Scotts Grubex Vs Bayer Grub Control – Expert Picks 2023

In this article, we will try to give you a clear idea about those two brands of grub preventer. If you read this article carefully, you will know about Scotts grubex vs Bayer grub control in detail.

Scotts and Bayer are two really famous brands that produce insecticides for Agriculture Farms and Gardens. They also produce some insecticides which help the lawn owners to take care of their lawn. Grub attack is one of the main problems for our lawn. We have to prevent that insect from our lawn.

To prevent them we have to use some insecticides. Scotts and Bayer produce really good quality grub preventer to help the lawn owners. So, let’s explore the article and gather huge information about those two famous Gurb preventers.

Why Should We Use Grub Preventer?

The lawn owners know better how to take care of their lawns. There are huge problems when we try to maintain a lawn. Some of these problems are really complex that we cannot manually handle them. To solve these problems, we have to take some help from insecticides and other equipment. One such problem is the Gurb attack on our lawn.

If grubs attack a lawn then the grasses start dying and gradually the dying process spreads all through the lawn. Actually, grub is a type of insect that cuts the root system of grasses and then the grass starts dying. These grubs stay under the soil, So, it is totally impossible for the lawn owner to inspect the soil closely and kill the Gurb.

Sometimes the number of grubs is uncountable. So, it is almost impossible to kill or prevent them manually. For this reason, the lawn owners have to use some grub preventer.

Scotts Grubex vs Bayer Grub Control

If you are looking for a grub controller to use on your lawn then Scotts grubex and Bayer grub controller are the most famous. You can use both of those grub controllers to take care of your lawn and prevent grub from your lawn. Both are really famous but when some people try to buy a grub controller they fall into confusion. They think which one is a better grub to use.

Thinking about the problem of these new users, I am going to clear these confusions. In this part of this article, I will try to show you every detailed comparison between those two famous grub controllers. So, stay with me and continue reading the article.

The Area of Application of Scotts Grubex and Bayer Grub Controller

The main difference between these two grub controllers is their proportion to use on the lawn. Some need much to use in every square foot area while others need less ingredient. If any grub controller needs less in the same area then that must be better. So, let’s check which one needs less to control the grub in the lawn.

Scotts Grubex Area of Application

Scotts Grubex is available in different sizes of bags in the market. You will get a 10 lb bag, a 14 lb bag, and also a 28.7 lb bag. The proportion we need to use in the lawn is really higher than the Bayer Grub controller. Every five thousand (5000) sq ft area needs a 15 lb Scotts Grubex bag.

This will be perfect for long time prevention and proper killing processes of different types of Grubex. If you want to use less than this proportion then the result might not be satisfactory. To get the best result from Scotts Grubex you have to follow this proportion.

Bayer Grub Controller Area of Application

Like Scotts, Bayer is also famous. This also is really user-friendly and helps the lawn owners to prevent the Grubs from their lawns. Everything is good about this grub controller but if we talk about the application proportion on our lawn then Bayer Grub Controller is better.

This Grub controller needs a low amount of ingredients to give you the best result. For every seven thousand and five hundred (7500) sq ft area you will only need a 10 lb Bayer Grub Controller. That means Bayer will give you double active products to take care of your lawn.

You can also use less than this proportion but the result will not be better. For better results, you have to follow their rules and use instructions.

So, after this section, we can say that Bayer Grub Controller is better than the Scotts Grubex.

Scotts Grubex Bayer Grub Controller
Area of Lawn 5000 sq ft 7500 sq ft
Unite need for that area 15 lb 10 lb


The Percentage of Active Ingredients in Scotts Grubex and Bayer Grub Controller

The percentage of active ingredients in the Grub controller is important. The type of active ingredients helps to kill or prevent the Grubs from the lawn and keep the lawn healthy and perfect.

The active percentage ingredients of these two grub controllers are different and also the ingredients type is also different. So, let’s check the type and also the percentage of active ingredients in both the grub controllers.

The Percentage of Active Ingredients in Scotts Grubex

Scotts uses Chlorantraniliprole type of ingredients to prevent the grubs. Chlorantraniliprole is a type of poisoned ingredient that has ryanoid class elements. This active element at first paralyzed the insects and then it led to the death of that insect.

Scotts has a 0.08% Chlorantraniliprole type active ingredient. This mainly helps the Scotts Grubex to prevent the grubs from the lawn.

The Percentage of Active Ingredients in Bayer Grub Controller

Unlike Scotts Grubex, Bayer Grub controller uses Trichlorfon types of elements to prevent the Grub controller. This is not only a grub controller but also it helps the lawn to be green enough and helps the grass to be more healthy.

