower only one wheel turn?

There could be several reasons why your Honda lawn mower only turns with one wheel. Some possible reasons include a broken gear or axle, a loose or damaged belt, a damaged transmission or differential, or a damaged wheel bearing. It is recommended to have a professional technician inspect and diagnose the issue to determine the appropriate solution.

What is the purpose of high rear wheels on a lawn mower?

The purpose of high rear wheels on a lawn mower is to provide better maneuverability, especially on uneven terrain. The larger wheels help prevent the mower deck from scalping or digging into the ground, resulting in a smoother cut.

Which is better, a front or rear-wheel lawn mower?

The choice between front and rear-wheel lawnmowers depends on personal preference and the terrain of the lawn. Front-wheel mowers are better for flat terrain and maneuverability, while rear-wheel mowers are better for hilly terrain and traction.

Our Opinion

There are particular ways of placing your lawn mower to perform necessary changes. Do not put your lawn mower totally upside down. Use a higher surface to place the grip of your lawn mower and you will find a space from each side to work.

Readjust the drive cable and plug in the spark plug to start the lawn mower. The mower is ready to mow some grass with a swift roll of wheels in both directions.

Sometimes, wheel spring, shaft springs or bearing fails creates such problems as rear wheel lock-up. Most of the time, shaft cleaning or cable adjustment fixes the Honda lawn mower rear wheel lock up. You can also discuss your Lawn Mower Problems in these forums.

Start the motor and try now. It is really easy to fix a Honda lawn mower rear wheels lock up on your own.

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