What Does An Overwatered Aloe Vera Plant Look Like? Tips and Tricks 2023

So that you know how much to water your plant. Beauty therapy, healing, hair and skin are some of the first words that come to mind when you pronounce aloe. This is one plant that every health and beauty-conscious person would want to have in her garden.

Chances are you are one of them, and chances are also that you have committed the major mistake of overwatering this plant in your excitement. We don’t know what this has done to your plant, but it has undoubtedly led you to ask the following question.

What does an overwatered aloe vera plant look like? If this is your question, read on to see the answers.

What Is An Aloe Plant?

The aloe plant is more like a cactus-like plant (only not so sharp) that grows in hot and dry regions. For this reason, one mostly finds the plant in the subtropical areas.

This plant is rich in vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients essential for one’s skin, hair and overall health, as a result of which the plant is often trendy among women.

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What Causes Overwatering Of Aloe Plants?

First, plant in moderate soil, as this could keep the extra water from draining.
And then, make sure that you are using the right pot that helps in water draining. Place the pot in a bright spot that receives much sun.

Remember that these plants thrive in hot regions and need lots of sunlight. Finally, please do not get too devoted to watering your aloe vera plant. Water it only when you notice that the soil has become dry.

What Does An Overwatered Aloe Plant Look Like?

The first thing that you will notice here is the color. An aloe vera plant you overwater will soon display yellow leaves rather than the usual glossy green color.

In some cases, the leaves can even lose their color, becoming transparent and wilting. Besides that, you will also find on the leaves spots that are water soaked, giving your plant the overall feel of being soggy and soft.

How To Fix Aloe Plant Problems?

One of the best ways to fix your aloe vera plant is to report it, that is, if you have placed it in the wrong pot with the correct number of holes to drain. But first, make sure that you let the plant dry.

This may take a day or two, after which you can gently uproot the plant from the pot, dust the base and then shift the plant. You can then trim the plant, cutting the parts that have become rotten.

Please do not place your aloe vera plant outdoors because it needs sun. This is a plant that is meant to grow indoors, as direct sunlight can lead it to get scorched, causing the leaves to redden.

But make sure that it gets the right amount of sunlight because an aloe plant that does not receive light will soon droop and die.

How to Save An Underwatered Aloe Plant?

While most people make the mistake of overwatering an aloe plant, perhaps you are one of the few guilty of the opposite. Don’t worry. Just place the plant in a basin filled with water.

For the best results, try using distilled water or rainwater. Leave this for ten minutes till the roots submerge. Now, you will soon see the soil getting moist. This is a sign that the roots have begun absorbing the water going to the leaves.

What Does An Overwatered Aloe Plant Look Like?

Often the sight of these droopy leaves can confuse gardeners as this can also be a sign of underwatering. However, know that here the leaves will not just droop but become moist and soggy, unlike in the case of underwatering, where they will hang on the pot’s edge.

While underwatering makes the leaves thin, overwatering merely changes the leaves’ color. Apart from the leaves, another significant sign of an overwatered aloe plant is the roots beginning to rot.

The soil, too, will feel wet and give out a kind of odor. All these are signs that your aloe plant is getting too much water and is begging you to go easy on all that water.

What Does An Overwatered Aloe Vera Plant Look Like? (FAQ)

Okay, so before you go and tend to your aloe vera plant, how about one last look at a couple of Faqs?

Do you water aloe vera from the top or bottom?

No, never do that, for when you water an aloe plant, the first rule is to start from the bottom and slowly work your way up. Pour in the water slowly, keeping a good eye on the drain.

This way, the roots get just the right amount of water, which is how an aloe plant is meant to be watered. In the end, make sure that your plant is not sitting in water.

What does a sick aloe vera plant look like?

A sick aloe vera plant is going to look yellow with leaves that are soggy and dropping. In extreme cases, you may also see some leaves turned brown with a few dead parts of aloe vera recovering from overwatering.


What does an overwatered aloe plant look like? You got your answer now. Watering happens only once a week when you have an aloe vera plant. The trick with aloe vera plants is to provide them with little water and know the proper method of watering: bottom to top.

Remember that this is not a plant where the leaves send water to the rest of the plant, as in the case of some plants. Here it is, the roots that will need water (just some water), and your job is done.


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