Best Pole Saw – Reviews & Buying Guide For 2023

Are you looking for a good pole saw for pruning? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place and we will assist you in choosing the best pole saw. In this article, you can learn how to use the pole saw. If you have used it before, you will find that this tool will make pruning the garden easier.

Use a pole saw to prune tree branches. Realize the importance of a powerful tool when it comes to pruning large branches of trees. Usually, it is not necessary to stand on the ladder while cutting the branches of the tree with the pole saw. If the branches of the tree are beyond the reach of the pole saw, use a ladder, but in very rare cases such a problem occurs. These devices are able to reach overhead locations strongly. It can be manual, gas, or electric powered.

Some people still use sharp weapons in the old way to cut the branches of the tree, which is very risky. In this case, there is a risk of an accident. Nowadays most people feel comfortable using modern tools to prune tree branches. Finish the pruning with a pole saw. It is very beneficial for garden owners and gardeners.

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch

Black + Decker Bear 20V Max lithium pole saw is a great tool for pruning trees. It is specially made for pruning the branches of overhead trees up to 14 feet high. The device is fully compatible with a 20V Max lithium-ion battery so it will last longer than a NiCd battery and deliver 5X longer charge.

The tool has 8 “cutting bars and chains, capable of cutting a maximum of 6” inches in diameter. “Typically the center length of this pole saw extends up to 6.5 ‘or 10’ feet and can reach up to 14 feet overhead.

It is a modern and uniquely featured pole saw so it is convenient to prune the branches of the tree carefully and clean the weeds. Made of lightweight so can be easily transported to the worksite. The equipment also includes 1 20V Max, extension with Pole So, lithium-ion battery, 20V Max, smart battery charger, blade guard oil bottle, and wrench.

1. There are 8 cutting bars.
2. Able to cut diameters up to 6 inches.
3. High power tools.
4. 100 branches can be cutting per charge.
5. Includes ion pack, charger, oil bottle, and wrench.

1. Not suitable for heavy work.

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, 8-Inch

BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX pole saw is a highly effective tool for pruning tree branches. This pole saw will be able to prune overhead tree branches up to 14 feet high. The device is compatible with 20V Max lithium-ion batteries.

Able to charge for a long time to be able to use it for a long time. Its tool has an 8-inch “cutting bar and chain, which is capable of cutting a maximum of 6 inches in diameter”.

Usually, the length of its center extension is up to 6.5 ‘or 10’ and it reaches overhead up to 14 feet. Made of modern features and made of lightweight so easily suitable for transportation to the worksite. Also, the power tools of the battery system can be easily replaced. The equipment includes 1 20V Max, Pole Saw with Extension, Blade Guard Oil Bottle, and Wrench.

1. Reaches overhead up to 14 feet.
2. Capable of cutting a maximum diameter of 6 inches.
3. There are 8 cutting bars.
4. Has a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery.
5. High-quality equipment.

1. It does not include batteries and chargers.

3. WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

A type of electrical pole saw with unique and versatile functions. This pole saw does not require the use of a ladder to cut the higher branches of the tree. Attach the 8-foot extension pole to reach the upper limbs. Separate the poles for easy cutting of the limbs.

The low-maintenance pole has a patented auto-tensioning chain system, which increases the life of the bar and chain. This pole saw has an automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic oil pump so you will be able to operate very easily.

Pole saw has a 10-inch compact powerhouse. There is also a rotating handle for perfectly pruning tree branches. The pole saw of the WORX WG309 model has a powerful 8 Amp motor and is versatile in design. It is capable of light to medium duty. Generally suitable for trimming, lambing, pruning, and effective cleaning around the yard.

1. auto-tension chain system.
2. Has a powerful 8 amp motor.
3. There is a rotating working handle.
4. Lightweight.
5. Capacity 120 ml.

