Best Metal Detector For Beginners – [Expert Reviews 2023]

There exist a variety of metal detectors to purchase in a common market. Therefore, one worries about selecting the best metal detector for beginners. For the beginner, you may not like the whistles that come from the far end of the machines when using it, however, you may desire the one that works well leading you to treasure.

Some metal detectors work better compared to others. But, not all the beginner metal detectors are equal. Less expensive metal detectors that are readily available at the children’s departmental stores are toys. However, it is possible to find high quality and professional models designed for beginners at these stores with similar quality in the most expensive detectors.

Depending on the item you intend to recover, there are many high-quality metal detectors with excellent features like visual depth indicator, audio tone discrimination, and target identification display. Notably, a metal detector with lower frequency targets relics better as compared with the one with higher frequency.

Therefore, a metal detector is an excellent gift suitable for anyone from beginners, to middle-aged adults which attracts them to fall in love with it. in this article, we will have a glancing eye on the best metal detectors for the beginners to enable you to choose the best from the list that will satisfy your needs and demands.

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Best 7 metal detectors for beginners

Do you want to know the best detectors for beginners? Of course yes. Therefore, below are some of the best metal detectors mainly meant to beginners with a special interest in the metal detecting industry.

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 is one of the best and simplest models that consist of an analog read-out which plays a vital role in enhancing the strength of the signals. The detector comes with dials which help in the adjustment of discrimination and sensitivity. Besides, the model features two audio mode tones that are essential in gathering more data about the target.

This model comes along with three search models including tone discrimination, all-metal, and full discrimination that does not take too much understanding since the technophobes quickly find the hang of them. Users are capable of choosing which mode they want because all of these modes are switchable.

All metal search model helps in the detection of everything, the tone discrimination search mode is very useful since it produces a different sound for each finding while full discrimination mode plays an important role in ignoring very low-value targets. Whenever you are searching for exciting over trash, you can comfortably turn the adjustable sensitivity downwards.

In order for the detector to alert you with everything, you need to turn it up where it is capable of showing you even the soil minerals. Furthermore, this model detects even extreme conditions starting from wet salt beaches to the high mineral inland sites without operator adjustment and loss of sensitivity.

Additionally, the tracker IV is capable of detecting all different types of metal from iron relics, household items, and coins to better metals such as gold and silver. The presence of an eight-inch search coil is submersible completely and useful in the detection of the shallow water.

Highlighted features

  • Two-tone audio discrimination
  • Three-position switch mode
  • Eight-inch search coil waterproof
  • Three modes of operation
  • One and a half headphone jack
  • Built-in speaker
  • Automatic ground balance
  • Meter target strength
  • Sensitivity control
  • Operating frequency of 6.7kHz


  • Excellent for beginners and kids
  • It is adjustable and lightweight
  • Less expensive at a fairly low price
  • Long hour working battery


  • Does not have volume control
  • Needs less simple tweaks in avoiding positives

2. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector For Adults and Kids

This RICOMAX metal detector for the adults and kids is an entry-level model for all metal detecting whose strength lies with coins. The model features a target ID display named for reflecting segment and coins for iron, P-Tabs, 1c, 10c, 25c, and 5c. This target ID scale ranges from o-99 which helps in detecting all metals of different types.

The model has three search modes such as discrimination, pinpoint, and all-metal enabling the beginners to save very few bucks from purchasing a separate pin pointer. It is simple and easy to read the display because of its large size with adjustable brightness backlight that is that noteworthy pointing out features.

RICOMAX model is a waterproof completely and therefore used in shallow waters in washers and creeks in locating the lost items which become yours to claim. However, the detector strains in performing where there is a very high quantity of minerals in the soil. Therefore, the user should turn down sensitivity since it does not have an adjustable ground balance.

Additionally, this model is a beginner model and enables you to get up high speed in locating good stuff. Does not have a huge learning process and therefore you can get out of the door as long as you get your hands on it. Furthermore, this brand comes with a control box with an LCD that makes the reading simple and easy.

Besides, you can comfortably know the depth of the target, detection mode, sensitivity level, volume level, and the battery condition at a glance. Equally, the model has an arrow display below found below the target icon which is useful in showing which object is hunting for. LCD and buttons are more intuitive to use as compared with the dial and knob.

This best metal detector under 100 is suitable for the beginners and veteran treasure hunter thus meeting the needs and demand for the users.

