Staghorn Fern In Hanging Basket:Best guide 2023

What’s special about this plant when grown in a basket.  When you say decorative plants, probably one of the most favorite among many is the staghorn fern, and this is not so without reason.

When grown and maintained with the right amount of care, this plant can soon contribute to giving you a favorite spot for you to rest your eyes on in a room.

And this is more so when you have your staghorn fern in hanging basket. But is it difficult to grow? Not at all. Read on to know more.

What Is Staghorn Fern?

When you see it at a first glance, you will be reminded of the antlers of a deer.
This is more of an ornamental plant that normally grows in the wild and is hence also very easy to grow at home. And it can really enhance your home with its exotic look

The plant belongs to the platycerium genus within the polypod family, mainly found in Africa, Australia and South East Asia.

Types Of Staghorn Ferns

What you first need to know is that there are about eighteen species that come under this type of fern. A lot of them are tropical species which means they thrive in high temperatures and humid weather.

Of these, the most popular is the platycerium bifurcatum, for the fact that it is easy to care for and grow at home. However, do keep in mind that these are large and are going to need some space in your home.

And so, if this is a problem for you, you have various other species like the platycerium superbum (though you are going to need some patience for the time and effort involved in this), the platycerium veitchii, and the platycerium

angolense (but this is going to need a lot of water and some high temperature too. If you are a beginner, go for the platycerium hillii. See, now you know something about the different types of species that this plant comes to you in. Choose the one that best suits you.

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Growing Staghorn Fern In A Wire Basket


If you are not new to this plant, you are also perhaps not new to the fact that it can be grown in a wire basket, and have your own set of doubts and questions regarding this, so read on.

First, make sure that you add the right amount of moss (sphagnum moss) to the basket. You can then bring in the leaves, but through the edges. This way, they will grow neatly along the sides of the basket.

Now add more moss of the top of the roots and your wait to watch your new plant grow. Pay attention to the basket too. For the best results, use vanda baskets.

How To Grow Staghorn Ferns In Pots

Not confident about growing this plant in a basket? Try pots. They grow well in them too, provided you follow the right steps and so, read on to know what to do.

Begin by adding soowme potted mixture, but make sure that it is loose and well drained. You can use sphagnum moss or shredded pine bark for this.

And then, remember that in the end, while the plant needs heat, you must not place it directly under the sun. So, do not make this mistake, whether you are growing it in a pot or in a basket.

Water the plant only when you see that it begins to dry.

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How To Mount A Staghorn Fern In A Basket

So, you think the basket is a better option? Well, then make sure that it comes with a wide opening as only then will the air reach the roots of the plant.

Here, watering becomes easy too, where all you have to do is soak the entire basket in a basin and have water enter through the base.

Or you can even place the plant under a shower, but make sure that the water does not gush with too much pressure. Take care to leave it only for about a couple of minutes.

What are the Benefits Of Owning A Staghorn Fern In A Hanging Basket?

The biggest benefit of growing your staghorn fern in a hanging basket is that it makes your plant beautiful, giving it a kind of elegance that it cannot reach in a pot.

What’s more, these plants look more stylish when mounted decoratively from a hook than when placed on a surface like a table. Another benefit of hanging these plants is that they receive more air, and so as a result, will grow better.

Where Is The Best Place To Hang A Staghorn?

Staghorn ferns grow the best when mounted in shady yet bright locations. Make sure that the place you put the plant gets a lot of indirect sunlight.

Some prefer hanging it from the limb of a tree for the fact that the plant can receive the right amount of sunlight and shade.

However, in such a case, make sure that you are hanging it on a rather strong limb, for you don’t want the limb and the plant to fall down in the end.

Staghorn Fern In Hanging Basket(FAQ)

And then, before you go, here are a few more things you may probably want to know.

Will A Staghorn Fern Tolerate Frost?

No, these are plants that require warm weather, and so, don’t bother cultivating the plant if you live in a region that is cold and snowy.

Can You Plant A Staghorn Fern In A Hanging basket

Yes, and this is one of the more beautiful ways to grow a staghorn fern. While the option of the pot is also there, you need to remember that this is a rather heavy plant that is better hung than made to throw its weight on any surface.

What Can I Mount My Staghorn Fern On?

Anything that is sturdy and heavy, for this is a plant that is in time going to get heavy and a soft table may not be able to contain the weight of it all


So, today you learnt all about how to grow the staghorn fern in hanging basket and are sure excited about having one in your home.

Now that you know what you have to do, we wish you best with your staghorn fern and hope that it grows well and beautifully to serve as a sight to behold no matter where you decide to place it.

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