1. It does not include oil.

4. WORX WG309 8 Amp 10″ 2-in-1 Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

A type of electrical pole saw with unique and versatile functions. This pole saw does not require the use of a ladder to cut the higher branches of the tree. Attach the 8-foot extension pole to reach the upper limbs. Separate the poles for easy cutting of the limbs. The low-maintenance pole has a patented auto-tensioning chain system, which increases the life of the bar and chain.

This pole saw has an automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system and automatic oil pump so you will be able to operate very easily. The pole saw has a 10-inch compact powerhouse. There is also a rotating handle for perfectly pruning tree branches.

The pole saw of the WORX WG309 model has a powerful 8 Amp motor and is versatile in design. It is capable of light to medium duty. Generally suitable for trimming, lambing, pruning, and effective cleaning around the yard.

1. Oil Tank Capacity 120 milliliter.
2. Chain speed:8.5 meters per second.
3. There is a rotating working handle.
4. Made of lightweight.
5. 8-foot extension pole.

1. It does not include oil.

5. DEWALT DCPS620M1 Pole Saw, Yellow/Black; Currently unavailable

Best alternative product is: DEWALT DCPS620B Pole Saw, Yellow/Black. See Product

Using DEWALT 20V max pole saw you will be able to prune all types of branches of the tree. It is made with 8 “bars and chains to handle the pruning work. The tool has a high-efficiency brushless motor which provides 96 cuts per charge. The pole saw is well designed and its durable pole shaft extends from 10 to 15 ‘.

For extra convenience and time saving, the pole saw has an auto-oiling feature. It also has a durable cutting grip for easy pruning. There is a huge demand for this pole saw in the market.

1. Reaches up to 15 “feet.
2. Durable cut with grip.
3. Up to 96 can be deducted per charge.
4. Chain auto oiling.
5. Metal backing strip and tree hooked.

1. Oil leaked from the machines.

6. CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw, 14-Foot

CRAFTSMAN V20 cordless pole chainsaw is made with a powerful motor. The pole saw has a 4.0 Ah battery, which helps it to work perfectly. The extension allows the pole to reach a height of up to 14 feet.

After working save the pole saw using the VERSATRACK hook integrated with the VERSATRACK system. V20 Battery Platform The CRAFTSMAN V20 is fully compatible with outdoor equipment and power tools.

It is a high-quality pole saw so using this tool it is easy to clean the branches of the tree in an attractive way. It is especially popular with gardeners.

1. Soft grip on the extension.
2. Angled head and blade.
3. Batteries and chargers included.
4. Reaches overhead up to 14 feet.
5. High capacity 4.0 Ah battery.

1.The head of the pole saw is heavy.

7. Greenworks 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer

The Greenworks 40V system is the largest collection, with 25 or more tools attached to a single battery platform. You can only buy and save the model or the device with the battery.

With the help of the Green Works G-Max 40V system, you will be able to do the work of pruning all kinds of tree branches. The G-max 40V li-ion-enabled battery is capable of powering multiple devices in a full yard system. There is a transparent oil tank to see the amount of oil clearly.

It is an automatic oiler bar to ensure the optimal use of oil. There are also 20-inch steel double action blades for optimal performance and long durability.

1. 20-inch steel double-action blade.
2. Automatic Waller Bar
3. Transparent oil tank.
4. Includes 2Ah battery and charger.
5. Durable and long-lasting.

1. Overheating can cause the battery to melt.

8. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw with Portable Bag

The uniquely featured pole saw will be able to adjust from 8.2 to 11.4 ft. It is capable of cutting high branches up to 14-1-15 FT considering the height of the user’s body. You don’t need a ladder to use the pole saw, you can work standing on the ground.

The super-powerful 2-stroke 42.7 cc engine of this pole saw has passed EPA certification. Use it for pruning tree branches, it will not harm your body and will not pollute the environment. The super powerful 42.7 cc engine is able to easily cut tree limbs up to 7-9 inches.