Highlighted features

  • High sensitivity
  • Waterproof search coil
  • The 10-inch big search coil
  • Control box
  • Two 9v alkaline battery
  • More intuitive LCD
  • Display arrow below the target icon
  • Distinctive audio
  • Pinpoint function
  • True discrimination mode


  • It is ideal for all ages  
  • Fun to use and easy to assemble
  • The control box makes reading much easier
  • Easy to detect the battery condition
  • Has a target ID display

    Used in shallow waters since it is waterproof completely


  • Does not have adjustable GB

3. Metal Detector, 3 Modes Adjustable Detectors

This metal detector comes with three audio tones with very high accuracy. Usually, it has a low, medium, and high tone displayed with an interesting icon that distinguishes them from other different metals. Besides, it features a disc mode which helps in the elimination of target categories to improve the detecting efficiency.

Additionally, the model consists of a large and funny LCD screen that is essential in the display of various detecting depth, overload warning, operating mode, discrimination, battery level, and level of sensitivity. It is also possible to differentiate unwanted metals from target metals. Usually, this detector is a very perfect gift, especially for the beginners.

Besides, the presence of the stem and search coil on the detector enables the user to use the metal in exploring underwater and it is useful in the detection of the beach or stream for easy connection with the headphone jack. In turn, it allows the user to utilize it in a noisy surrounding.

Equally, the metal detector has an ergonomic design that is convenient and comfortable to use. The adjustable stem range from 24’’-45’’ which adapts to the users with different heights. Besides, the armrest design plays a very crucial role in saving efforts thus providing the user with a great treasure hunting journey.

Accordingly, the model detector comes with a 7.8” waterproof search coil used safely in the water shallow and suitable for use outdoors and in the stream. Also, the low battery indicator is very useful in reminding
the users to substitute the battery when the low battery indicator is shown on the screen. Lastly, the overload warning feature shows that the detector cannot function under a high magnetic ground.

Highlighted features

  • 3 audio tone with high accuracy
  • Large LCD
  • Adjustable stem
  • Armrest design
  • Disc mode
  • Detector indicator
  • Overload warning


  • Lead backlights and display screen provides clear reading and convenient to read in dark places  
  • Easier to replace the battery since it has a low battery indicator
  • An adjustable stem provides the user with a comfortable position according to his or her height
  • Tacklife metal detector detects all metal including iron nail, silver, and coin among many others
  • Waterproof search coil makes it easier and safe to use in the water in the stream
  • The disc mode helps in eliminating unwanted metals improving the detecting efficiency


  • It comes with low-quality construction

4. Sakobs Metal Detector

Sakobs metal detector for the beginner features high accuracy and waterproof search coil. The search coil consists of a diameter of 10 inches. It is good to note that, the bigger the search coil the better its sensitivity thus allowing you in detecting more efficient and time-saving. Additionally, the waterproof search coil helps in detecting underwater and perfect for outdoor.

The model also features true discrimination mode and three strong modes which include all-metal modes which play a vital role in notifying the user whenever it detects any metal, the disc mode helps in

discrimination against other types of metal for a particular one. Besides, it is possible to eliminate the metal which you don’t like using the notch mode and discrimination mode.

Furthermore, this metal detector features deeper detection and intuitive LCD making it convenient and more accurate in seeing the detection mode, battery condition, sensitivity level, and volume level thus making it easy to get information even during the night or in the dark light area using the light screen. It is capable of detecting metals up to about 8.7 inches deeper.

Additionally, the model comes with humanity and adjustable design with an adjustable stem detector ranging from 41.3-47.6 inches and suitable for both kids and adults. The armrest design saves more effort making the user comfortable and free from stress.

It also comes with a headset jack used with a conventional headset and two batteries that are not included. This model is suitable for both beginners and advanced metal detectors. SAKOBS foldable shovel is the largest and more durable model compared to the rest of other metal detectors.

Highlighted features:

  • Waterproof search coil
  • High accuracy
  • True discrimination mode
  • 3 strong modes
  • List Element
  • Disc mode
  • All-metal mode
  • Notch mode
  • Intuitive LCD
  • Deeper detection
  • Adjustable and humanity design


  • Waterproof search coil makes it perfect and suitable for outdoor like beach and stream  
  • All metal modeshelp to notify the user whenever it detects any metal
  • The disc mode utilizes the metal detector thus discriminating against other types of metals
  • Simple and easy to get information intuitively using the LCD screen display
  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Armrest design makes the user comfortable and stressful
  • Easy to hear the tone
  • Very light and waterproof


  • The manual guide lacks enough information

5. SUNPOW Professional Metal Detector for Adults

This is one of the best metal detectors for gold. It comes with three operation modes which are very vital especially in improving the user’s detection efficiency. All metal is capable of detecting some metals such as Aluminum, gold, bronze, iron, and their articles in all other metal and they always come with a PP function.

