Yellow Jacaranda Tree – Variations, Cultivate, Plant Care And Everything!

Yellow jacaranda tree is a beautiful gift from nature.. This beautiful big tree can make a huge difference in your lawn or any larger property. In this article we will try to let you know more about this beautiful creation of nature in details.To know more, please go through the whole article!

Jacaranda Tree Meaning

The word jacaranda has Guarani origin and it means ‘fragrant’.The Guarani language is a part of the Tupi-Guarani language family of South America.Jacaranda symbolizes wisdom,wealth, rebirth and wisdom. Legends believe that if a flower of a jacaranda tree falls on anyone’s head, that means he/she will have good fortune in the near future.


Jacaranda tree is a big tree. It can grow up to 50 feet long in height and it generally spreads evenly. The Leaves of the tree are compound and each of the leaflets are 3 to 5 feet long. The flower is like an oval shaped capsule and the inside carries the seeds of the tree.

As the flowers are attractive, the tree can attract the butterfly very easily. Though the branches do not have any specific shape when they are young, they tend to take a round shape when they grow up longer.

Are There Any Yellow Flower Trees?

The yellow Jacaranda tree; also known as tipu tree, is a beautiful big tree which has bright glowing yellow flowers. The flowers start to grow in Late Summer and they start to disappear in late fall. This yellow jacaranda tree is known as “Pelophorum”.

What Are Other Variations in a Jacaranda Tree?

There are some variations in a jacaranda tree. They are varied in terms of flowers. The trees look the same without flowers But as the flowers start to bloom , you can see the differences. There are mainly three different variations in the flower.

  •         Jacaranda – These have purple to blue flowers and they start to bloom in Spring
  •         Royal Poinciana – They have red flowers and they tend to bloom in mid-summer.
  •         Peltophorum – They are what we have discussed in the last section. The flowers are yellow in               colour.

Where Do Jacaranda Trees Grow Best?

As it is a common tree in Losangeles you may think it is a natie tree here. But it is not. This tree is actually indegionous to the Southern part Of America like Florida, Argentina, Australia, Brazil etc. As the weather is more suitable there.

Jacaranda Tree Florida

This is not a native flower here.These trees mostly grow in late may. The flowers tend to be purple to lavender.

The species that grow here is Jacaranda mimosifolia

Jacaranda Tree Australia

You may find the Australian streets filled with  Jacaranda mimosifolia . 

But They were brought here from Brazil. The Jacaranda tree is most common in Queensland.

In Brisbane they are also common.

Jacaranda Tree Australia

They can also grow in California as they need more sun to grow. So the weather is suitable for them to grow.

Jacaranda Tree San diego

The yellow jacaranda tree is one of the popular trees in San -Diego.They grow in late summer to Spring seasons. They are considered Pavement friendly here.

How to Cultivate Jacaranda Trees?

You can cultivate these trees in different ways. Some of these may include grafting, cutting and from the seeds.

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Can You Grow a Jacaranda Tree from Seeds?

If you grow jacaranda from the seeds,their flowers vary more.But as seedings often popup around the base of the trees it will be better to transplant them in some other places. Besides this, You have to remember that if you grow the trees from the seeds, they will take longer to grow and it may take up to 7 or 8 years.

Are There Any Other Ways to Cultivate Them?

Yes, you can cultivate them from the grafted cuttings which are available for nursery selling.

In this way, the trees will also start to grow faster and you can also have flowers earlier than the first mentioned way.

Plant Care

They can grow either in a pot or in the ground.Warmer climate is better for their growth.

They thrive in sandy soil and in full sun. Mature trees may surely in colder temperatures but the younger plant will not be able to grow. Though they mature, one may survive, but they do not grow as they should have.

You have to fertilize them 3 times in a year.

Though they can grow in drought, you have to water them regularly the first year.

For a jacaranda tree trimming is not necessary.Still , If you want ; you can trim the branches to promote growth.

You should keep them at least 15 feet away from the side-walks.

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Why Do Jacaranda Leaves Turn Yellow?

Yellow leaves of a jacaranda leaves can be the result of water issues.If your jacaranda tree is not getting enough water,their leaves will start to turn yellow and they will fall off the trees pre-maturely.ber-watering is also harmful for the jacaranda trees

.If the trees especially the young ones face any issues of insects from the soil , they will also turn yellow. cold weather can also be a factor of yellow leaves and sick trees.

How to Treat the Yellow Leaves of Jacaranda Tree?

If your jacaranda leaves are turning yellow, you should be careful about whether you are watering them enough or over watering them.      You should water them slowly and regularly In Summer and Spring Seasons.

  • Avoid watering at the base of the trunk as it may cause fungal infections.To keep the moisture you should apply a layer of mulch. But still, it should not be applied to the trunk of the tree.
  • Over-fertilizing is also harmful. So please be careful when you are adding fertilizers to your plants.
  •  Be careful whether fungi or insects are attacking the roots of your jacaranda tree.

Are Jacaranda Trees Poisonous?

Yes, they can be poisonous to the pets. Every part of the trees, especially the seeds, is poisonous. The purple flowers or the blue berry seeds can be extremely toxic. It’s better to keep the pets away from the trees.


In brief, we can say that Yellow jacaranda trees can be a beautiful addition to your lawn.But you have to be careful when you are cultivating them.We hope that this article has helped you enough to know the details about yellow jacaranda trees.

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