Best Rear Tine Tiller – Reviews & Buying Guide [2023]

Isn’t it so difficult to break up the hard ground for gardening? Well, almost everyone will answer the same thing. If you are planning to start a garden, you should know that breaking the ground in your soon-to-be garden can be the hardest job for you.

You have to spend most of your time in the dirt to loosen up the soil so that you can make it perfect for cultivating and for sowing in them.

But there is also a more natural way to solve this problem. You can use Rear Tine Tiller to loosen up the harder soil easily.

It will help you eliminating exhausting and long hours of work. You can break the ground quickly without working so hard and soon make them ready for cultivating and sowing on them. So, it is essential to buy one before you start producing your garden.

If you are buying a Rear Tine Tiller for the first time, it may seem difficult for you to select the best one for you as there is a large selection available for the specific product. Even, if you have used it before or known about the tool, you would face challenges choosing the best one that suits your choice.

There are a lot of features that should need to consider before purchasing it. That includes the size, engine, tilling width and depth, tine rotation, and many more. Most importantly, it is not about picking the best of the best. It is more about choosing the right or perfect one that will neither hamper your work nor will hurt your pocket!

Perhaps, our guide can help you to choose one by considering all your needs. Here, we have taken an in-depth look over the best Rear Tine Tiller products. And we will break it down by reviewing the top 8 products with the best feature for the job and also suggest the best 3 pics for your consideration.

After reading the review, you’ll have some excellent option before you, and we hope you will be able to set your mind to pick the best one to purchase. Check them out below!

What is a Good Quality Tiller?

A high-quality tiller is an essential tool for severe gardeners and landscapers. Tillers should be durable, reliable and efficient in breaking up the soil and preparing it for planting. A tiller with a powerful engine, a sturdy frame and adjustable tiles can handle even the most challenging soil conditions. 

Also, a high-quality tiller should have easy-to-use controls, a comfortable handle, and a compact design for easy storage. Also,it should also be easy to maintain and repair. A high-quality tiller saves time and effort in garden and landscaping work. However, this makes it a worthwhile investment for any professional or serious gardener.

Top 8 Rear Tine Tiller

Before giving a review about these products, I would like to answer some basic questions about Rear Tine Tiller. You may have these questions in mind, and it’s so important to know before you compare them.

How to find the best Rear Tine Tiller?

For a gardener or someone who wants to do some serious gardening, a rear tine tiller is always a great tool. Perhaps, there are so many good Rear Tine Tillers in the market. They all differ from quality and price. And that will make choosing the best one difficult.

The guide here will help you find the best one or the one that fulfils your interest completely. When you are a gardener, you must buy a Tiller.

Among Front and Rear Tine Tiller, Rear is always the better one. Because they are more potent than the front as they can dig deeper, and have fantastic balance. Due to the features, Rear Tine Tiller looks to be a little pricier. So, you should always know what you are looking for.

Our Top Choices Regarding the Requirements

Here are some top products according to the requirements that made our list. Click on the link to go directly to see the specific review.

  • Best Price for Power: Troy-Bilt Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller Troy Bilt has the most powerful engine of 306cc. It is the most powerful tool of our list.
  • Best Budget Model: Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Grey

Comparing both price and the power Earthwise will be the best pick for its extremely powerful engine the lowest cost of the list.

  • Best Rotating Model: TACKLIFE Electric Tiller

TACKLIFE electric tiller rotates at 380 RPM, so you can enjoy the excellent performance in soil aeration, or cutting weeds.

  • Highest Quality Model: Schiller-Grounds-Care-7940-Cultivator The tool is so famous for its premium quality parts.
  • Best for Compact Soil: Tazz 35310 2-in-1 front tine tiller/cultivator

Tazz has 21 inches huge tilling width, which is the best in our list to compact soil.

1. Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch 13.5 AMP Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Sun Joe, a company which is pretty adept at making fantastic electric hedge trimmers. Featuring top in our rundown of top tiller article is the Sun Joe TJ604E 16-inch model electric garden tiller/cultivator.

Sun Joe TJ604E is a hugely popular machine which features a very powerful motor of 13.5 Amp. The motor rotates the six durable steel tines which are mainly angled for most of the performance. There is a three-position wheel on it.

The adjustment makes the transport on the lawn and digs down up to the depth of a minimum of eight inches so easy. When the lightweight unit of it is not in use, the foldable handles ensure storage is not a problem at all!

The powerful 13.5-amp motor on Sun Joe TJ604E that pulverizes dirt fast. It makes the soil into slices at an impressive 370 RPM. You can cultivate up to 16″W x 8″ D within seconds by it. There are also handle folds for impressive storage and easy transport. With 2 years of warranty and ETL approved, Sun Joe electric garden tiller is totally maintenance-free.


  • Trusted name
  • Amazing Price point
  • High rated product
  • Tilling width is so generous
  • Available safety switch
  • Instant start advantage


  • Gas-powered machine
  • Not as powerful as the expense

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Our verdict:
It is the most lightweight product you can use. If you have just started, this great little tiller can be ideal for raising flower beds and for establishing vegetable or flower patches. At this price you can’t be wrong choosing this, it can make amazing weed eater too.

2. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator, Grey

Earthwise enters the review with its TC70016 version, which is 16-inch and 13.5 Amp corded electric tine tiller. It has six totally adjustable steel tines on it. You can take them as you want from 11-inches to 16-inches wide range and can have a maximum tilling depth of eight inches.

Wrapping around, the ergonomic handle feels so solid and dependable. It is also very comfortable when you will use them. And on the other side, the retention cord can prove so helpful in keeping your extension lead in place. It can also help to prevent accidental disconnects. The flip-down wheels on the Earthwise of six-inch can make it so easy while transporting the unit. It is so lightweight that it helps build effortless operation and storage.

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Through its helpful tilling depth of eight-inch, the Earthwise electric tiller cultivator has an impressive cutting width of 11 inches to 16 inches. This tool can help you prepare the ground. However, you want it for planting.

It is a way to make your garden stronger by making the yard for healthy growth as you want. By just clicking on the ‘Start’ button, you can squeeze the lever to start, and when the lever is done, the tiller will power off. There will be no hard work left for you, just let Earthwise electric tine tiller take care for you.

The adjustable steel tines on Earthwise tine tiller cultivator can till up average-sized gardens or plot efficiently. You can find a cord retention hook which will help to secure the extension cord. There are six feet flip-down wheels on it.

These will make transportation more accessible and smoother. And the most important thing is, it doesn’t need any type of oil, gas, or regular maintenance as it is an electric tiller cultivator.


  • Very high rated product
  • Have cushioned grip
  • Have Solid construction
  • Starting the push button


  • One of the heavier products

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Our verdict:
It is the most lightweight product you can use. If you have just started, this great little tiller can be ideal for raising flower beds and for establishing vegetable or flower patches. At this price you can’t be wrong choosing this, it can make amazing weed eater too.

3. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

The Sun Joe TJ603E is one of the powerful electric tine tiller cultivators. It has impressive environment-friendly 12 amps power which controls 6 durable steel tines.

The 12 amp power of the motor and durable tines will help you to till up into the rocky soil, which may have tight rocks, harsh weeds or any other solid elements. There are also rear wheels to make the transport easier. By this, you can roll the machine anywhere you want to take.

The electric motor can be beneficial to hard beds that may haven’t tilled before. It is considered that there is no ground that Sun Joe TJ603E can’t break or handle. Without the help of any kind of gas, oil, other elements, you get an extraordinary motor that is comparable with any other high emission engines.