Besides all-metal modes, the model also has a notch model that helps the users to select their target segments by setting the DISC ACC/ REJ.DISC mode in which the user can detect valuable metal items while rejecting many junk targets. Equally, this detector features DSP chip and 10 inches search oil that is essential in improving sensitivity and search range.

Under all-metal modes, there is a maximum depth detection of 8.7 inches with an IP68 waterproof suitable for outdoor activities especially on the stream or on the beach. However, the control box is not waterproof. Usually, the amount of micro metals in the various surrounding is different causing some errors in the process of detection.

Additionally, the presence of all-metal modes has a ground balance adjustment that adjusts according to the surrounding it is. The model features an adjustable stem from 47.3-55.2 that is available to many users of different shapes. Besides, it comes with an armrest design that saves more effort giving the users the comfort zone.

For longer battery life, 8AA batteries are suitable for use. It comes with the most comprehensive functions of the current metal detectors and detecting deeper with extra-long standby time. Furthermore, it has a characteristic ground balance that reduces the cause of impurities to find the desire of the user.

Highlighted features

  • Three operation mode
  • Upgraded DSP chip
  • Ten inches search coil
  • Adjustable stem
  • Armrest design
  • Strong anti-interference
  • IP68 waterproof


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6. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil

The Garrett ACE 300 metal detector comes full with a submersible search coil with the other three freebie accessories. It has a design that best suits the advanced users.

The metal detector is very simple and informative with a great place to beginners. It comes with a very large search coil which measures 7 x 10 inch for better discrimination and depth.

This search coil runs on an 8 kHz which is adjustable indicating that you can select up the most pretty when you listen closely but with greater metal conductivity like gold. Additionally, the search coil is submersible making great advantages for searching in freshwater for jewelry. When searching, you simply flick a switch to the related search mode.

Accordingly, the modes work by first turning off all the segments from the target ID scale. The rest of the targets will automatically show up on the digital readout but when it comes to audio, they may not be at the position to alert you. There are three tones ID in the audio metal detectors including low, medium, and very high tones.

Its digital target ID function is very handy and not necessarily features on the beginner model. Similarly, the target ID is very useful in providing the users with a numerical scale ranging from 0 to 99. Besides, the presence of high-frequency metals like gold plays a vital role in registering very high reading while low-frequency metals like iron registers very low readings.

Once the user is ready to dig, the depth indicator shows clearly the farthest you need to dig downwards. The package also comes with free headphones, search coil cover,
and an ACE environmental cover-up. Lastly, the ACE metal detector model weighs 2.8lbs with the measurements of 22x11x6 inches. It comes with light and ergonomic design that is easy to sturdy and swing.

Highlighted features

  • Three free accessories
  • Clear sound
  • Submersible search coil
  • 7×10 search coil cover
  • Target ID scale
  • Three-tone IDs
  • 4 AA batteries power


  • Has a multi-tone audio  
  • Five search function which helps to find what you want
  • Suitable for beginners
  • It is user friendly
  • Easy and simple to use and operate
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • It comes with an excellent tutorial video for a better understanding of the users


  • Does not come with adjustable ground balance

7. Fisher F22 Metal Detector

This is the most suitable and best metal detector for the beginners for considerations. The model comes with a 9-inch search coil that is waterproof with a very high re-tune speed. Usually, fast re-tune speed simply means when you find and ignore a signal, then you can comfortably move to the next without any fuss.

At the same time, it is good to note that only the best entry metal detectors usually retune themselves faster with ease which reduces the boredom when operating it. Additionally, it has a reliable discrimination level thus users can switch between coins, artifacts, jewelry, and custom thus enabling the users to locate the types of items most interested.

Furthermore, the presence of the category ID helps the users along by indicating the type of metal that you get from the findings like gold or iron with the two-digit number target which gives a readout of 1 to 99. The high number shows the presence of gold while low numbers indicate junk type iron.

All these features are usually shown on a large LCD screen with simple controls. Besides, the audio is very useful and this model has four audio tones which you can reset according to your preferences.

Additionally, the audio tone alerts the user whenever he/she finds a target. If you set the audio to the highest pitch for gold and base for silver, no need of looking towards the screen.

Lastly, another control menu includes a target indicator depth which shows the farthest deeper to dig for the target and the level of the battery indicator.

