Toro TimeMaster Vs TurfMaster – Comparison 2023

In this article, we will discuss Toro TimeMaster vs TurfMaster. Toro is the giant in the field of lawn mowers. Toro has different models and different features in their mowers. For this reason, people love them all over the world.

Two of Toro’s most popular lawn mower models are TimeMaster and Turfmaster. When someone thinks to buy a Toro mower, they fall into confusion. Because both TimeMaster and Turfmaster have a competition.

That means, both the models try to be superior to others. One has one feature special and another has another feature exceptional. For this reason, buyers sometimes become confused about which one to take.

What is TimeMaster?

Toro introduces TimeMaster staying that, this has a wide deck to cat and fast speed to complete mowing. This will save the time of the lawn owner. Besides this, Toro thinks that TimeMaster is more friendly with resident loans. This can save time and money also.

Toro authority thinks that TimeMaster is for normal use. TimeMaster will cut widely and quality fully and the speed of Time Master will be better. From my personal observation, I also think that TimeMaster is really easy to use and fast to mow lawns. So this is the special quality of TimeMaster. Toro introduces TimeMaster as easier than TurfMaster.

What is TurfMaster?

If we want to take a strongly built and roughly used product from Toro, then we must say about TurfMaster. Toro built this model thinking about the rough use of the lawn owner. They say that TurfMaster has a wide cut and good speed. But that’s not in the end.

People can use TurfMaster to cut strong gases. Long grasses also can be cut by this mower. The mowing situation may be out of control, there may be some rocks in your lawn, your lawn may be wet but TurfMaster will not be stuck.

It will just continue serving you. The built metal of the TurfMaster is special. It will help the lawn owner to use it in any kind of situation.

TimeMaster vs TurfMaster

Both the models of Toro are famous. People love them for different reasons. Some people say TurfMaster is better but others argue about the quality of TimeMaster. They think that TimeMaser is perfect for every task.

But from a third-person point of view, I am going to show some key points that have the difference between those two mowers. You will get a clear idea about which one suits you best. So, continue reading this article. I hope you will get enough ideas about those two mowers and after reading the article you will come to a conclusion about which mower is better.

Toro TimeMaster vs TurfMaster Mowing Speed

When we try to observe a lawn mower, its speed is one of the most important points to justify. If the lawn mower is not a speedy one, then it will take much time to mow the lawn. Time is important when you are thinking about mowing a lawn.

If your lawn mower takes much time mowing then it will be boring to you. Although these two mowers are famous for their speed, two, there is a difference between these two mowers. One is faster than the other. Let’s inspect the speed of these two mowers and try to get a speedy one.

Toro TimeMaster speed

Though both the mowers have a reputation of being speedy. But if we compare those two mowers, then we will find one is superior to the other. I want to say that TimeMaser’s cutting speed is almost 4.5 miles per hour.

That means it will run eight kilometers in an hour when you are mowing your lawn. This is a big deal if we think about the Toro TurfMaster because that has a lower speed than TimeMaster.

Toro TurfMaster speed

TurfMaster is special because it can cope with any kind of hard situation. Besides this, it has many other qualities. But in the case of speed, TurfMaster is not so good. TurfMaster can only mow at 4.1 miles per hour speed.

That means it will cut the grass 6.6 kilometers per hour.  So we can say TurfMaster is not so good if you are thinking about a speedy mower. You can try Toro TimeMaster rather than TurfMaster.

Toro TimeMaster Toro TurfMaster
Speed in MPH 4.5 MPH 4.1 MPH
Speed in KMPH 8.0 KMPH 6.6 KMPH


Built of Toro TimeMaster vs TurfMaster

Body structure, body metal, other safety guards are important to justify the quality of a lawn mower. Toto always tries to give the best quality to their customers.

But sometimes they emphasize some models to complete the special task. For this reason, Toro builds a model exceptionally. In this part of the article, we will compare the building material and instruments of the two models of Toro.

Built of Toro TimeMaster

In this section of this article, I am trying to give you details of the build of this mower. In this section, you will get a clear idea about the built metal of this mower. Besides this, you will know about the engine, tire, wheel, and other things of this mower.

The engine of this mower is a 190cc Briggs & Stratton®. We all know the features of a 190cc Briggs & Stratton® engine. Some people think that this is more powerful than the TurfMaster’s engine. That’s why they support this mower. Some others love the sound of the 190cc Briggs & Stratton® engine. That’s why they love this mower more than the TimeMaster.

The deck metal of the TimeMaster is steel. This steel is not the same as other steel. This is especially galvanized steel. For this galvanization will prevent rust from it.

The frame of this mower is also special. Some people especially love this mower. The feature is its frame. The frame of this mower is built with Cast-Aluminum. Cast-Aluminum prevents any kind of rust and other problems which can damage this mower.

There is a wash port in the TimeMaster deck. This wash port is usable with any hose pipe. If you use a hosepipe of water then this will be easily washable. This is a special feature of Toro TimeMaster.

