How To Use A Pole Saw ? Best Tips 2023

A pole saw is a kind of hard and sharp instrument made by a chain. You can usually use this tool to cut trees or tree branches. We will help you learn how to use a pole saw through this article.

You will be able to cut the branches of the tree while standing on the ground with a pole saw. Not only this, with the help of this tool you can easily cut the thick branches of the tree.

People have been using this device for various purposes since the invention of the pole saw. The shape of the saw in the early days and the purpose for which it was used by all are clearly mentioned in Egyptian history.

After the discovery of this device, people used to cut trees and twigs by pulling and hitting. The saws are later improved by adding beautiful notched parts (teeth) to the saws and using them by pulling.

The idea is that the people of Egyptian civilization first started using saws. In the early stages, they were completely unstructured. Most of these manual pole saws of that time were made of copper. Later, pole saws were also made of bronze and iron.

This device has also changed with the passage of time, so now people use electric pole saws most of the time to cut trees in a simple way and save time. Electrical pole saw is a blessing of modern science. See Best Pole Saws List.

You do not have to apply physical force when working with electrical pole saws. Bring the sharp-toothed electric pole saw to the part of the tree you want to cut and press the button to turn on the machine.

This machine usually has a variety of blades attached to it, with saws with rotating blades being able to easily cut hard and thick twigs. Turn off the tool by pressing the off button when you have finished your desired task.

How To Use A Pole Saw Oil in the chain of Pole Saw

Lubricate the chains of electric pole saws before working. As a result, you will be able to cut trees or tree branches smoothly. Electric pole saws have an automatic oiler so you keep the oil tank full while working.

Be sure to check the oil level of the tank frequently when cutting tree branches. This oil will also work in keeping the motor clean, many of the users recommend using a special type of oil bar. Use oil on most pole saw chains, especially when working in cold weather.

Blade Type and Cutting Method

Most pole saw teeth are made of steel or carbide. Carbide is stronger than steel and it can maintain the sharpness of the blade for a long time.

Wheel-Shaped Blades

These blades look a bit like belts and have numerous teeth attached to them. As the wheel rotates while working, so does the tool belt. In general, these blades generate relatively less heat than others.

Blades Capable of Cutting at Different Angles

If you wish, you can use this blade to cut tree branches vertically, horizontally, or parallel.

Special Type of Round Blade

Round blades have a system that easily stores wood chips, grass, etc. These can usually get stuck in other saws and make it difficult to cut tree branches.

Safety Tips for Using Pole Saw

I will discuss the types of safety issues to consider when working with pole saws.

Cutting Dense Branches

It is a bit difficult to cut the branches of a tree thicker than 9 inches. Especially those who work professionally to cut the branches of the tree, they may face this problem. Be careful when cutting thick branches of the tree. Remember, there is a risk of various accidents if you do not work carefully.

Problems Working Above 8 Feet

It is usually difficult and tedious to work at 8 feet or more. Thus, looking up for a long time can lead to dangerous situations at any time. So try not to work so high.

Tree Branches Near the Power Line

Working near power lines is a very dangerous thing because big accidents can happen at any time. Avoid cutting tree branches where there are electric lines. If you have to cut, turn off the electrical line first, then cut the branches of the tree.

Chains and Blades Cannot be Kept Loose

Be able to cut tree branches with the blade of a pole saw. Be sure to tighten the blades and chains of the instrument properly. Remember, if the chain is loose, the risk of an accident increases manifold. It can also cause damage to your pole saw.

Measurement of oil

The oil box has a measuring meter, the amount of oil in it should be slightly less than full. Check the oil box from time to time as the machine may need more oil while working. Having the right amount of oil is important because it can lead to serious damage to your pole saw.

Plan to Cut the Branches of the Tree

It is very important to plan the pruning or pruning of the branches of the tree. Since the pruning process involves a variety of things, it can sometimes make pruning a bit more complicated.

Most of the time, you will try to prune a few inches away from the trunk of the tree because it is beneficial for the tree. In this case, if you prune a branch according to the size of the tree, there will be no problem.

Consider how far the power line is and determine where it will fall after cutting the tree branch. Always try to cut the horizontal branch if possible. It can be difficult to deal with when cutting the upper branches.


Are pole saws easy to use?

As an AI language model, I have yet to gain personal experience using pole saws. Still, pole saws are generally designed to be easy to use with features such as telescoping handles and lightweight materials. However, following safety guidelines and proper usage instructions is essential to ensure safe and effective use.

Is a pole saw safe?

A pole saw can be safe if used correctly and with caution. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, wear appropriate protective gear, and only use the pole saw for its intended purpose. Having someone assist you or be present in an emergency is also recommended.


Using pole saw will be able to cut tree branches very easily and in less time. The manufacturers have developed this modern tool for the convenience of the users. We have already described above how to use a pole saw. We hope you find this article useful.

If you are new to this work, you can use a pole saw to cut only small tree branches in the home garden and do light work. If you need to do heavy work, then you must take the help of those who cut the branches of the tree professionally.

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