Are Pothos Toxic To Cats? Why Are They Toxic? Here Is Best Tips 2023

We are going to answer a question that many cat owners have been asking since they found out about the dangers of pothos plants. Will cats eat toxic pothos plants? Yes, unfortunately, some cats will eat these plants and become ill as a result. The best way to keep your furry friends safe is to make sure all the plants in your home are non-toxic to them.

If you don’t know what plant it is, then err on the side of caution and assume it could be dangerous! Here you will know many things about pathos and cat relations. But our main focus will be on the question “are pothos toxic to cats or not”. You will also know about some really toxic plants for our pet cat.


What Is Pothos?

Have you ever seen some green plants on a tub attracting you towards it? Among these beautiful green plants, Pathos is one.

A Pothos plant is the most common houseplant, the Pothos is easy to grow and has long vines that can be used in many different ways. Though they are beautiful, they are toxic for pets like cats. Be aware if you are planning to plant them in your home garden.

Are Pothos Toxic To Cats?

Meow! Don’t judge this book by its cover. Though the pothos increase the beauty of your rood or roof garden but it is toxic for your pets. It may put your cat’s life in danger.

Pothos plant, native to the rain forests of Asia. This is a fantastic houseplant that caters to many household needs. The Pothos is not only pretty and makes for an easy-care after all it doesn’t need much light.

Or water so you can focus on other things without having to obsess over plant chores- but there have also been several studies done recently that has shown benefits from the Pothos age-old healer tradition in China, Indonesia, and India which centered on poultices made with crushed roots for fever problems.

What does all of this mean? If you have this beautiful plant in your house and you also have a cat then be aware of it. If the cat anytime it this then it will surely become sick.

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Why It Is Toxic To Cats

Pet owners also love making gardens at their homes. But if you are a cat pet owner and you also love gardening then you have to be careful about selecting plants. The Pothos plant is one such plant. This plant leaf has a high amount of calcium oxalate crystals.

This is the worst side for cats. Though cats don’t eat their leaves much. But sometimes they may eat and fall into problems. If your cat eats these leaves anytime, then the mouth tissue will be affected and it will not be able to eat anything later. For this reason, pothos are toxic for cats.

Some More Toxic Plants For Cats

Now you know the toxic nature of pothos for your cats. But you know? Not only this, there are some other plants that can be your cat’s enemy. Here are some most known plants that may risk your pet’s life. Read them carefully.


Put your best face forward with a perfect complexion that is as natural and radiant as it can be. A facial skin care regimen designed with the intention of maintaining the balance of an all-natural ecosystem, Lilies goes above and beyond to churn out nothing but the purist products on this side of town. Though they are very common members of our garden they are very toxic for your cat.


Another toxic plant for your pet cat is peonies. Peonies are small, fresh fruit that is commonly eaten on their own straight out of the bag. They have a sweet taste and act as an excellent source of calcium and vitamin C. Keep your cat away from your cats. Otherwise, something bad is waiting for your cat.

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Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane is a hardy plant that provides year-round privacy and stunning foliage. Use the leaves to purify water, poison enemies, or deafen them with high-pitched screaming during wet weather. Keep away your cats from this.

Asparagus Fern

This plant will take your breath away. Literally. It’s a type of fern that grows from an asparagus-like bulb, has more than 90,000 leaves per square meter, and releases enough oxygen to support 2 people for a 24-hour period!

Yucca Plant

Yucca is a perennial shrub with pinnate leaves, which is often grown as an ornamental houseplant. This green-leafed beauty grows to about 3 feet tall and makes an excellent addition to any living room or outdoor porch. Yucca is also toxic for your cats. Keep it away.


Pothos is a houseplant that’s often grown as an indoor plant. The common name for this type of plant is “Devil’s Ivy,” but it also goes by the botanical names Epipremnum aureum and Scindapsus picta.

So, what does make pothos toxic to cats? It can be found in some plants they may try to eat and could cause vomiting or worse if ingested. If you’re looking for more information on how your cat might react to various types of plants, read our other blog posts about which ones are safe for them from our site!

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