The A – Z Of Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer.Best Tips 2023

Most of the gardening lovers know that sunniland crabgrass preventer is a strong crabgrass preventer but very few have a clear idea about crabgrass and its nature.

Crabgrass is a kind of weed which is really hard to prevent if it grows once. That’s why you have to take a step before its seasonal birth. You will get different types of crabgrass preventer in the market but today we are going to discuss a special one.

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a kind of weed which grows seasonally. Gardeners think much about it. This is the  main barrier behind getting a healthy and beautiful lawn. I find a huge number of gardeners become worried about this grass but most of the people cannot identify them correctly. In this section of the article I am going to help you identify crabgrass.

Crabgrass has a center root. From that root this type of grass starts growing. This type of grass has a special type of flower at the top of it’s head. This flower has a chicken foot type shape.  But all the grass with central roots is not crabgrass.

Crabgrass mainly grows at the side of the lawn and less trodden part of the lawn. This grass grows just after April and June. If once this grass grows in your lawn then it is hard to remove it. Removing it is also hard work. When you will try to remove it from your lawn then it will take some soil with it and also it will damage the other grass.

That’s why it is better to prevent this grass before it grows. This article is totally about preventing crabgrass from your loan. You will get a different idea how to prevent it and you will get a strong prevention method like sunniland crabgrass prevention.

What is Crabgrass Preventer

I already told you about crabgrass. I also told you the nature of this dress but in this part of the article I am going to tell you in detail about what a crabgrass preventer is. As you know this grass is a seasonal grass. It grows just after the summer begins.

Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer


If it grows once then it is hard to remove it. So, the best way to get rid of it is to prevent it. There are different ways to prevent it. Some are cutting grass a little higher, ensuring enough water etc. But the best way is using artificial preventer. This type of preventer damages the crabgrass sees before it grows. One of such preventers is sunniland crabgrass preventer.

0-0-7 Fertilizer Meaning

When you see a fertilizer packet or level you will notice some numbers are there on the front part of the level. But what do these numbers mean? These numbers mean the ratio of three ingredients in that fertilizer.

These three ingredients are the main fertilizer. These refer to the nature of that fertilizer and also give some information about the actual function of that fertilizer on the land. These three ingredients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

This number is usually like this 10-10-10. This number means if your fertilizer bag is 25 kg then you will get 10% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphorus and 10% Potassium. Now you might be thinking about the rest of 70%. Actually that 70% is filler, or inert ingredients.

0-0-7 is usually written at the level of a crabgrass preventer. This number means in this fertilizer there are 0% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphorus and 7% Potassium. This ingredient helps the lawn to prevent crabgrass from growing in it. For this reason we find 0-0-7 numbers on the level of a crabgrass preventer.

Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer Review

Sunniland is one of the best Crabgrass preventer in the market. In this section of this article I am going to review this product. From this part you will get a clear idea about the good and bad sides of Sunniland crabgrass preventer.

Varieties of Grass Control

Sunniland crabgrass preventer is best because it can prevent not only crabgrass but also other 16 types of grass and 23 types of broadleaf  weeds. Sunniland crabgrass Preventer is really unique in this feature. So, in this grass preventer you will at a time get crabgrass and also other grasses preventer. So you have not to be worried about any other things. Just use it and be tension free.

Action Before Grass Birth

Sunniland crabgrass preventer is special because it prevents grass before their birth. Sometimes if grass is born in the lawn then it reduces its beauty. So, you can use this grass preventer one step ahead of others.

Helpful of Lawn

Sunniland Crabgrass preventer does not only prevent weeds and crabgrass but also helps the other grasses to grow well. We all know that crabgrass grows in a place where other grass is weak and not dense enough.

The potassium of sunniland crabgrass prevents other grass to grow their root system and helps them to take much food from soil. Thus it helps the lawn to be more beautiful.

Season Long Control

Sunniland crabgrass preventer controls grass not only for a few days but also for years or seasons. So, if you use this only once in a year then you will be relaxed for the whole year. You don’t have to use it several times.

Low Application Rate

Sunniland is really an active and special preventer. It is more effective than other ordinary crabgrass preventer. It will take really less than other preventers to cover a big area. One medium size bag can cover up to 2000sft area.

Active Ingredients in Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer

We all know that Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer is a 0-0-7 type fertilizer. The level of this fertilizer tells about its active ingredient. This fertilizer has 0% Nitrogen in it. This is also Phosphorus free fertilizer. That means it has 0% Phosphorus too. But its main part is 7% potassium. Potassium helps to grow the root of grass and also prevents weeds. That’s why this is used as crabgrass preventer.

Where to Buy Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer

You can buy a sunniland crabgrass preventer from your near insecticides shop and also fertilizer shop. Some areas have specialized shops for garden lovers. This shop also keeps this type of grass preventer.

But now we love shopping online. So you can shop from different online sellers of this grass preventer. Sunniland grass preventer also has their own online shop. You can visit the link below to buy this Crabgrass preventer.


Warning Before Using Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer

To use crabgrass preventer you have to remember something which is really important. These are discussed below.


Sunniland Crabgrass preventer is a chemical. So, before using it you have to wear some safety guard. Use safety glass to save your eyes. Use gloves on your hands. If you have any kind of allergy then the active ingredient can harm you.

Don’t forget to use a mask while planting this fertilizer on the lawn. Please keep it in a safe distance from children and pets. You have to preserve the Sunnyland preventer from any kind of bad weather.


Use the right proportion of Sunniland preventer on your lawn. If you use much or less than actual proportion then it can affect your lawn negatively.

How Do You Apply Crabgrass Fertilizer?

The application of crabgrass fertilizer requires attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines. First, choosing the right type of fertilizer containing pre-emergent herbicides is essential, as these ingredients prevent crabgrass from germinating. Next, fertilizer should be applied evenly to the lawn in early spring before the soil temperature reaches 55°F.

A spreader is recommended for even fertilizer distribution without overapplication. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and dosage recommendations carefully to prevent damage to the lawn or ineffective treatment.

Regular watering after application is crucial to activate the fertilizer and ensure optimal results. Finally, it is recommended to reapply fertilizer every six to eight weeks for continued crabgrass protection.


How long does crabgrass preventer work?

Crabgrass preventer typically works for about 12-16 weeks after application, depending on the specific product and environmental factors.

When should crabgrass preventer be applied?

Crabgrass preventer should be applied in early spring before the soil temperature reaches 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit when crabgrass begins germinating.

What are the best conditions for crabgrass?

Crabgrass thrives in warm weather and areas with thin or bare turf. It prefers well-drained soil and sizes with plenty of sunlight. It also tends to grow in areas frequently mowed too short or with poor soil conditions.

Final Verdict

That’s it for today about the really good product Sunniland Crabgrass preventer. I hope you get a clear idea about this useful fertilizer of your lawn. Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer is a highly effective crabgrass preventer for lawns and gardens.

Its unique blend of active ingredients provides long-lasting protection against this pesky weed. The application process is straightforward and can quickly be done by homeowners without prior experience.

Sunniland Crabgrass Preventer can help you achieve a beautiful, lush green lawn without crabgrass. As a preventative measure for maintaining a healthy and thriving outdoor space, it is worth considering.

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