Toro Super Recycler Reviews 2023 [Expert Opinion]

In this article we are going to show you all the negative and positive sides of Toro super recycler lawn mower. Most of the people love to see Toro super recycler reviews before buying it.

Mower is one of the most important equipment in gardening. Lawn Mower lovers  love Toro super recycler to help them in gardening. Without making any delay let’s start exploring Toro super recycler lawn mower.

What is a Toro super recycler lawn mower?

In one sentence we can say that Toro is the lawn mower producer company. Different companies who produce lawn mower in the market but among them toro is one of the most famous and most positively rated by customers.

Toro has a huge variety of lawn mowers. They produced a lot of models of lawn mowers. You can choose any one from their huge number of products . When it’s come about lawn mower it has different models and different features.

But all over the world people love Toro lawn mowers very much. In this review article you will get every to and from of  this lawn mower.

Special features of Toro super recycler lawn mower

Toro super recycler stood different for some extra ordinary quality. We will see why most of the people love Toro Super Recycler and what things make it better from others. Here is the special features highlighted.

No oil change

Machine all is one of the most important liquids for the engines. Most of the engine needs to change that oil after a certain time later. But the Toro super recycler is such a lawn mower where you don’t have to change oil.

It will be forever inside it. but you have to do one thing, check regularly is there enough oil or not. if there is abundance of it then you don’t have to be worried. but if there is a shortage of it then just add something, that’s it.

Portable design

Toro super recycler is really small. It will just take a small place in your garage. You will be able  keep it within your working space.

That’s not the end, if your garage is small then you can fold it and keep it  in a small place like a luggage. This is another feature of Toro super recycler which attracts the gardening lover person. It will save at least 70% space in your garage.

Different sizes of grass cut

Toro offers different sizes of grass cut. In Toro super recyclers, there are two different handles on the front and back wheel. Those handles control the height of grass cutting. You can choose any of the heights from 1.25 inch to 4.25 inch. you can adjust it manually.

The image shows that they have four different handles on four different wheels, but actually there are only two handles on two sets of wheels.

Fertilize your backyard when mowing it

Toro super recycler mower is really a next level mower. If you feel tired fertilizing your backyard, then Toro super recycler mower is for you. you can mower your backyard and at the same time you can fertilizer it. It will not take  any extra time to fertilize your lawn. so this is really helpful and a special lawn mower specially for the busy man.

Durable Deck

Lawn mower’s deck is such a thing that becomes dam and mud arrested easily. because it faces the mud and other dirty things on the lawn.

But when it comes to Toro super recycler lawn mowers then you need not to be worried about that. Toro uses a cast frame and rust proof aluminum deck. This will ensure a special mowing and it will be safe from rust for a long time.

Powerful Mower

Toro mowers are really light in weight. But it is a matter of worry when you do more mowing in wet lawn. Because muddy places can stuck your lawn mower. But toro is really powerful. It will never be stuck in mud.

It will overcome any kind of hurdle in its way and it will also provide you with a special cutting experience. Toro lawn mower has 163 CC Briggs Stratton engine. This is one of the most powerful engines in the lawn mower category.

Super controller

Toro super recycler lawn mower has most of the controls near the hands of its rider. You will get all the controls near your hands and the controls are really e user oriented.

Pinpointed control over this lawn mower’s speed will be near the handle of the rider. It will give you almost 4.8 mile per hour speed. Actually lawn mower speed is one of the most important things when you are thinking about buying a lawn mower.

Self propelled system

Starting an engine is really a hard task for some person. That’s why the producer companies are trying to attach a self propelled starting system on their device. Toro is also following this user friendly system. That’s why they attested a self propelled system. This will help you to automatically start the lawn mower.

Warranty service

Good things never necessary the warranty policy. but you have to consider this whenever you’re thinking of buying any new devices.

If you want to buy Toro super recycler lawn mowers, then they will support you for 5 years. You will need not to think about the quality of this product. but if it fails anytime, then they are beside you. Without any cost they will provide you 100% best servicing.

