Snowbear Utility Trailer – Definition, Parts, Owner Manual and Everything!

Snowbear utility trailer is a very common name in trailer culture. It has been around for a quite long time. Though with time a lot of improvements had to be done, but the basic element is kind of the same. If you want to know the specifications, issues, people’s views, should you go for it or not?  you should read to the bottom of the article

What is a utility trailer?

Utility trailer means a wheel based vehicle which has a design to work on a motor engine. It generally weighs two thousand pounds or less. It has no motive power. People use it to carry personal stuff, papers, and trash. But these things should never cross more than six thousand pounds. The utility trailer normally does not move on public paths.

What is Snowbear Utility Trailer?

Snow bear is the name of a company which produces utility trailers. It is a manufacturing company in Canada. They produce many personal and light commercial plows and related accessories’.

They are best known for their quality. With year, they have introduced various models like snow bear utility trailers 7000, 8000 Etc.


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Parts and Specifications

A snow bear is quite known for its design. Its design depends on a lot of parts and their specifications.

A short description may follow as below:


It has a 12 inch highway rated and 990 pounds weighed tires. It does not have any tillable design.

Wheel Bearing

The wheel bearings are 2.7 centimeter from inner and outer sides. They are normally made of plastics. The fender design is round and bolts on.


The hitch height is 38.1 centimeter. It contains multiple ties down locations. The outside bed dimensions is approximately 54″ * 92 . These types of hitch are common in car that had real bumpers.


The axle can be two positions adjustable and they weigh two thousand pounds. They are adjustable from front or rear on both sides.

The curb weight is 420 pounds. The light guards are fully welded and have protective steel encasing .The flooring is solid and has corrugated steel. They can have a payload capacity up to two thousand pounds approximately.

Sizes of Snowbear Utility Trailer

According to the uses they have manufactured different sizes of utility bear. Some common sizes may include: 5×8 or 4×8 or 4×6. People choose the size according to their personal needs.

Snowbear Utility Trailer 5*10

The manufacturers introduced it in 2007. It used to weigh 2000 pounds. The wheels were 13long.

Snowbear Utility Trailer 5*8

This is rather on the bigger size. It has a maximum capacity of 1890 pounds. The Gross vehicle weight is approximately 2890 pounds.

Snowbear Utility Trailer 4*8

This is a smaller sized utility trailer. Still it had enough space. Its gross vehicle rating was 2090 pounds.

This size was associated with the model number 8000.

Snowbear Utility Trailer 4*6

Snow bear utility trailer 4×6 is just another version of 4×8. It has removable sides.The front gate folds down to extend length and the hitch size is 2″.

This size was also common in the model number 8000.

Owner’s Manual

The snow bear utility trailer comes with an owner manual PDF. This PDF contains a lot of information to help the users. The safety cautions, maintenance, parts of the trailer, what to avoid and how the trailer works are very important parts of the owner’s manual.

Safety Caution

  •         You should inspect the trailer and all of its parts before using it.
  •         Check the operations of all lights.
  •         Please make sure the towing vehicle as well as the hitch is able to tow the trailer.
  •         Check whether the wheel bolts are tight.
  •         Check the tire pressure.
  •         Check if the trailer coupler is fastened securely.
  •         Do not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating.
  •         If your trailer has an optional side kit, make sure all the bolts and pins are in place. 
  •         Balance and secure the load on the trailer.
  •         Check the wheel bearing every 2000 miles.

 Dangers Regarding the Snow Bear Utility Trailer

  •         Keep children away.
  •         Never sit or ride on the trailer.
  •         Please exercise extreme caution when tilting the carrier.
  •         Do not drive with trailer in the tilted position.
  •         If the trailer is incorrectly attached to the vehicle it could pull away from the vehicle and can fall off
  •         You should use ramps for loading heavy items
  •         You should never load more than one all terrain vehicles on this trailer.
  •         Always make sure the coupler is locked and the safety chains are attached.
  •         Always secure trailer into the trailer vehicle before transportation.
  •         Secure your cargo according to the trailer properly
  •         When driving, you should never exceed the speed limit.
  •         Any modifications to the trailer will void the trailer warranty.
  •         Only use the original equipment and accessories.

Is Snow Bear Utility Trailer any Good?

You may find a lot of reviews online which can help you to understand if it will be a good choice for you. It is a good trailer compared to its price. You can also reconfigure it to upgrade to a better version. It is easily foldable and it folds up to 29 inch.

Snow Bear Utility Trailer can also be towed by other vehicles. It is a versatile product. The fronts and rear gates can easily be used to make a flat deck. These are removable easily. So if you are comfortable with its features then yes! You can buy a snow bear utility trailer.

Issues with Snow Bear Utility Trailer?

Though it has some of the greatest features but we cannot but confess that yes it has got some issues also. Snow bear trailer has two strips on the floor, which just got damaged in less than eighteen months.

It should not be a problem to change it, if it was not for the way it is attached to a frame which is nailed to steel frame cross members. That’s why it is very hard to repair that one.

The way rails are connected on the top perimeter is also troublesome. The Holes were supposed to be for connecting bolts or snap but rings do not align being off by two inches.

So it seems that snow bear has some issues in its design and how it works.

People’s View on Snow Bear

Snow bear has got mixed reviews from its customers and users. While many people are very happy with it, a good number of people have also shown complaints against them. Majority of people are happy with the fact that it is a great buy compared with the price. They are happy with its versatility, fold ability, and easy to use factors.

 But many people are disappointed to know that they just provide you with six months of warranty. They feel that this is not enough. They also complain about how modifications to the original part are not easy at all.


At last we can say that a snow bear utility trailer is a good trailer for personal use. It has got many great features. But we should follow the safety caution and must know what to follow when we are using one.

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