The active element of Trichlorfon in Bayer Grub Controller is really high. They have above 9.3% of Trichlorfon in every unit. For the ratio of active ingredients, we can say that the Bayer Grub controller is better. It works better for the lawn.

Justifying this matter we can say that Bayer Grub Controller is better than the Scotts.

Scotts Grubex Bayer Grub Controller
Ingredient Type Chlorantraniliprole Trichlorfon
Percentage 0.08% 9.3%


Time of Applying the Grub Controllers on the Lawn

The insecticides need proper time to apply on your lawn. Proper timing helps the insecticides to work better. The grub preventer or killer is also a type of insecticide.

This also needs proper time to help it work better. As a lawn owner, you need to know about the using time of Scotts Grubex or Bayer Grub Controller.

Because these two grub preventer works better in different times. So, let’s check the applying time of both the two grub preventer.

Scotts Grubex Applying Time on the Lawn

Scotts work for 4 months after applying one time. That means Scotts need to apply every 4 months in a year. But Grubs attacks most of the time in summer. So, if you can use it before summer then Scotts will work better.

So, the best time of applying Scotts Grubex is just before summer. But after 4 months you have to use it again.

Bayer Grub Controller Using Time

Bayer Grub controller is stronger than the Scotts because this can serve the lawn for the whole season. You need not use this more than one time in a season. So you can use it any time of the year.

Bayer starts working within 24 hours. It kills the grub very quickly. For the fast action of this grub controller, you can use it any time you see the grub attack on your lawn.

If you find anything wrong with your lawn and you think that this might be the attack of grubs then you can spray this.

Scotts Grubex Bayer Grub Controller
Time of application Before summer When grub attack the lawn
How many time in a year 3 times a year Only once a year
When starts working Within few days Within 24 hours


Customer Reviews of Scotts Grubex vs Bayer Grub Control

Before buying a product we try to check the customer’s review of that product. Because customer reviews are really important to justify the quality of a product. Online shopping has this advantage very importantly.

The users can say better about the good sides and bad sides of that product. Now I will tell you about the customer reviews of these two products. After reading this part of the article you will be more clear about the quality of these products.

Customer Reviews of Scotts Grubex

Different insecticide sellers sell Scotts Grubex online. They have different types of customers. Now we will show you the customer review of only one site.  The customers give their rating of this product on This site sells a huge quantity of this product.

Among their customers, only a few provide their feedback after using their product. This site has almost 192 reviews of this product. Among these reviews, 93% of people recommended this product for the new buyers. This means this product has fame for its activity.

Customer Reviews of Bayer Grub Controller

Bayer Grub Controller also has a good selling rate. This product has been sold almost 500 times. Among these sales, 187 people reviewed this product. In Bayer Grub Controller rationing is not so good. Only 77% of people recommended this product for the new buyers.

We can say that the advertisement for this product is good enough but the quality is not so improved. If the quality were good then people would love this product very much.

Scotts Grubex Bayer Grub Controller
Total Reviews 192 187
Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Recommendation % 93% 77%
5 Star Rating 137 128
1 Star Rating 17 26


Price of Scotts Grubex vs Bayer Grub Control

The main difference between both the products is in the price of them. When we think to buy a product, the price of that product matters a lot. We follow and try to compare the price of same category products. In this section of this article, I am going to compare the price of both the products.

Scotts Grubex Price

Different sellers sell this product at different prices. But the fixed price of this product from the company is almost 26 USD. That means you have to spend that amount to buy this product.

Bayer Grub Controller Price

The price of the Bayer Grub Controller is also very interesting. All qualities are better in Bayer Grub Controller without the customer review. The price of this product also less than the Scotts Grubex. Bayer Grub Controller needs 20 USD to buy.

Scotts Grubex Bayer Grub Controller
Price 25.98 USD 19.97 USD


FAQ of Scotts Grubex and Bayer Grub Controller

Can they harm Pets?

They have active poisonous elements. They can harm pets.

What is the best time of day to use this?

The afternoon or evening is the best time for applying these Grub controllers.

The Grub killer can be used in flower buds?

Grub killers are dangerous for insects not for flowers. You can use it there.

Final Verdict

Readers, this was all about two famous grub killers. I hope you get enough idea about the goodness and badness of these two products. Thanks for being with us and reading our blogs.

Stay with us to be a master in gardening. We will meet again in a new blog to solve a new problem for you. Till then happy gardening.

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