The 6 steel angled tines on the Sun Joe Tiller are so impressive. They are six and are angled, which increase effectiveness. They can cut any type of medium-sized garden 16-inches wide and 8-inches deep. The tines on Sun Joe tiller rotates at 340 RPM, so you can enjoy the excellent performance in soil aeration, or cutting weeds.

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At the rear, there are wheels in the Sun Joe TJ603E, that you can be able to tip the tiller up and be ready to roll it. To make it more flexible, you can also adjust them in three different positions. They are so strong and good, which helps to keep the cultivator portable and more stable. And it can be easily moved in back and forth in any spot.

With rear wheels, there is also a handle that folds down for additional compact storage. Also, the handle is so handy for transportation, and you can use it to maintain control over the cultivator when you will move it around.


  • Easy transport and storage
  • Ability to handle rough ground
  • No maintenance needed
  • Instant start


  • The cord can be annoying

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Our Verdict:
The Sun Joe TJ6030E electric tine tiller runs totally clean but doesn’t sacrifice on its power a bit by the help of 12 amp motor. You can use it in an absolutely hassle-free way. It is also reasonably affordable for the gardeners. So, it can help your wallet not to get much hurt. The TJ603E has a full two-year warranty.

4. Tazz 35310 2-in-1 front tine tiller/cultivator

Tazz 35310 2-in-1 front tine tiller is one of the most asked for tine tiller. It is backed by extremely powerful 79cc and 4 strokes powerful engine. Tazz 35310 is called as the beast of tine tiller cultivator. It offers high-performance cultivation.

There is also accessible start technology which gives a feature of starting the tiller machine right when you want it to. It has a large 21 inches tilling width that helps to remove the outer steel tines without using any tools for small areas cultivation.

You will be able to use unparalleled garden tilling versatility with tool-less conversion by the simple removal of the side shield and outer tines in the Tazz front tiller cultivator. It has 21 inches width tiller with extremely high-performance viper engine of 79cc. By the powerful engine,

it starts quickly by pulling recoil. It delivers high power by the gear drive transmission, especially for attacking soil types in preparation to produce a smooth and fertile seedbed.

The Tazz 2-in-1 tiller cultivator can perform excellent performance on any type of soil. While the handlebar and drag stake adjustment can help you achieve your desired tilling depth. Also, the rugged forged tine on the cultivator makes the soil crunch so effectively.

The tool has a very lightweight design and a low centre of gravity. With these, the compact footprint combines an excellent feature which can give you a whole new experience with maximum control over the tool. Comparing to many other front line tillers, it has the most control and maneuverability.

It was designed for the balance which eliminates bouncing the tool and optimizes user control. And the tilling allows to pivot by not harming any plants.

You can use the tool as a 2-in-1 versatility. The outer tool-less tines and side shield makes it a great cultivator. And using 21 inches width tilling you can create level seedbed plants and the unique thing is as the garden grows, switch it to the 16-inches and 11-inches width and maintain rows and weeds by the plants.


  • 2-in-1 capability
  • Larger area specialist
  • Stable and Maneuverable
  • Flexible
  • Rugged construction


  • It takes time to assemble

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Our Verdict:
The Tazz tine tiller is very popular to the gardeners and is committed to keeping customer satisfaction. It is backed by three years limited and service on the US.

5. Schiller-Grounds-Care-7940-Cultivator

With 25cc powerful Honda engine, Schiller Grounds Care 7940 Cultivator is one of the most highly-rated front tiller machines. The tool is so famous for its premium quality parts.

Schiller appears to be a very lightweight tool. As it is a gas tiller, it has just a weight of 24lbs. As per not so substantial can be helpful for you to move the tool around your workplace and to work with it.

Through the finger-throttle, the tool has 240 RPM for infinite speed control. It makes the operation easy. There are curved steel tines by which you can cut up to 9 inches and which will also allow the machine to access areas where other tillers can’t reach.

This is also quite the best available gas front tine tiller on the market with its ability to dig up to 10-inches down the soil and even for its size, ability and price.

