Best Power Reel Mowers [Expert Reviews 2023]

Power reel mowers are one of the most loved and most popular lawn mowers in the market. People love it for its cutting blades, low cost, maintenance ease, and small size. This is unique because it works manually, no engine needed in it.

In this article, we will try to show you the most popular and best reel lawn mower in the market. So, I hope you will enjoy this article and this article will be the most suitable to suggest to you the best power reel lawn mower to buy.

What is Reel Mower?

Power reel lawn mower is a special type of lawn mower that works manually. In this type of lawn mower, you will not get any kind of engine. They have a handle, two wheels, for 5 blades that’s it. This type of lawn mower cuts grasses with the help of some blades. These blades function as a successor.

Top 5 Best Power Reel Mowers

In this article, we will discuss the 5 best power reel lawn mowers in the market. Reel Lawn mowers are planet friendly and have zero carbon emissions.

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American Lawn Mower Company Reel Lawn Mower, Red

This is one of the most rated Power Reel Lawn Mowers in Amazon. Seeing the positive reviews of customers, I place the product at the top of the article.


  • This power reel lawn mower has 5 blades. Those five blades are really functional. These power reel blades are 14” wide. The cutting experience of these blades is very good. The blades are sharp enough.
  • You will get the different heights of cutting grass. The heights vary from 1” to 1.75”. But frankly saying this lawn mower is not good for cutting long grass. It works with short grass.
  • Different heights of handles. In this power lawn mower, you will get a flexible handle. You can adjust the height of it. If you want your kids can help using this reel lawn mower.
  • American Lawn Mower Company reel Lawn Mower has two 8.5” polymer wheel. These wheels are adjustable with the blades.
  • Some people say that a power reel lawn mower is not good for long grasses. I also mentioned this in the previous part of this article. But American Lawn Mower Company Reel Lawn Mower is different. It can cut up to 4” long types of grass.
  • This Power Reel Lawn mower is special for its built. The producer company uses sturdy materials to make this lawn mower. This material will continue serving year after year. This also light in weight and small in size.


Price 69$
Style Reel Only
Brand American Lawn Mower Company
Power source Self-propelled
Item Dimension 20 x 24 x 42.5 inches
Item Weight 20 Pounds
Cutting Width 14 Inches
Material Steel
Color Red
Operation Mood Manual


This power reel lawn mower breaks all the records of online selling. This product has almost 6000 positive reviews. Among these 6000 reviews, 67% of people recommend this product. Besides this 18% of people rated this product 4 out of 5.

The most positive thing about this product is that only 5% of people give a negative review for this product. We can surely call it a great product in the field of power reel lawn mower. Thanks to the producing company for this.

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Scotts Outdoor Power Tools

Scotts is one of the most renowned lawn mower producer companies. They have different types of the lawn mower. Among their most loved products, the power reel lawn mower is one. This reel lawn mower gets its popularity for many reasons. Let’s explore the features and specifications of this product.


  • The special thing about this reel lawn mower is that it has a dual sect of wheels. This lawn mower has 20” width cutting blades. The number of blades is 5.
  • Scotts has the most special cutting height adjustment. This lawn mower has a 1” to 3” cutting adjustment. This will be able to cut long grass too.
  • The whole reel lawn mower is made with alloy steel. This is a special type of steel which prevents rust and other things. The blades are also made with this steel. This feature helps the blade to be sharpened for more long time.
  • Another special feature of this reel lawn mower is its handle. It has a cozy handle. This handle helps the user to ride for a long time, and it gives a special experience of mowing the lawn. the handle is also customizable, you can shorten it, and also you can lengthen it according to your need.
  • This reel lawn mower has a special feature. Where most of the lawn mowers are almost 15 to 30 pounds, this is the only 1 kilogram. So you can feel how easy it is to mow using it. For its lightweight, it will also be helpful for the children who can help you in case of moving. This is the section where Scott is different from others.


Price 161.61 $
Style Reel Only
Brand Scotts Outdoor Power Tools
Power source
Item Dimension 28 x 18 x 10 inches
Item Weight 1 Kilogram
Cutting Width 20 Inches
Material Alloy Steel
Color Green


We make the list of best power reel lawn mowers based on the customer review from different eCommerce sites. Scott’s this product also has an amazing customer review and rating. Above 2000 people reviewed this power reel lawn mower.

Among them, almost 57% of people recommend this lawn mower to buy, and 23% of people give a 4-star rating for this product. Only 8% of people provide their negative experience after using this. But the number of negative reviews is really low. So you can easily trust this product and buy it without any delay.