Highlighted features

  • 9-inch search coil
  • Fast re-tune speed
  • Discrimination level
  • Large LCD
  • Audio tone
  • Battery level indicator


  • Large and easy to use an LCD screen  
  • Waterproof search coil for all weather
  • Fast retune capability
  • Excellent discrimination modes
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to locate the type of material you find
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Does not come with manual ground balance

Buyers Guide on Best Metal Detectors for Beginners

Deciding on buying a metal detector as a beginner may prove to be a difficult task. There are different models and also several price ranges hence it becomes overwhelming to make a perfect choice suitable for you. You need to choose a detector that matches your experience, desired targets, and the local environment around you.

Beginner detectors are used for general purposes. They may be basic or some are customized. Most of these detectors have features such as audio tone, preset ground balance, and some level of discrimination. Most importantly, they can detect coins, jewelry, and relic at a reasonable depth.

There are basic terms that are used in the world of metal detecting. As you go shopping, you may encounter some of these terms. Explained below, are some of the common words you need to know for buying beginner metal detectors.


This is the ability to exclude specific types of metal-based on its conductivity. Even though metal detectors detect all types of metal, there is a restriction. This feature is widely used in hunting trashy areas such as public parks, garbage trashes, schools and beaches. Discrimination saves you time.

It works in such a way that if you only want to find coins (high conductivity), you can use the discrimination setting to eliminate all other trash targets like iron (low conductivity). However, for targets such as gold, detectorists do use discrimination as they want to dig up everything that is metal.

2.Ground Balance

This is a feature that allows your machine to read your exact ground conditions and eliminate unwanted ground signals. This is important in that it allows you to find and identify targets at much better depths. Any soil you are detecting has a little bit of metal like iron.

This might likely interfere with the detector’s ability to find coins and jewelry. Ground balance is found in different variations in a metal detector. Preset GB is where the manufacturer presets the ground balance at a certain level which works adequately in most environments.

It is found on most beginner detectors. Automatic GB allows the detector to adjust according to current conditions. Manual GB requires the user to adjust for ground balance each time they are detecting. This is best used when prospecting for gold. Finally, multiple GB allows users to either select manual or automatic settings depending on their preference.

3.Audio tones

This describes the sound the detector makes when it detects a metal target. Beginner detectors usually have at least two tones whereby one is high and the other low. This allows the user to distinguish between the different types of metal. It could be low for iron and high tone for other metal targets.


This is the number of times the signal is transmitted and received by the detector every second. Most beginner detectors have a frequency ranging between 5-10 kHz. Lower frequency detectors scan deeper

so they offer better overall detection depth. Most general-purpose models operate at lower frequencies. Higher frequency detectors are more sensitive to small metal targets and gold. However, they are less able to penetrate deep into the ground.

5.Target Identification

This is a great tool on a metal detector. It distinguishes between coins like nickel, quarter, penny, etc. The output, otherwise known as tone identification, can be an audible tone that is high pitched for valuables and a low pitch for junk.

Usually, the target ID is visual and is displayed on an LCD screen. There is also a numeric ID that is represented on a scale from 1-99. It allows for much more precise identification of targets. Low conductive trash signals may be between 0-30 while high conductive targets range between 30-99.


This is similar to discrimination but is unique in that it allows the user to accept or reject various parts of the target ID scale. It notches out conductivity levels rather than removing everything below a certain threshold.

If you want to detect coins, you can easily notch out other metal targets such as Aluminum and iron to receive only signals from quarters and dimes. It is very useful if you know the exact type of target metals you are looking for.


This is the detector’s ability to sense a distortion in the magnetic field which is transmitted to the control box. It allows the detector to increase or decrease depth at which it returns a signal. Therefore, high sensitivity is likely to have higher detection in an object.

Most detectors with sensitivity control are marked with recommendations from the manufacturer. However, in certain situations, it is necessary to lower the sensitivity. Such situations include; highly mineralized grounds, power lines, radio waves, and any electrical interference.

8.Search Depth

It is the depth to which your metal detector can search for coins and other objects. Lower frequency detectors offer better depth. The larger the search coil, the deeper it can search.

9.Search Coil

This describes the attachment that generates a magnetic field to detect objects. They are in different shapes and sizes that in turn affect sensitivity and depth detection.

10.Detection Modes

These are preset programs within the detector that set the parameters for detection. Basic models have an all-metal mode where detected targets are indicated with the same tone and there is no discrimination.

Key Factors During Choosing Metal Detectors

1What do you want to find?

Before choosing a metal detector as a beginner, you first need to identify what you want to hunt or rather find. Most beginner detectors are suitable for hunting jewelry, coins, and relics in parks or dry sands. However, they cannot hunt gold flakes. They can only identify a gold bracelet but they fail to assist in gold prospecting.

2Where do you want to hunt?