The fun part of gardening is just about to start with the Schiller. It can make the toughest work easier than you have ever dreamed possible! It is pretty easy to work with it. As it is said that, The Schiller is easy to carry, easy to start and easy to use. You can start or quiet easily with no fuel mixing needed. Also, it is one of the lightest weighted tools you can find in the market for cultivation.

As it has a premium 4-cycle engine powered by Honda, this small light weighted product can prove to be one of the toughest to till through the compacted and solid dirt. Forget all the old-time tine tillers as this can be a real work-saver with really soft and sure-grip control.

As told before, the infinite speed means that you can power up your tiller whenever you want and according to the situation. This can give you some real help to make your dream garden. And don’t hold back as you can use the tool all season long. Put this over the toughest challenges, and it will never disappoint you hopefully.


  • Premium Parts and excellent design
  • Fold able handles
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Found none although it’s little in expense.

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Our Verdict:
It is clearly one of the best front line tillers you can find out there. It is a real bonus to have such a Honda engine. The whole tool is very well-designed and all things put together. This is definitely a top marked product. So, it will obviously be an excellent decision to choose Schiller.

6. Troy-Bilt Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller

On my list, The Troy-Bilt Horse Rear counter-rotating tine tiller is the most rear-wheel tiller. And I also choose this personally as a premium one. You will find a huge 306cc unbelievable engine on it. And large 16 inches tires on it is a real advantage. There are 20 inches width tine and a 12 inches tines that can make the tilling to 7-inches depth.

The tool is an apparently heavy one with over 300 lbs. And for this, there will be no trouble in gaining traction on any terrain, and it will never pile any dirt under it. The Troy Bilt Horse also has some other features as four forwards, two reserve speeds and one neutral. These will ensure maximum maneuverability and help to operate with just a hand.


  • 306cc Powerful engine
  • Huge 16 inches tires
  • 20-inches tilling width
  • High-quality transmission


  • Lack of counter-rotating
  • High-cost product

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Our Verdict:
It has a higher cost comparing to others, and there is a lack of counter-rotating in it. Some people find it challenging to use such a big and heavy tool. Other than this, it is an amazing tool with no doubt!

7. TACKLIFE Electric Tiller

Boasting a powerful 13.5 amp copper motor, the TACKLIFE electric tiller can quickly generate its speed up to 380 RPM. This tremendous motor power ensures the high efficiency of the tiller. It is ideal for loosening the soil of your garden and preparing the bed in the yard as the working depth can reach up to 8 inches.

The tiller can be switched quickly without tools. You can change from 6 tines to 4 tines whenever you would like. Also, you can adjust the width from 18 inches to 12.5 inches. These will make sure you work the perfect way with the required width and fulfil your work needs.

Its foldable design will help you to fold the tiller without any other tool. It will provide space-saving and ensure cleanliness. It will also help to have convenient storage.

TACKLIFE tiller has a weight of just 22lbs, which makes it one of the lightest weighted tool. By its lightweight design, you can find more mobility in your daily work. There is also ergonomic folding handlebar with anti-vibration system. It will reduce your arms fatigue which makes it a really user-friendly design.

The tool is very safe and durable. There are safety buttons and brake switches in it. These offer much protection to prevent accidental start. The steel tines with high hardness ensure stable performance with maximum durability.


  • Lightweight tool
  • Safe and durable
  • Switched quickly
  • Powerful motor


  • Found none comparing to the price.

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Our verdict:
The TACKLIFE electric tiller has so many good features that might be helpful to choose this product. It improves the soil aeration by turning over the soil. It helps the waters and oxygen to reach the roots of a plant and ensures optimum plant growth and yields. This is a separate advantage of the product.

8. Troy-Blit GC160

Powered by a strong GC160 Honda engine of 160cc, The Troy Bilt provides enough power that one should need to plough through the roughest and rockiest terrain. The AG tires of 13 inches and 5 inches give the tiller some extra durability.

