Why Is Neem Oil Banned In Uk? Best Tips 2023

When you say neem, Ayurveda, medicine, hair and skin are some of the first words that come to mind, but that is if you are in India. 

Because in the UK, this is a word often met with a lot of controversy, banned and leading us to ask the big question that this article is all about.

Why is neem oil banned in UK? This is what you will learn today, so read on to see. 

What is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is nothing but a natural pesticide that one finds in the seed of a neem tree. This is an evergreen tree found in the Indian subcontinent and certain other parts of Asia and Africa. This could be the reason why it has been so popular in the field of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for the past 4000 years. 

Neem is a tree that allows every part of itself to be of good use, from its roots to its flowers and leaves. But of these, what is found to be the most useful are the seeds, producing a kind of oil that is known to provide many health and other remedies. 

Taking the form of a yellowish or brownish color, it is rich in various fatty acids, thus giving it many antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 

Why is Neem Oil Banned In UK?

In the UK, one cannot use neem oil without approval, which involves a complex, expensive and lengthy process. And there are some cases where ingest of neem oil resulted in poisoning. 

Other studies suggest that replacing this oil with approved medical therapies wouldn’t be wise. It is for all these reasons that neem oil has been banned in the UK as a matter of precaution and to be on the safer side. 

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How To Use Neem Oil?

If you are talking about neem oil for your garden, here is how you go about it. Fill your sprayer with a gallon of water; to that, add two teaspoons of neem oil. You can even add a teaspoon of soap to the mixture (but make sure that it’s organic soap) 

Now, shake well and use. 

Benefits of Neem Oil

Neem oil has some great benefits for the skin and hair, helping to balance the oil production and, thus, reducing problems like dry skin and acne. Besides that, it is also known to heal wounds and provide good relief from various forms of inflammation. 

This is why neem oil is often used in creams and other forms of beauty treatment. And then, as your skin gets older, it also helps maintain it by preventing any formation of damage or wrinkles. Coming to your hair, neem oil is not just efficient with its antioxidant properties and promotes circulation too. 

If you want to eliminate problems like dandruff and flaky scalp, you have a great solution in neem oil. Besides this, neem oil also has various other traditional health benefits. 

Why Avoid Using Neem Oil In The Garden?

Apart from being very useful in health and beauty, neem oil is also known to serve as a natural pesticide. Then why is neem banned in the UK? Because just like everything in this world that comes with benefits, neem oil has its drawbacks too. 

For one, it can burn your leaves. It can also slow down the growth of your plants and prevent them from enjoying healthy and steady growth. All this calls for you to think twice before you decide to use neem oil in your garden. Make sure that your plants are not sensitive to neem oil, and only then, go ahead and use it in your garden. 

If you need more clarification about your plants, conduct a small test by using it on a small portion of the plant, and then see how the plant reacts to it in your garden. 

Where Can I Buy Neem Oil?

Neem oil is readily available in stores and online stores today. Amazon has it available from various brands that you can compare and check. Cold-pressed neem oil is a good choice, a factor you can consider when buying neem oil. 

If you want pure oil, look at the color; pure neem oil has a yellowish tint. In addition to that, it will be cloudy and have more of a mustard, garlic or sulfur odor. 

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 Why Is Neem Oil Banned In Uk(FAQs)

Perhaps you still have a few questions on neem oil, so before you go, let us look at some common FAQs…

Is neem oil harmful to humans?

Not if it is cold-pressed neem oil. However, make sure that you do not take this in large doses, as in the long run, it can be harmful to one’s internal organs. 

One must also be careful when it comes to external use. Do not apply the oil for more than two weeks, as this may harm your skin too. 

Can you use neem oil every day?

They say it wouldn’t be wise to apply this oil daily, but even if you do, ensure you do not go beyond two weeks. Ideally, once every two weeks or once every week would be enough and effective in healing any infection. 

Can I use neem oil on private parts?

While neem oil can be very effective in getting rid of fungal infections and other such issues that could appear on one’s private parts, one needs to be cautious about the method of use. 

Ensure that all you use is a light dab, preferably with a cotton ball, lest you be affected by it. Neem oil can cause slight irritation on the skin. 


And now you know all about the benefits and drawbacks of neem oil. Why is neem oil banned UK? You know the answers now. 

If you are from the UK, you probably must find a substitute for neem oil. If it is for your garden, you could use some rosemary oil or olive oil. 

And if you live in any other country that permits the use of neem oil, go ahead and make the most of it now that you know how to do it wisely. 


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