Built of TurfMaster

TurfMaster is also special in the build. They are used to mowing in adverse situations. This mower is built for this purpose. Thinking about this toro uses a strong engine in it. Kawasaki® is undoubtedly the best engine in the field of mowing. For this reason, toro uses a Kawasaki® 179cc FJ180V Commercial engine. This engine makes this mower better and superior to others.

The deck metal of this mower is also specially built. Toro thinks that 13-Gauge Steel will be best for this model. For this reason, they use this steel in the deck. The frame of this is the same as the previous one. Toro uses a Cast-Aluminum frame to support the mowing.

The wheels of this model are also very special. The producer company tries to give its best in the time of building this model. This mower has two front wheels with 9″ x 2″  rubber tires. The rubber of this tire is co-polymer. The back wheels are also the same but the size is different. The size of that is 10.5″ x 3″.

Toro TurfMaster has one thing special. That is Toro uses a bumper on the front side of this mower to protect it from any kind of hardships coming from the front. The bumper is made with Steel bullnose. Besides this, this mower has a blade protector. These protectors save the blades from being damaged by rocks. Engine protector is also special in this mower.

TimeMaster TurfMaster
Engine 190cc Briggs & Stratton®  Kawasaki® 179cc FJ180V Commercial
Deck Steel Steel 13-Gauge Steel
Frame Cast-Aluminum Cast-Aluminum


Warranty Policy of TimeMaster and TurfMaster

Warranty is also an important thing to think about before buying a mower. This feature gives relaxation to the mower user and also gives confidence to the buyer to buy a specific mower.

The warranty policy of both the mowers is almost the same because both are the product of the same company. But still, there are some differences in their warranty policy. In this part of the article, we will discuss the warranty policy of both the models of Toro Mowers.

Warranty Policy of TimeMaster

TimeMaster provides mainly 3 years of warranty. At this time they will provide free servicing of any problem with the mower. But they also warrant that some sellers may change the warranty policy. For this reason, they suggest the new buyers check the seller warranty system before buying this product or before going to any contract.

Besides 3 years of free warranty service, Toro provides 3 years of starting guarantee. That means, If you buy a mower and it does not start then Toro will take full responsibility for that mower.

You will not have to think about that in any situation. So, I hope you get a good idea about the warranty policy of this product. The warranty policy will give you relaxation if you are thinking about buying a toro TimeMaster.

Warranty Policy of TurfMaster

The warranty policy of TurfMaster is really bad. I can say it is far away from the TimeMaster. Where TimeMaster provides 3 years full warranty and starting guarantee there TurfMaster only gives a 1-year limited commercial warranty.

But they provide 2 years limited engine warranty. This means any kind of problem if happens in the engine then they will serve you following some conditions. In this sense, TimeMaster is better than the TurfMaster.

Toro TimeMaster Toro TurfMaster
Start Guarantee 3 Years Guarantee No Warranty
Engine Warranty No Warranty (It falls into the “Others” option) 2 Years Warranty Limited
Others Warranty 3 Years Unlimited 1 Year Limited (Commercial)


Customer’s Reviews Of TimeMaster and TurfMaster

Customer reviews are the best way to understand a product. Because those who use a product can say better about that product. In this section of this article, we will try to know about the customer review of Toro TimeMaster and TurfMaster.

TimeMaster Customer Reviews

Toro TimeMaster has huge good qualities to mention. I already mentioned some of these qualities but this product is almost unsuccessful to gain the customer’s heart.

This product has over 600 reviews on its official website. But among these 600+ reviews, only 50% gave 5 stars ratings. But others did not like this product or their services. 12% of people give a 1-star rating to this product. So I hope you get a clear idea about the customer review of this product.

TurfMaster Customer Reviews

TurfMaster also not so positively reviewed by the users. This product only has 21 reviews on its official website. Among these 21 reviews, only 9 people suggest this product. The suggestion rate is under 45%. Overall this product has 3.8 stars rating.

We can say TimeMaster is better than TurfMaster in this case.

TimeMaster TurfMaster
Total Reviews 643 Reviews 21 Reviews
Positive Review % >50% >45%


FAQ About Toro TimeMaster vs TurfMaster

Which one is best? TimeMaster or TurfMaster?

All pros and cons are discussed. Now the decision is yours.

What is the cutting width of TimeMaster?/ TurfMaster?

The cutting width of TimeMaster is 30 inches/ TurfMaster is also 30 inches.

What is the weight of TimeMaster? / TurfMaster?

The weight of TimeMaster is 140 lbs. or 63.5 kg / the weight of  TurfMaster is 170 lbs. or 77.1 kg.

What is the engine of TimeMaster? / TurfMaster?

The engine of TimeMaster is Briggs & Stratton® / The engine of  TurfMaster is Kawasaki®.

What is the cutting height of TimeMaster? / TurfMaster?

The cutting height of TimeMaster is 1.25 inches – 4.25 inches / The  cutting height of TurfMaster is 1.5″ – 5.0″


That was all for today. I hope you get a good idea about both the products from Toro. After reading this article you can make a decision whether you are going to buy one of them or something else you will look at.

Keep following us for more gardening solutions. We try to solve gardening-related problems. Toro TimeMaster vs TurfMaster was one of such problems.

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