Ford 300 Inline 6 MPG, Performance And Uniqueness!! Best Guide 2023

Ford 300 inline 6 MPG have been a huge part of American truck culture. People have considered it as one of the most unique and reliable engine of its time.

If you are a person who is enthusiast about engine, you must have heard about ford 300 inline 6 and you must scroll through the article to know more. If you are not familiar with Ford 300 inline 6, you still should go through the article to know about it.

History of Ford Engine

Henry Ford first introduced Ford’s first six straight engines in 1906-1907. But he did not like the engine that much because of some lacking. In 1941 the ford company of America stated producing ford straight engines again.

They continued their production till 1996. Ford Australia has produced these engines until October 2016. There was four generations of ford engines. Each generation had some of the features better than the previous ones.

Specifications of Ford Engine

Ford’s 300 inline six was introduced in the year 1965. Its configuration was based on the smaller inline 6 cylinder. It had a displacement of 300 cid with 4.9 liters. It had a MPG of 15 to 19 approximately. Cast iron was the material of engine block material and cylinder head material. The cylinder’s bore is four inches and the stroke is 3.98 inches.

Instead of timing chain, 300 CID adapts fiber and phenol tic timing gears. The horse power and torque was different from model to model. The early version of CID has only 100 horse power m but the last year figures like 150 horsepower existed.

The figure of torque was over 200 for some Ford’s engine. The 300 CID had its energy from various kinds of fuels such as LPG, Gasoline and natural gas.  Throughout its service of 31 years, It not only had applications in farm pickups, but also airline tugs, tractors, irrigations pumps, snow plows etc.

Ford Engine’s Performance and MPG

When a customer buy one of the Ford engines , he can be ensured that he is buying one of the best turn-key drop ready crate engine of the world. Some of the famous engine combinations like 289,302 and some stokers such as 331,346 are popularly used for street hot rods, all of the engines are usually designed to accommodate high torque applications.

The MPG of first series of Ford was around15-20 approximately. But People had experienced a MPG of 25 to 26 with Ford 300 inline 6.While the market parts are available they can also create engine with custom design to deliver better street performance or off road track use.

They follow a target as “the bigger the better” when they build new big engines. All the engines are built with enough precisions so that customers can enjoy the best quality and best performance altogether.

What Made Ford 300 Inline 6 MPG so Unique

The ford 300 inline 6 had made a history in time of its existence. People use to mention them always with other world class engines. But what made it so unique that everyone was attracted towards it and Why it as a global icon? The simple answer is its impact on American truck culture.

Those who have ever owned a Ford understand its legacy. They are legends because of their longevity, durability, torque experiences simple designs and comparatively better MPG. We can simply say this combination is too hard to break.

Its spectacular 300 cubic inches torque does not break even with a hard try and it has helped to built America with its performance at optimal levels in various types of work trucks.

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Modifications Related to Ford

Ford has a made a lot of modifications from time to time. During their first go round they added a long tube header 6 into 1, 5/8 inches primaries and a horsepower of 93.7 and 226 pound feet of torque. After that they introduced a Summit racing HEI distributor and MSD wired to increase the horsepower and torque to 93.7 and 226 respectively.

In the season eight they added a lot of modifications to take the Fords into a whole new level. They introduce Engine power to enjoy a pro-max performance with a new cylinder of new dimensions and some hand ported pots.

After that, they launched a new set of DSS, ARP rod and main bolts and ARP head studs that improved the compression ratio to 9.95:1. They make other modifications such as flat shaped camshaft, gapless rings, gapless second ring and a oil ring set. At this point their Ford 300 inline 6 was able to make a horsepower of 270 and 338 pound feet of torque.

The Company knew very well that the horsepower and torque is something that will keep them at a higher place in the market. So, they have always worked hard to bring modifications that will improve these two features.

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How Many Miles Will a Ford 300 Inline 6 Last?

The Ford 300 inline-6 is a reliable and durable engine known for its longevity. This engine can last 300,000 miles or more with proper maintenance and care. However, several factors affect engine lifespans, such as driving conditions, oil change intervals, and regular maintenance.

Regular oil changes, tune-ups, and inspections can significantly extend the engine’s lifespan. Drivers should also avoid pushing the machine to its limits or overloading the vehicle, which can accelerate wear and tear. With proper care and attention, the Ford 300 inline-6 engine can last beyond its expected lifespan.


Can You Buy Ford 300 Inline 6?

Yes, you can buy ford engines online on many selling platform such as eBay and from other private sellers. They may cost you $ 1400 approximately. You may find difference in price according to some features.

Why did They Discontinue Ford 300 Inline 6?

The manufacturer felt that these engines had run long and they are a old design. They wanted to bring something modern and smaller. As a result they replaced the ford 300 inline 6 with v-8 which is a modern version. They both had the almost same MPG, though the design varied.

Issues with Ford 300 Inline 6

Ford 300 inline 6 is something that almost everyone used to love and it became a cultural things. But we cannot deny the fact that it had some issues such as:

  • Exhaust Manifold bolts backing out
  • Resulting in exhaust leak
  • Rear main seals leaking
  • Distributor roll pins backing out.
  • Some people had issues with MPG compared to their big size.


In brief, we can say that Ford 300 inline 6 is one of the best gas engines that have ever existed in the world which undoubtedly had some of the best features like its MPG. This is an engine that influenced American truck culture.

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