How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing? Best Tips 2023

If we use any equipment, it needs some maintenance. Lawn mower is one of our most important pieces of equipment when we love gardening. But if we use a lawn mower for years then we need to sharpen the lawn mower blade. But most of the time was stuck doing this. Today we will know how to sharpen lawn mower blades without removing it from mower.

We have some problems removing the blade from the lawn mower. That’s why in this article we are going to show you all the important things to sharpen a lawn mower blade without removing it from the mower. You will also get a clear idea about the important tools you will need. So let’s start the process.

Why Should We Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade?

Lawn mower is one of the most important pieces of equipment in gardening. We use it to cut the grasses in and around our garden. But when we use the same blade for a long time, we need to sharpen it. Sometimes the lawn mower blade gets stuck with brick and other things while cutting grass.

Then it may become blunt or flat. We all know that a blunt blade cuts grasses slowly. It takes a lot of time. For this reason lawn mowers also become slower. Most importantly it can not cut grass properly to get the most perfect result from our lawn mower. That’s why we have to sharpen the lawn mower blade in a regular interval.

Again a lawn mower blade is also important for the health of your loan. If you use a blunt blade to cut the grasses then your grasses will not be cut rather they will be broken. You know a broken grass cannot be healthy. That’s why sometimes many diseases may attack your lawn. To get a healthy lawn you have to use a sharp blade in your lawn mower.

Important Tools You Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade Without Removing It

Mower Lifter

Lawn mower lifter is one of the most important tools to sharpen a lawn mower blade without removing it. You know what it means? You have to sharpen your lawn mowers blade without separating the blade from the lawn mower.

If you want to sharpen the blade in this way then you have to lift the mower.  without lifting the mower you will not be able to sharpen that easily. For that reason you have to have a mower litter. If your lawn mower is heavy then you can use a Jack.

But if it is not so heavy you can use a steel stand. This will easily keep your lawn mower upper from the ground and you will be easily able to sharpen the blade.

Cut Proof Gloves

When  you work with any sharp tools we have to be most sensitive about our safety. Lawn mower blade is a sharp tool. When you are going to use this type of sharp tool you have to use cut proof hand gloves on your hands.

This type of gloves will help you to avoid any kind of risk. Again you will use any grinder machine or file to sharpen the blade, if you don’t use the cut proof gloves then it can easily affect your hand.

So cut proof gloves are one of the most important things when you are thinking about sharpening your lawn mower blade without removing it.

A Grinder Machine or File

We all know we have to sharpen a still or iron blade. So sharpening a steel or iron blade is not possible without a grinder machine or a file. You can use any one of those. But I am suggesting you use a grinder machine.

If you use a file then it will take much more time but a grinder machine will help you to sharpen the blade very fast. But files also have their own advantages. File is more risk free. It will not create any kind of fire when you are going to sharpen your blade.

But again the files are not easy as we are going to sharpen our lawn mowers blade without removing it from the lawn mower itself. So it will not be easy for us working in a small place. That’s why you need to work fast and a grinder machine will help you to do this.

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Wood Block

When we will sharpen the blade without removing it then it can move front and back. This will lengthen our working process and also it will create some unwanted risk for our hands. That’s why we have to ensure that the blade is not moving in any direction. To ensure that we can use wood blocks in the front and back of the blade.

Safety Glasses

If we use a grinder machine to sharpen our blade it will create some fire in it. The fire may damage our eyes and other parts of the body.

That’s why we have to ensure safety for ourselves and our eyes. A safety glass will surely provide high class safety for eyes. So don’t forget to use them when you are working.


Long time use of lawn mowers blade. Most of the time they become rusted and it also carries some dust. That’s why we have to use sandpaper to clean it.

We have to use sandpaper before sharpening the blade. Using sandpaper will give better results and it will help the blade to become more shiny.

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How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

The introduction of tools is done. Now we are going to reveal the procedure step by step. Don’t read it with less importance. Give more concentration to every part or every step of the process. Otherwise, you may miss very important steps which are very important to get the best result. So let’s start.