The 10 inches tines and blades provide tilling up to 16 inches width and 6 inches depth. The tine shield is about 17 inches. It is a gas-powered tiller which comes with the iron transmission with the bronze gear drive.

The tiller has a 2 years limited warranty which says that if something terrible happens, you will be welcome to contact the supplier to repair or replace the tool.

The 160cc tiller features GX160cc Honda engine. Honda is a very reliable and well-known product when it is about engines. You can expect the CRT to extend period without hiccups. The four-cycle engine is always more fuel-efficient and quieter. The cc maybe a little lower than others, but there will be not much lack of power delivered.

It has a good duration transmission with the bronze gear drive. This helps the tiller driving both backward and forward. It is quite a smooth mechanism and perfect for tackling tough jobs.

You can operate the tool with the help of a single hand. So, you can have the flexibility to do other emergency works with the other side.


  • Durable and efficient engine
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Smooth transmission
  • Bumper guard


  • Forward rotating tines
  • Lacks power for tough jobs

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Our Verdict:
However, it is not the best one to break through the hardened surface. You have to use some tilling power to have smoother operation and maneuverability. The Troy-Bilt wasn’t made to be the monster tiller. Instead, it is an efficient and smooth machine for softer soil. It offers ease and smoothness to work.

Why should we choose Rear Tine Tillers over others?

The front tine tillers are mainly for already loosened or churned up soil. And they are used in small and narrow places. Where the Rear Tine Tillers are for heavy-duty. They can loosen up tough rocked grounds.
Here are some extra features you can find in Rear Tine Tillers that you will not find in others.

  • Rear tine tillers are more powerful than any other tools.
  • They are big and easily able to cover extensive grounds.
  • Tilling depth allows us to dig deeper into the ground.
  • They can run over tough soil.
  • They can also do light works etc.

Buyer’s Guide

Rear Tine Tillers are not such a straightforward machine. You will find so many options available there, and all of them tends to claim themselves the best on. But is it even possible?
There are certain things you should know about Rear Tine Tillers before you buy them. Describing some crucial points below-

  • The Engine

The engine is the central part of it. The four-stroke motor is always preferable. The cc will help you find out the power of the engine. The more cc, the more power.

  • Tine Rotation

This is the first thing you need to look at a tool. As there are 3 rotating tines. They are Standard, counter-rotating and dual-rotating. Choose the one according to your scenario.

  • Tires

Tires are a vital part of your tiller. The larger the tire, the easier it will appear while moving over the rough and rocky ground.

  • Transmission

This has a significant impact on your work. Forward and reverse gear will make it easier to turn machine.

  • Counterweight

The counterweight help balance the unit and provide stability in the time of tilling.

  • Tilling Depth

If you can’t dig deeper, you will not be able to plant your seeds. All the tillers of our guide are more than 5.5 inches, and it should be enough.

FAQs about Rear Tine Tillers

When Should I Use a Rear Tine Tiller?

You should use the tiller when the soil is not wet. It is thought that so early spring or right before spring is always better.

How Often Should I Till My Soil?

We will suggest tilling the soil twice a year. One will be before planting and then after the harvest.

Can I Till Too Often?

If you till too often, you can actually harm them by not giving enough rest they need.

How Should I Till My Garden?

Rear Tine Tillers are the best way to till your garden. You can get help from it for both light and tough soil.

Which is better between a Front Tine and A Rear Tine Tiller?

It actually depends on the situation. If the soil is tight, then it is obvious to use Rear Tine Tiller. On the other hand, if it is light or soft, then you may use any of them.


I hope to know you may know what or which product is ideal for you. As said before, it is not always about the best tiller machine. You should choose the ideal one that fulfils your requirements.

Now you know what to consider before choosing one. So, did you find the Best Rear Tine Tiller in our guide? Tell us about it in the comment section. We would be glad to hear from you!

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