Unhealthy Hen and Chick Plant: A Comprehensive Guide 2023

If you are someone used to seeing plants in your garden, you would know that we are not talking about the little bird but an actual plant, known as the chick and hen, beautiful in its unique way and very technical to care for.

What is so special about the hen and chick plant? You don’t care for it as you do for the rest of the plants in your garden unless you want an unhealthy hen and chick plantLet us read and see what we must do to grow a healthy hen and chick plant.  

What is a Hen and Chick Plant?

This is nothing but a mat-forming succulent plant that is common in the regions of Europe and Africa.It is fluffy with pointed leaves that take the form of rosettes. Here the plant is the hen, and the offsets are the chicks, hence the name chick and hen. 

What To Do About An Unhealthy Hen And Chick Plant

Make it healthy, and trust us, this is easy. All you need to do is find out what you are doing wrong by planting, watering or lighting it adequately. 

And for this, one of the first steps is to find the common causes of a dying hen and chick plant. Here are some of them. Read on, and you will know what you are doing wrong with your hen and chick plant. 

Common Causes Of Unhealthy Hen And Chick Plant

One of the most common causes of an unhealthy hen and chick plant is overwatering. Remember that this plant does not need watering every day, and doing that can lead to withering.

And then, there is the fact that this plant cannot do without sunlight, so make sure that you are placing it in the right spot, lest the leaves begin to wither and dry. 

Finally, do keep an eye on the soil. Know that this plant will grow in something other than waterlogged soil. This can leave the plant mushy and squishy and give way to unwanted fungal infections, which you obviously would want to avoid. 

At the same time, make sure that the soil you plant it in comes with the right amount of nutrients to nourish your hen and chick plant. Pests are another cause for a dying plant, so make sure that you keep them away. Don’t let your plant grow in a humid area, which can invite pests and cause decay. 

How To Propagate Hen And Chicks?

Cleanliness is the most important rule here. Make sure you clean every stem, and always be gentle and careful. And then, remember that these plants are very particular about the weather, so make sure you grow them in a bright and dry spot. 

One of the best times to pick the leaves of this plant is in the spring, as this is when you can easily twist and pull the leaves and cut them off.Remember that these plants are fussy and complicated, so you landed on an article like this. 

Moving on, ensure that the pot or container you use has enough room for all the manure you need. The soil should be wet but not soaked.And once everything is done, be patient for a month till you finally see the leaves beginning to sprout

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How Do You Save A Dying Chick And Hen?

Oh, so your chick and hen are dying? Before you get disappointed, let us look for a way to save it. First, set up a healthy watering routine. Perhaps you have been underwatering it. These plants need less water, but they do need water. Water the plant once a week.

 Then make sure you do what we said above about pe, soil, oil and sunlight. Next, get off all the dead leaves, but hey, slowly and gently. And then check the roots. If they have begun to remove it off and place it on new soil, bensurehat it is dry. 

And now that you have done what you should, what remains is for you to be patient as you wait and watch your chick and hen plant begin to revive. Also, see more about African milk bush plant

Where Are Your Hen And Chick Unhealthy?

You can only ask this. If that is the case, scroll up and cross-check if you are following everything we have taught you till now concerning growing and maintaining your hen and chick plant. 

And then, if you still see that it is not in the best of health, you can read and do this. 

How To Revive An Unhealthy Hen And Chick Plant

Remember, this is a monocarpic plant with a natural life cycle where the hen will die after flowering.The flowers bloom for about a week and then die, which is a sorry state you must see.

 But here is a way to deal with it. Why not split the rosettes to preserve the roots and let the chicks grow in their colony? All this might seem complicated for you initially, but don’t worry; you’ll soon get the hang of it as you see your chick and hen plant reviving. 

Unhealthy Hen and Chick Plant(FAQ)

And wait, here are a few FAQs you would probably want to look at.

Are Mushy Hen And Chick Plant Unhealthy?

Yes, this plant cannot grow in humid places and mushy soil, so make sure that you place it in the right place and give it only a little watering. 

Why Are My Hen And Chick Plant Stalks Turning Brown?

Perhaps you have been underwatering. This plant may not need a lot of water, but it does require some watering, once in six days or, at the most, once a week. 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Healthy Hen And Chick Plant?

A chick and hen plant can live for about ten years, so if you have been taking all the proper steps to care, don’t worry about having to see your plant die in your garden. Suffice it to know that it will stay with you and live. 


And that is how you grow and care for your chick and hen plant. Simple. Remember that less is more is the golden rule for growing and caring for this plant, but this does not mean nothing is left for you to do. 

So, with that, we wish you the best in reviving that unhealthy hen and chick plant in your garden. Don’t worry, for it will not be long before you find it blooming. 


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