Step #1

Bring your lawn mower to a clean and neat place. It can be the floor of your garage. The best place will help you to work comfortably. Sometimes you also have to work lying on the floor. So a clean place is most important.

Step #2

Remove the spark plug and also remove the key from the lawn mower engine. It will prevent any kind of unwanted engine start. You have to remember that because you are working with a sharp part of your lawn mower. So if unwantedly it starts moving then it will surely harm you. So this is the most important part.

Step #3

Close your gas tank, that means you have to close your fuel tank very tightly. If you can’t do this then you may lose some fuel because you are going to lift the mower in a way that can flow your fuel on the floor. If you can ensure that your fuel tank is empty then it will be best.

Step #4

Lift your lawn mower with a mower lifter. It will  help you to go under the lawn mower as your sharpening lawn mowers blade without removing it. So you have to go under the lawn mower and then you have to work in it. You must lift it to reach the blade.

Step #5

Take the sandpaper and other helping tools and clean the blade. You can use some water too. This part is also important because if you can’t clean the blood properly then you will not get the best result.

You have to clean the blade because the blade works in an environment where mud and other dirty things can be attested with it. And it also rusted. That’s why you have to use sandpaper.

Step #6

Find the right side of the blade. You have to remember that the blade has one side pointed edge and the other side blunt. This is like the successor. If you can’t find the right side of the blade and sharpen the wrong side of it then you will totally damage your blade, and it will not cut a single grass. So finding the right side is most important.

If you closely see the blade then you will easily get the side you have to sharpen. I am not going to reveal that in detail. You can see the picture below, this is identifying the sharpening side of the blade.

Step #7

Use the wooden block  to stop moving the blade. This is another important part. If it moves in any direction then you will not be able to work accurately and it will disturb you in the working process. So you must use it. You cannot avoid this thinking as less important.

Step #8

Take a file or a grinding machine. If you are using a file then start rubbing the blade. You have to do it for a long time till you get a sharp pointed side in the blade.

You have to continue this on both the side of the blade. But if you are using a grinding machine then be more aware about your safety. It creates fire in it and also it is risky working with such a machine.

Step  #9

Check both the sides of the blade. If you think that it is enough pointed, then it’s done. Now you can use a rag to clean it again. Now it’s almost done and you can bring them in its original mood.

But I am suggesting you to do some maintenance. You can remove the other dust in your lawn mower, this will keep it more fresh and healthy.

If you followed all the steps then congratulations, you have sharpened your lawn mowers blade without removing it from the lawn mower. But doing this we need some warnings.

We have to take some steps to keep us risk free and also to keep our lawn mower ok. In this part of the article we are going to warn you to take some major steps while doing this.

Warning Before Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing

Remove Spark Plug

This is one of the most important and must do things. Whenever you start any maintenance work with any kind of engine you have to remove the spark plug. If you remove the spark plug then engine will never start. You have to make sure that the engine cannot start at the time of working.

Wear Gloves and Safety Glass

When you are working with a sharp device or tools you have to use some safety guards for yourself. Cut Proof hand gloves and safety glasses are those two safety guards which can keep you safe from any kind of injury. So make sure you wear those two things before starting the sharpening process.

Use Wood Block

Wood blocks at a time help you to work fast and also help you to be safe. If you don’t use any kind of block to stop the blade then it will move front and back. This type of movement will surely hamper your work and also really creates some injury on your hand. That’s why you have to use woodblock to stop moving your blade.

Make Sure Your Fuel Tank is Empty

Fuel can be risky when you are using a grinding machine. We all know that the grinding machine creates some fire when working. The fire moves around its working place. So you have to ensure your fuel tank is free. You can close the fuel tank very tightly but it is safe if you can make it empty. Otherwise any kind of risky incident can happen.

Final Verdict

Hope you get a clear idea about what to do, what not to do and how to do the total process. You also get very good conceptions about the necessary tools you will need in the working process.

No more today, we will be talking on the next article on the next topic. Stay with us if you are a full time gardening lover.

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