After knowing your target, you need to identify where you want to hunt. This may either be the beaches, rivers, lakes, or even parks. It is important to know the soil composition of the area you plan on hunting at. Usually, the soil is majorly composed of iron.

Areas with high levels of iron are usually referred to as areas of high mineralization. In these areas, it is difficult for beginner metal detectors to perform well. The detector may most likely give false signals.

3Do you want to hunt in water?

If you plan on hunting on the beaches with wet sand or salty water, it is also a gruesome task for beginner metal detectors to navigate through. To sum this up, beginner metal detectors are not suitable for the above environments because they already have a preset ground balance. They are calibrated to the average ground conditions.

If you plan to hunt underwater, it is possible but not usually recommended. Most detectors are fitted with waterproof coils but their control box is not waterproof. However, you can use the detector in shallow freshwater as long as the control box remains dry. But this usually destroys the detector.

Seek expert advice

It is not a bad thing to ask for advice and recommendations from other people that previously navigated the ground you want to hunt on. Besides, it is also important to know the settings they used to succeed in their metal detection/hunting.


How much money are you willing to spend? This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a metal detector as a beginner. It is worth noting that most beginner detectors are cheap and are designed for all-purpose hunting.

The more the features of the metal detectors, the higher the price. If you have a hobby or a real interest in metal hunting then you should consider a higher budget. However, as a beginner, you do not need to budget highly because most detectors are cheap.

Skill Level

It is important to consider your level of experience as you go and make a purchase. For a beginner, a single high-frequency VLM machine should be enough for basic metal detecting. However, if you are a professional, you ought to go a notch higher. To know how to use metal detectors, you can read our blog section.

Weight of detector

Most of the entry-level or beginner detectors are light in weight. A few professional ones are heavy and can cause quite an issue in holding them.

Familiarize with metal detecting keywords and features

It is important to get familiar with the terms used in metal detecting to know the features to consider while making a purchase. A brief overview will help you understand the functionality of a beginner metal detector. Most of the features and keywords are highlighted above to help you make a decision.

After buying your detector, it is also important to do the following:

  • Read the manual that comes with the detector carefully. This helps you get a deeper understanding of the detector and also gives you instructions on how to use it appropriately.
  • Do a lot of practice with your newly bought detector. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This is a sure way of identifying whether you can successfully carry out metal detection on your own.

Best Metal Detector for Beginners (FAQ)

 Do I need a permit for metal detecting?

This depends. You must check with local officials for the area you plan on metal detecting. It is also important to find out if digging is even allowed. Other times when a permit is not needed, complying with a code of ethics is vital.

 Where is it legal to metal detect?

There are many sites including parks, gold mines, beaches, national parks, and even cemeteries that can be legally explored. Most of these may allow metal detecting but not digging. Every region will have different regulations and policies in place to guard against this.

❏ What types of valuables can a metal detector find?

Metal detectors for beginners can locate all metallic objects. This includes gold, silver, iron, nickel, copper, brass, aluminium, tin, lead and bronze.

❏ What effects do different operating frequencies have?

The lower the frequency used by the detector, the deeper it can penetrate the ground. At low frequencies, however, sensitivity to small low conductive targets is reduced. The higher the frequency, the higher the sensitivity to small targets but will not penetrate as deeply.

❏ How do I know if my coil is waterproof or not?

Check the coil selection guide to find the most suitable coil for your detecting needs.

❏ Why can’t my detector detect a gold chain?

Gold chains are very difficult to detect, particularly very fine chains. Each link of a chain can be very small and the detector sees each link as a separate target, so it can be easily missed.

 Can you recommend a good coil for trashy ground?

Smaller coils are better for trashy sites as they reduce the instances of detecting multiple targets at once. Concentric coils are generally better than double-o coils for the same reason.

❏ How will I know if the ground is mineralized?

If your detector is noisy when you are detecting, but goes quiet when you stop sweeping the coil, then it is receiving the signal from the mineralized ground. In case of this, perform a ground balance and continue detecting.

❏ Can I be able to extend my coil cable?

No, cable characteristics are matched to coil windings during manufacture, so extending the cable will reduce the performance of the coil.

❏ How often should I send my detector back for service?

You should only do so when it becomes faulty.

❏ Why does my metal detector keep beeping?

Low batteries can cause some strange things to happen with metal detectors. It is a major reason your metal detector does not work. Check the batteries if you get a lot of strange random beeping or alarms and replace them if necessary.

Final Thought

With the information above, you can easily get to select a metal detector that suits you appropriately as a beginner. We hope you find this article helpful and interesting at the same time to enable you to make a perfect choice during purchase.

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