Expanded gas poles are able to quickly convert to other tools, such as hedge trimmer, string trimmer, brush cutter, etc. Manufacturers provide a special type of portable bag for storing and carrying this pole saw.

It’s cordless and battery-free, so you don’t have to worry about pulling the cord. No need to worry about battery drains while working. When you need to install any parts or repair the pole saw, read the company manual. Performs pruning perfectly and quickly.

1. Super powerful.
2. EPA certified.
3. It can be converted as a hedge trimmer, string trimmer, and brush cutter.
4. There is a portable bag.
5. Cordless and battery-free.

1. Heavy-weight.

Important Things about Pole Saw

What are the requirements of pole saw?

If you look at any city, town, village in the world, you will naturally see many kinds of trees. Some of these trees have been planted to meet different needs or to enhance the beauty and some trees have grown naturally. Of these, very few trees are usually properly cared for and pruned properly.

Do you know how many Americans die and how many are physically injured in tree storms every year in stormy weather? We’re not sure how many people have had such an accident, but we can guarantee that

your local news station will cover at least one tree-related accident in 2020. It also caused millions of dollars in property damage and disconnected electricity. To avoid this risk, it is wise to cut off the branches of dangerous trees.

Pruning by Pole Saw

Prune the tree unnecessarily thin, thin, soft, broken, dead, and infected branches and normalize the light and ventilation towards the inside of the tree. To save time and without any hassle, you can prune the branches of the tree.

It will be convenient to avoid any kind of accident and to manage the pruning work in a simple manner. You can provide the tree with a well-organized and strong infrastructure to prevent any kind of damage to the tree in storms or strong winds.

Prune the tree by cutting off the branches of large trees which penetrate into other branches or fall downwards. Above all, the use of pole saws can give the tree a certain shape.

The weight, length, cutting power, and energy source of each specific design pole saw will affect your work. It will also affect what you will use it for as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Pruning from time to time to trim broken branches and dense limbs of trees will keep the trees healthy and look their best.

Types of Pole Saw

1. ​Cordless Pole Saws

Choose cordless pole saws powered by rechargeable batteries to handle medium to large-sized pruning. This is best for you if you do not want to limit the length of the pole saw to an extension cord and buy a lightweight pole saw.

Cordless pole saws are suitable for cutting tree branches up to three to eight inches in diameter. It is relatively quieter than gas-powered replicas and slightly more expensive than electric models. Power is usually measured in volts, which is related to the size of the battery. The higher the voltage, the stronger the pole saw.

2. ​Gas-powered Pole Saws

This pole saw is best for you if you need to prune lots of branches. Since it works with gas, there will be some noise when cutting tree branches. Usually, you can use this pole saw where there is a power crisis. Gas-powered pole saws weigh about 14 to 20 pounds.

It weighs heavier than the electric or cordless model. Professionals often use commercial-grade gas-powered pole saws because they will be able to operate for several hours continuously.

You can also successfully cut eight-inch diameter branches using a gas-powered pole saw. Gas-powered pole saws can measure from 20 to 40 cc by engine size. It is best to handle heavy tasks. Usually, the price of this pole saw depends on the quality and size of the engine.

3. ​Electric Pole Saws

The electric pole saw will be able to plug-in to the power outlet, but its extension cord has a limit on how many twigs you can cut. Electric pole saws usually weigh less than 15 pounds. It is quieter than gas-powered model pole saws but will have some noise when handling trimming.

Electric pole saws are not as powerful as other models. The energy they produce is usually measured in amperes (amps). Its maximum range is from 8 to 10 MPS, which is strong enough to cut branches two to five inches in diameter. The price of the electric pole saw depends on the quality and features. I hope the electric pole saw will be the best according to your needs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pole Saw

Choose the right pole saw to meet your needs. If you buy a low-quality pole saw, it can be harmful to you or your plant, so be careful when choosing. You don’t have to risk your life to cut a stubborn branch of a tree using a pole saw.

