Electric Lawn Mower – Everything You Need To Know? Best Tips 2023

Even though they are expensive, a lot of die-hard yard groomers will stay dedicated to their gas-powered mowers because of the excellent features they provide. But things are beginning to change with the advent of the electric lawnmowers.

Electric lawnmowers, whether battery-powered or plug-in, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is reasonable to say that electric lawn mowers are making some impact in the garden tools segment.

But the right question to ask is: are the electric lawn mowers more advantageous than the traditional gas-powered mowers?
Here is what we have learnt from our research.

Electric lawnmowers are worthy investments compared to gas-powered ones in the following ways:

  • Go for electric lawnmowers if you have a small and easy to manage yards
  • If the owner lacks the technical skills to handle gas engines, an electric lawn mower is a nice choice
  • When you want a quiet mowing experience, choose an electric lawnmower.
  • If you are environmentally-conscious by helping to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, an electric lawn mower is ideal.

Let us break it down for you so you know if this type of mower will be the better choice for you.

Whether you are contemplating buying a battery-powered or a plug-in mower, it will best serve you if you have a small yard. Although they may increase in runtime and power over time, electric lawnmowers can’t tackle large and expansive areas for its design.

What size of yard are we talking about? Well, if you must use an electric lawn mower, it makes sense if the yard is not more than a quarter of an acre. It can handle 1/3 of an acre with ease without needing constant recharging. Except you have numerous charged batteries already, then, it can cover more areas. If not, it is better to stick to a smaller yard.

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Electric Mowers Are Perfect For You if You Don’t Have the Technical knowledge to Handle Gas-Powered Mowers

Let’s assume that you have the right size of the yard. The next headache is the technical skills that are required in handling small engines. Gas-powered mowers need constant repairs and maintenance. If you cannot repair and maintain it yourself, it becomes expensive for you each time you call in a technician.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of always changing oil, cleaning the carburettor and fidgeting with fuel filter replacement, then, an electric lawn mower is a better choice for you.

One great advantage of electric lawnmowers is that they require very little maintenance. They have less moving parts and you can charge them easily up to continue mowing. One thing you must be careful of is that electric lawnmowers do not like moisture.

Electric Lawn Mowers are Quieter Compared to Gas-Powered Mowers

If you live in an environment where noise is highly prohibited, an electric lawn mower makes sense. Gas-powered mowers are loud and noisy but electric lawn mowers are quieter in operation. Although they are not completely silent, no need to compared the noise level of gas-powered lawnmowers.

Electric Lawn Mowers Are Ideal for the Environment

This is not an important consideration for many people who are contemplating going for an electric lawnmower. But there is the need to keep the environment safe. Electric lawn mowers offer an environmentally-friendly option for the maintenance of the lawn.

Gas-powered lawn mowers emit a lot of carbon dioxide with each gallon of use gas. Carbon dioxide is not only dangerous to the environment; it is also harmful to the health of humans. If all the options are properly weighed in good conscience, it is better to go for an electric lawn mower than the gas-powered one.

What you Need to know Before you Purchase an Electric lawn Mower

It is clear that with every technological advancement in the world, there are always advantages and disadvantages. But there is a lot to gain if you choose an electric lawnmower. You should note that there are two types of electric lawn mowers – corded and cordless models. We shall be discussing these two types in detail so you can make an informed choice

Cordless Mowers are not Expensive But Come with Some Difficulties

Cordless mowers come with inexpensive lithium batteries which makes the mower less costly. The Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower is one of the best-corded mowers on Amazon. But the headache with corded mowers is that you have to be pulling the corded in different directions and this can be stressful.

Are Corded mowers stressful or limited?

While life is easier with corded mowers since you won’t be dragging cords up and down, their limitation is with the battery power. But some of the latest models are having a better run time with impressive battery life. Lithium batteries degrade over time and you will need a replacement whenever the battery is dead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there powerful electric lawn mowers?

Yes, there are. Electric lawn mowers keep improving when we talk of their power. But they are not at par with gas-powered mowers.

The Greenworks 80-volt Max Brushless Lithium-Ion Push 21-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower has got a lot of power as a battery-powered mower. It can last up to 45 minutes on a single charge. It is a 3-in-1 electric mower that can mulch, do side discharge and also collects clippings into the bag.

Does a Battery-Powered Mower Use Oil?

A battery-powered mower is not like a gas-powered mower that gulps oil all the time. As such, it requires no oil. However, the gears require periodic lubrication. Some models have been pre-lubricated to last for a long time.


Every situation is not the same. It is important to put into consideration all the criteria that have been mentioned in this article before determining whether to go for a corded mower or a cordless one.

If you have a small yard and can’t go through the trouble of maintaining and repairing a gas-powered mower, the ideal thing to do is to choose an electric lawnmower.

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