Greenworks 14 inch Reel Mower, RM1400

Greenworks is another popular brand in the field of lawn mower and other equipment. the main motto of them is battery charged dependent products. They provide us the number of battery charge-based equipment to make our gardening and other daily work easy.

But we are not going to discuss anything else but reel the lawn mower from GreenWorks. So without any delay let’s know about the features of this product.


  • Like American Company power Reel Lawn Mower,  GreenWorks also produces 14-inch width power reel lawn mowers. That means at one time it will cut a 14 inch width area at a time.
  • This reel lawn mower also has 5 blades but this is special because Greenworks uses ball-bearing to make the blades faster and easier to cut the grass. It will not create any problem and you will get a hundred percent best cars on your grass.
  • This also has any special adjustment of cutting height, but this is not like the previous one. Greenworks only keep 1.06 inch to 2-inch adjustable height. So, in this term, this is not so advanced as the Scott reel lawn mower.
  • Most of the reel lawn mower creates a bad sound because the blades create friction when they cut the grass. But GreenWorks uses a special type of blades. These blades do not create any bad sound. So this is a good quality for the Greenworks power reel lawn mower.
  • Unlike other power reel lawn mowers, Greenworks provides a ‘T’ shaped handle. And there has a soft gripper for the rider. For that soft gripper, the rider feels easy and comfortable to mow the lawn for a long time.


Price 90$
Style Manual Mower
Brand Greenworks
Power source Manual
Item Dimension 20 x 42.5 x 24 inches
Item Weight 24 pounds
Cutting Width 14 Inches
Material Steel
Color Green
Operating Mode Manual


If you love a power reel lawn mower that has the most percentage of 5-star rating then this is best for you.  Because among the 1500 plus reviews of this lawn mower, 71% are five stars and there have almost 15% 4-star ratings in this lawn mower.

Only 5% of people are not satisfied with this and they give a one-star review. Overall thinking, this is another good power lawn mower. For this lawn mower, without using the adjective ‘good’ we can use the ‘best’. Because in case of positive review percentage. This is at the top of all. You can buy this power reel lawn mower without any tension.

Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Most of the reel lawn mowers are simple in design, they have less functionality in them. But Fiskars StaySharp Max has many special functions. The difference between other reel mowers and Fiskars StaySharp Max is clear in its picture.

This reel lawn mower has some more options to give you a special experience of mowing the lawn. So let’s try to know more about Fiskars StaySharp Max lawn mower.


  • This is really easy to push the mower and cut the grass easily. Other mowers take much time and force to mow the lawn. But Fiskars Stay Sharp Max needs 60% less force to do that.
  • Fiskars StaySharp Max helps to cut all types of grasses. Some reel mowers fail to cut some hard and thick grasses, But Fiskars StaySharp Max is not like that. It will cut whatever comes in its way.
  • This lawn mower has a special type of wheels. The wheels are inset. This wheel extends the blade to the full width of the lawn.
  • The height adjustment system of this lawn mower is really easy. It just needs a simple touch to change the height of the grass cut. You adjust the cut height from 1 inch to 4 inches.


Price 197 $
Style StaySharp
Brand Fiskars
Power source Kinetic
Item Dimension 24 x 23.5 x 14.25 inches
Item Weight 51.7 Pounds
Cutting Width 18 inch
Material Plastic
Color Black
Operation Mode Manual


This also a highly rated reel lawn mower. It has over 1300 reviews on amazon. Among these reviews 65% are 5 stars, 18% are 4 stars and only 7% are 1 star. We can say this is also a trusted lawn mower.

Great States 815-18

A great brand creates great products. Great States 815-18 is one of such reel power lawn mower. Now we are going to learn more about this product.


  • Great States 815-18 has an easily adjustable cut height option. You can adjust 0.5 inches to 2.75-inch height.
  • The 5 blades of it are specially built with special qualities and the best steel. These blades are 18 inches long. It can cut 18 inches at a time.
  • This lawn mower needs no oil and gasoline. This has a self-propelled power system.


Price 101$
Style Reel Only
Brand Great States
Power source self-propelled
Item Dimension 25 x 14 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight 27 Pounds
Cutting Width 18 inches
Material Steel
Color Grey
Operation Mode Manual


This product is not the most rated but it is top-rated by customers from all over the world. This reel lawn mower has almost 1040 rates. 66% of customers loved and recommended this for others. Only 5% react negatively. But we can say this is a safe product to buy.

Final Verdict

So, Dear reader, you get the information you were searching for? I tried to give you the best suggestion of a best power reel lawn mower. I hope you enjoy this article. Do you have any questions about this? You can ask us via comment.

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