Some people still follow the old method of pruning. When they want to buy the pole saw, they face various confusion to choose the best quality pole saw. Here are some things to consider before buying a high-quality equipment.

➥ Ideas About Work Height

You need to have an accurate idea of how high you will work with the pole saw. Manufacturers typically estimate two to three feet for arm length, so if they say the pole will work at a height of 10 feet, you have to assume it will be able to work at a height of 6 to 8 feet.

With most pole saws you can work at a maximum height of 10 to 12 feet. Keep in mind that the edge of the larger pole saw becomes harder to safely control in wind conditions. There are different models of best pole saws available in the market, the models of which include telescopic poles, they will help you to adjust the length.

Pole saws are made of fiberglass or steel. The length of the pole is important to you so you have to keep an eye on it before buying. You know, wide pole saws make storage and transportation easier. It can also be especially useful when pruning trees of different heights.

You will be able to stretch it when cutting the highest branches of the tree. Manufacturers often promise to reach overhead without increasing the length of their poles. This can be confusing for buyers because in most cases the height of the pole saw includes the height of the user.

➥ What should be the Length of the Cutting Bar?

Cutting bars are an important part of this tool. You will need a cutting bar to determine the maximum diameter of the branches you will cut. Typically, these bars range in length from six to 12 inches, eight-inch size cutting bars are the most commonly used.

The cutting bar should be at least 2 inches longer than the branches of the tree you are cutting. For example, it would take an eight-inch cutting bar to cut a six-inch diameter branch and a 12-inch cutting bar to cut a 10-inch diameter.

Most of the time measure the length of the bar in inches (sometimes in centimeters). Choose the length of a bar that will allow you to quickly cut dense branches. Usually, the function of the length of the bar is to provide the greater power required to run the chain.

➥ Importance of Weight

Pole saws of different weights are available in the market, the heaviest of these pole saws weigh about 20 pounds. Pole saws weighing 8 to 15 pounds are commonly used. You will often notice that it is difficult to prune tree branches with heavy equipment.

It is not possible to work comfortably with a heavyweight pole saw, you may feel heavy while working overhead. Electric and cordless pole saws are generally lighter than gas-powered pole saws. It is better to avoid heavy pole saws. You can easily prune tree branches using lightweight pole saws.

➥ Engine

The job of the engine is to drive the blades of the pole saw. The engine is always located at the bottom end and has a lot of niche-shaped designs on it. In general, the performance of an engine depends on its size and capacity.

Gas-powered engines tend to be the largest in size and in most cases have a primer button. It also has a pull cord to start the engine. The engines of corded electric pole saws are usually small in size.

In most cases, the model of battery-powered pole saws varies depending on the size of the battery. You can also measure the weight of the pole saw in gas-powered models. If there is any problem with the engine

, it will not be possible to cut any branches of the tree with that pole saw, when after solving the problem of the engine, you will get the same service as before. The engine is a very important part of any best pole saw.

➥ About the Blade

I hope you are aware of the blade of the pole saw. The pole saw blade is basically a small setup of chainsaws. The area of this blade is oval, toothed with small pole saws that surround a circle.

Usually, the blade teeth of a pole saw are somewhat long and sharp. The limbs with its long points are especially suitable for quick work and make it easier to work with the pole saw.

Basically with this blade, you will be able to prune the branches of the tree in a modern way. Remember, if the blade is weak you will not be able to do the job properly and you will waste a lot of time.

If the blade is very strong then you will be able to prune all kinds of branches of the tree very easily and in a short time. So one must be sure about the effectiveness of the blade before buying.

➥ Consider Strength

For those who often need to cut tree stalks in different places with the pole saw, it would not be right to choose electric pole saw. For example, if someone is professionally engaged in caring for trees and he has to move from one place to another every day to do this work, then he has to avoid the electric pole saw.