Specifications of Toro Super recycler

Engine 7.25 ft-lb Gross Torque. Briggs & Stratton EXi 163cc
Height of Cut 1.25″ – 4.25″ / 3.2 – 10.8 cm
Cutting Width 21″ / 53 cm
Starter Recoil
Guaranteed-to-Start Promise 5-Year GTS Full
Deck Material Cast-Aluminum
Drive System Personal Pace Rear-Wheel Drive
Mulch, Bag, Side Discharge Standard
Washout Port Standard
Engine Displacement 163cc
Ground Speed Up to 4.0 mph / 6.4 km/h
Handle Type Flex, SmartStow, 1-Piece, Adjustable Height
Wheel Height 8″ / 20.3 cm


Toro Super Recycler Reviews from Customer

In the arena of online shopping customer reviews are one of the most important things before choosing any particular item to shop. It plays a really good role in selecting the best item from the market.

When you are thinking about buying a new lawn mower, you can take help from previous customers’ reviews. Toro super recycler is also one of such products where you will get support from public reviews.

Different people from different parts of the world loved toro super recycler. They also have different models of it.  If you explore the online selling store of Toro super recycler then you will get a clear idea about how customers are satisfied with this device.

They provide 90% positive feedback after using this. You will get a huge number of recommendations for almost all the models of their lawn mower.

For instance I want to give you an example of a Toro super recycler model. I am going to talk about the Toro super recycler mower 21386 model.

This model has 280  reviews and this product gets 4.6 stars out of 5. among the 131 customers of this product, 111  people recommend this product for you.  so you get a clear idea about the goodness of this product.

A lot of people give positive reviews about the dependability, performance, easy-to-use and quality of this product. so you can really rely on them. But I am suggesting you to go through the online shopping store of Toro and inspect them manually.

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Toro Super Recycler User Manual

Though it is super easy to play, you should maintain some caution and regularity. Even not only for this machine but also any kind of machineries. Let’s see the Toro super recycler user manual-

Warranty Setup

You may be fooled by the wrong seller buying a duplicate Toro super recycler. To avoid this type of problem you can check the QR code and serial number by scanning it using your mobile phone. This will proceed your warranty system too.


Toro authority  provides some warning on safety instruction with their product. follow them sincerely to avoid any kind of personal injury. Misuse of toro super recyclers can be harmful for yourself and also the lawn mower.

Set up

After buying Toro super recycler you have to set it up accurately. First of all you have to remove the spark plug and remove all the wrapping paper and plastics from the newly brought lawn mower.

Then unfold the handle. I already told you that you can fold toro super recyclers. So when sellers sell Toro recyclers, they sell it in a folding manner.  so you have to unfold the handle. The next important thing is you have to fill the oil, have to charge the battery and assemble the glass box.


After completing the setup you have to operate some important things. fill  the fuel tank, check  engine oil level, resize the height of the handle according to your need and also resize the height of the cutting blade.

After that you can try to start the engine. you can do it in two different ways. One is switching on the electric switch and another is recoiling the start handle.


Every time you use Toro super recycler, you have to  keep some maintenance duty in your mind. Check everything before starting the Toro super recycler. And you can check it after completing your daily work. But if you feel something is unnatural in the the lawn mower then you have to immediately stop it and check the problem manually.

Bad sides of Toro super cycle

Most of the time we get positive reviews on internet shops. actually positive reviews come forward to show the customers. But there are some negative reviews too. Those negative reviews are also important for the buyers of a product. Toro Super Recycler has only a few negative reviews but from them I can give you some issues which can be a problem to you.

Starting Issue

Most of the people who use this product say in the review that they find some problem with the starting of Toro super cycle. They think that the Toro super cycle works very well for the first few weeks but then they have a starting problem. so you can think about it before buying this.

Height Controller

In any online store image you will notice a height controller on the side of four wheels of this lawn mower. But actually you will get only 2 height controllers in it. One in the front wheel and another in the back wheel. But it may be solved in their update version. So you can check them.

You may also find some problem when you’re trying to bring it back. Backing time the wheel may work negatively or it may stop moving. So ensure your lawn mower’s back going is ok or not.


Is Toro a reliable brand?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions. However, Toro is generally considered a reliable brand in the outdoor power equipment industry, with a reputation for producing high-quality lawnmowers, snow blowers, and other products.

What engine does Toro Super Recycler use?

The engine used in Toro Super Recycler varies depending on the model and year. It can range from Briggs & Stratton to Honda to Toro’s engine.

Final Verdict

Toro super recycler reviews of customer specified it is one of the best lawn mower. And I can say this to you because its negative sides are really low and compared to other lawn mowers in the same budget and same category. You will get a toro mower as one of the best.

So I am suggesting you to have a try of it and also don’t forget to give your experience after using this. no more for today we will be meeting the other day on the other article.

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