How To Make A Metal Detector? Everything You Should Know

A metal detector is a type of device, with the help of which you will be able to detect any type of metal (gold, silver, pistol, blade, knife, scissors, etc.). In a very short period of time, this device is able to detect any type of metal material above and below the ground.

Are you interested in making a metal detector? If you want to make a metal detector, read the full article because we will help you to learn how to make a metal detector through this article.

Metal detector machines are commonly used for security of airports, markets, hotels, business establishments, educational institutions, government and non-government offices, factories and commercial buildings.

These machines detect metals with the help of electromagnetic formulas. Many also use underground metal detectors to detect various types of precious metals underground.

In order to detect metallic substances, scientists first discovered foam, a type of liquid in large reservoirs, using water and chemicals. They used this liquid and with the help of gas bubbles, they lifted the metal particles from the rock powder to the upper level.
Then, scientists sifted through foam layers to separate the metal. This fluid is harmful to the environment, so scientists later invented the metal detector device. With this device, you will be able to detect metal very easily and safely.

I will discuss metal detectors in phases below. There are usually 3 Types of metal detectors such as

1. Handheld metal detector.

2. Walk-through a metal detector or archway gate.

3. Underground metal detector.

1. Handheld metal detector

Basically, you will be able to use the handheld metal detector by hand. Most of the time you will see a small size device in the hand of the security guard at the gate of any market or office.

With the help of this, they check the body of the visitors and check if there is any kind of metal product. If the alarm sounds on the device while checking, it should be understood that it has any type of metal. After that, you will be able to easily identify metal products.

This type of metal detector has a 9-volt rechargeable battery, use it with a charger. When buying a handheld metal detector, buy 1 extra battery. Because after the charge of 1 battery is over, then you can run the device effortlessly using the other battery.

2. Walk-through a metal detector or archway gate

It is basically a gate through which people can walk effortlessly. When someone walks through this gate, you can automatically scan their entire body. If there is metal in any part of his body, the machine will let you know in two ways.

Through indicator light

Red light will shine on the part of the body where there is metal. Remember, there are some places where the sound does not allow, in those places you will be able to detect metal by operating with this light.

Through Sound

This device will give you alarm through any part of the body where there is metal.

Usually walk through metal detectors are of different zones. For example: 6 zone metal detector, 8 zone metal detector, 33 zone metal detector etc. Remember, the more zones there are in a machine, the greater the detection power of that machine.

For example, when you detect metal with a 6 zone machine. When a person goes through this machine, you will be able to scan him by dividing him into a total of 6 zones. Also, if you detect metal with a 33-zone arch, you’ll be able to scan it by dividing it into 33 separate zones as you go through the gate.

Use walk-through metal detectors or archery gates in 33 zones or more to get specific and short-term scan results. Not only that, through the head counting of this machine, you can know how many people
have entered and exited through the walk-through metal detector or archway gate. You will need 220 volts of power to run this machine. Some machines have a default battery option for power backup. Moreover use IPS as power backup.

3. Underground Metal Detector

You can use underground metal detectors to find any type of metal under the ground. The power of this machine depends on how deep you search the metal. Usually, this machine comes in many types. Some of these machines will only let you know through detection.

Again, there are some machines that will let you know with the help of meters. You will be able to find the metal with this machine from 0 to 5 meters below the ground by rolling this machine.

How to Make a Metal Detector?

You try to make a metal detector, in this case first familiarize yourself with the design of a standard modifier. Next, combine all the ingredients to make a metal detector. Remember, the main components of this device include a damper, capacitor, container, and handle of the micro-controller.

Usually, device control units consist of a set of resistors. Make some changes to the drive modulators then your device will run at a frequency of 35 Hz. Also, make straight racks with narrow and wide sized plates.

Instructions for Assembling a Common Model Metal Detector

You can do DIY assembly of a metal detector by following simple steps. First of all, prepare the tube and attach a handle to it. Also, you will need high conductivity resistors to install the control unit. In general, the operating frequency of this device depends on many factors. If you consider the changes in diode capacitors, they have a high sensitivity.

The operating frequency of these metal detectors is about 30 Hz. It is also effective for detecting objects up to a maximum distance of 25 mm. In this case, changes in lithium batteries work particularly well.
You will need a polar filter to assemble the microcontrollers.
Many models of metal detectors will be able to be based on open sensors. In general, experts do not recommend the use of high sensitivity filters. These devices reduce the accuracy of metal detection.


Can I build a metal detector?

Yes, building a metal detector with the proper knowledge, materials, and tools is possible. However, it requires some expertise in electronics and metal-detecting principles. Many online resources, guides, and tutorials are available to help build a metal detector.

How do metal detectors detect gold?

Metal detectors detect gold by using electromagnetic fields to create eddy currents within the metal. When the presence of metal disrupts the eddy currents, the sensor can pick up the signal and alert the user. Gold has a unique electrical conductivity distinguishes it from other metals, which allows metal detectors to target it specifically.

What are the main parts of metal detector?


Wrap up

After all, we believe that if you are able to make a metal detector properly, it will certainly be much more effective. Remember, you will be able to detect all types of metallic objects by making the best quality instrument.

We have already discussed how to make a metal detector for your convenience. Hopefully, by following this article you will be able to successfully build a metal detector.

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