There is a limit to the length of electric poles so this pole saw is not suitable for working in camping areas. In this case, they can use the cordless, battery-powered high-level pole saw. Gas-powered pole saw engines are relatively large in size.

Many people do not want to worry about a lack of batteries or fuel, so feel comfortable buying an electric pole saw. We forbid you to think about fuel because we think Poles’ fuel is everywhere. There is very little noise when working with electric pole saws. So what kind of pole saw to buy will depend on your needs.

➥ Advantages of Removal Pole Saw

Some pole saws feature a cutting head. Usually, use it as a handheld chainsaw and use it to separate the edges. It is also used to cut large branches of trees into small pieces. Usually, these types of pole saws are especially suitable for use by gardeners.

Since they are professionally engaged in pruning trees, they need a comfortable tool, by which they can complete medium and heavy tasks in a short time. Everyone feels comfortable trimming tree branches using tools that can be easily removed. So before buying, make sure that the pole saw can be easily removed.

➥ Design of Pole Saw

The importance of design is immense when buying a pole so, how easy it will be to use it will be seen through the design. Reviewers have suggested choosing a compact designed pole saw tool.

So choosing the right design pole saw will make it easier for a gardener to manage the pruning work and will save time. Keep in mind that lightweight, compact pole saw will help you to cut the most rigid branch easily.

➥ Additional Features

Manufacturers are constantly striving to make pole saws sustainable and convenient. Some pole saws have anti-vibration properties and non-slip grips. The current pole saw has a self-oiling chain. If it does not supply self-oil then you have to oil by hand.

Pole saws are also being made more attractive by adding new features so that you can get the job done in less time and accurately. A very lightweight pole saw is being made considering the convenience of your transportation.

➥ Safety Issues

If you have never used a pole saw before, you need to know how to use it. For example, in case of an emergency, you need to know how to turn it off and make sure you have automatic protection. Dangerous situations can occur if your hand gets into the grip of a pole saw. Undesirable things usually happen when you first use this type of tool.

Note that not all extension methods are the same. Use some pole saws based on a twist system and others will be able to install between two completely separate sections of its body.

Pole saws can have some dangerous hidden downsides that manufacturers often hide. For example, if the main part of an adjustable pole is slippery, the middle part of it may break or your fingers may get stuck in the process while pruning the branches.

Currently, more advanced quality pole saws are available in the market. Some brands of pole saws have anti-vibration features, good grip handles, and more. This will help ensure maximum protection.

➥ Use of Pole Saw

How to take care of unstable or nasty tree branches? The pole saws act as a convenient halfway point between the chainsaw and the stapler. It is a tool that allows you to cut plants and leaves from a great distance.

There are many models of pole saws that are made just for pruning leaves. These allow you to cut unwanted plants in hard-to-access spaces and trim light-type small trees from a distance with this great tool.

If you are already familiar with pole saws, you must know how to use them to cut tree branches. It is a powerful tool for managing your pruning work. Pole saws are usually of different sizes, their strength and design are such that they are capable of any type of pruning.

Pole saws can make the pruning process much easier. It would not be appropriate to use it for every situation. Pole saws are best for cutting branches two to eight inches in diameter.

When pruning, one should keep in mind the freshness of the tree, its age, and the nature of the variety and growth. Prune young trees as little as possible. However, pruning dead and diseased branches of any age tree. No problem if you are a new user, as it does not take long to realize the power and functionality of this tool.

Final Verdict

We have created this buying guide after long term research to help you so hopefully, you will benefit. We believe that out of the pole saws discussed here, you must find the best pole saw. If you want to buy a new pole saw, take a look at all the above models.

Each pole saw mentioned here is strong and of high quality. Keep in mind that these devices are not suitable for cutting trees, only capable of cutting tree branches.

You don’t just have to plant the tree, take care of the tree properly. Pruning various unnecessary branches of the tree is an important task. The pole saw is an easy-to-use tool so every gardener keeps it in the collection.

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