How To Use Metal Detector – Best Guide With Setting 2023

A metal detector is a device that uses ultrasound to detect the presence of a metal in an object. Use metal detector machines mainly for security purposes. We will help you through this article to know how to use a metal detector and how this device will ensure safety.

Today, millions of people around the world use metal detector machines. Also use metal detectors to uncover valuable debris from underground. This technology also helps to ensure military protection. This device is capable of uncovering hidden guns, knives, and various types of metal objects.

Use metal detectors to ensure the security of markets, industries, and various important areas. You can also use this device in the office or at home to ensure your personal safety. Using this technology it is possible to provide security services all over the world.

In fact, metal detectors are a device that relies on science and electromagnetism. Not only this, with the help of a metal detector we can always be safe. By using metal detector machines you will be able to ensure the safety of other people. Let’s find out how a metal detector machine works.

Different types of metal detector machines work differently. There are some commonalities with all types of metal detectors that work, which is noticeable. Each metal detector has a wire coil known to everyone as the transmitter coil. When electricity flows through this coil, it will create a magnetic field around it.

When you move this metal detector over a metal object, there will be some changes in the atom located inside the metal object. This means that the magnetic field from the metal detector will change the orbit of the electron in the metal object.

We know that if a magnetic field changes the atom of a metal object, it will generate electricity there. The metal detector will insert a small amount of electricity into a metal object. If you move an electric wire over a piece of metal, there will be magnetism. There will be another magnetism to enter the electricity of your metal detector, which is the second magnetism.

You will be able to detect this second magnetism with a metal detector. The metal detector has a second wire coil called the receiver coil. Your receiver coil will be with a circuit. It will be able to set a loudspeaker system. The machine will identify the metals while checking the metal.

Then this electricity will take the form of a loudspeaker and make a beeping sound. With this sound, you can be sure of catching the metal. In this way, a metal detector machine can detect metal objects, again and again, using magnetism and electricity.

How to Start Using It?

Different types of metal detectors are available for detecting metal products. Choose one of these tools that you can use the most. Also able to detect metal in less time using it.

If you start using it first, you will be a little hesitant to know if it is right for you. After a few days of use, you will have a complete idea about the metal detector. You choose an entry-level detector to use in the first stage.

In this case, some people will advise you that you need a ‘pinpointer’, extra coils, diggers, pouches, bags, scoops, covers, gloves, towels, probes, etc. Remember, only experienced users and those who work professionally will need all of these things. Above all, save money by not buying these optional items to use the tool at an early stage.

How To Use Metal Detector Setting

  • Detection Mode

Usually modern metal director tools have preset detection mode set to focus on specific types of objects. These settings allow you to detect coins, jewelry, keys, and all kinds of metals.

  • Discrimination

Things you don’t want to detect can be easily avoided by setting up discrimination. Detectors with these settings are very popular nowadays. This is especially useful for people in areas with lots of trash. For example, you can also set it to ignore iron. It discriminates objects so using the tool you can become interesting.

  • Sensitivity​

Manufacturers use very advanced sensors when making some metal detectors. As a result, you will be able to easily detect any type of metal from a distance of at least 9 inches. Suppose a criminal hides some kind of illegal metal in his bag.

In this case, with this tool, you can detect it only by scanning his body. Also, those who move with different types of weapons. If there is anything metal in them, you will be able to detect it.

  • Alarm

Can detect all types of metal objects while scanning. After detecting a metal object, you will hear a clear alarm. As a result, you will understand that the person has any metal products.

  • LED Signal

The metal detector has 3 LED lights in normal yellow, green, and red colors. When you scan something, if there is no metal object in it, the green light will come on. If the device is able to detect any metallic object, the red light will give you a signal.

  • Battery

All types of metal detectors are electronic devices so it will need enough power to run. In this case, you will be able to use the equipment batteries repeatedly by charging.

  • Handles

Manufacturers use weatherproof handles to make all types of metal detectors for the convenience of the users. It allows you to use this device in the same way in winter, summer, monsoon, and other seasons.

Due to the winter, there will never be ice on the equipment. Also, it will not sweat in hot weather and if it gets wet in light water during the rainy season, removing it will work properly again.

Easy to use

You can use this device very easily without any hassle. This may be a problem if you are using it for the first time. So if you encounter any problem while using the device, read the company manual carefully.

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How do hand metal detectors work?

Hand metal detectors emit a magnetic field or radio frequency signal into the area being scanned. When the signal encounters metal, it creates a disturbance in the magnetic field or movement, which is detected by the detector’s receiver.

The sensor then alerts the user through an audible or visual signal. The size and sensitivity of the detector determine the types of metal it can detect and the range at which it can catch them.

Do metal detectors detect gold?

Yes, metal detectors can detect gold. Gold is metal and has conductive properties, which allows it to be detected by metal detectors. However, the metal detector’s sensitivity and the gold object’s size and purity can affect how easily it is seen.

Can a magnet detect gold?

No, a magnet cannot detect gold because gold is not magnetic. Gold is a non-magnetic metal, unlike iron, nickel, and cobalt, which are magnetic. Therefore, a magnet will not be attracted to gold or be able to detect it.

Final Verdict

We have already discussed above how you will be able to detect metal products with a metal detector. I have described almost every part of the device considering your convenience. I have explained how to use this tool. The use of this device is increasing day by day. At present this device is widely used for needle checking in the garments sector.

Remember that every part of the tool is very important. If there is an error in any part of the device, you will not be able to work with it. So if the equipment is faulty, get it serviced. Use again after servicing. You must be successful if you use a metal detector machine by following the above procedure. Hopefully, the tips described in this article will be helpful to you.

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