How To Preserve A Corsage? A Step-By-Step Guide 2023

Women love flowers, be it flowers on a wrist, flowers in a bouquet, or flowers worn on the hair. And the saddest moment for most of us is when it is time to get rid of them. 

However, you don’t have to do that. Take, for example, a corsage that you wore to a recent event. If you are reading this article right now, perhaps this is the floral accessory you have recently been wearing and feeling bad about putting it away. 

How to preserve a corsage? Read on, for that is what we are going to teach you today. 

What Is A Corsage?

This is more like a bouquet, only much tinier than a woman wears on the wrist with gowns and other formal clothes at weddings and other such occasions. 

Corsages today are a good replacement for the large bouquets that a bridesmaid normally had to manage through an entire wedding besides the care she had to take of her cousin all day. 

Now, with a corsage comfortably sitting on her wrist, she can look beautiful and dance the night away.Also, see more about African-milk-bush-plant 

Why Preserve A Corsage?

Now the problem lies in taking off the corsage. No woman likes to do it, more so if you enjoyed the function and loved your entire look for the day. 

But don’t worry. Today, there are various things you can do to preserve your corsage, to bring back the memories of that one special day. 

And that is what this article is going to be about. So, if you are right now sitting at a corsage you just don’t want to put away, just read on and we will show you how to preserve a corsage

Types Of Corsages Available

Corsages are of various types from those that you wear on your wrist to those that you pin to the elegant black dress. 

There are also nosey corsages that you hold in your hand, which require some effort but make you look nice and grand.And then you have ring corsages that are tinier, to make a subtle difference to your look. And at the other extreme are armband corsages that you wear on your hand. 

These are just a few of the many kinds of corsages that are available today. Now, go ahead and choose the one you think will go with your look. .Also, see more about How Many Potatoes Can I Grow In My garden

How To Preserve A Corsage- Step By Step Guide


See, you are not going to need much and you really don’t have to do much to keep the corsage you wore with you forever, as long as you follow a few simple steps and do it right, so read on to know what they are. 

Option 1: Dry It

Dry it the way you dry your clothes. Bring all the stems together with a rubber band or cord and then hang them upside down on the clothesline so they can all dry together. Once done, you can separate and store them in a transparent box that you can openly display in your favorite corner. 

Option 2: Spray It

This is another secret you perhaps didn’t know. Spraying your corsage with hairspray can effectively preserve it, so you can keep it forever.

Option 3: Gel It

Some people prefer to preserve their corsage with the help of some gel, and no, we are not talking about hair gel. What you need here is some silica gel which you can easily find in a flower center or a crafts store. 

You can then cover your entire corsage with this gel before placing it in a place that is dry and dark. However, make sure that you first get rid of any damaged leaves and petals as this can spoil the look of your corsage. Once done, you can shake off all the excess gel from the corsage and add a bit of hairspray. 

Option 4: Press It

This is everyone’s favorite. We all love pressing flowers, don’t we? All you need is cardboard, some sheets of newspaper and some tissue paper. Place them one on top of the other before finally laying the corsage. 

You need to spread out each stem to neatly space them out after which you can cover it with another layer of tissue paper. Now wait for three weeks so that the flowers can dry and then stay as a memory forever. 

Don’t Forget To Exhibit Them!

All your efforts will be a waste if you are finally going to hide your corsage in a cupboard. So, make sure that you exhibit them and let the person who gave them to you see them and feel special. 

Now, there are many ways in which you can do this. If you want to keep it simple, arrange them neatly in a shadow box. But if you are the kind that likes Dry, there is so much that you can do with a corsage. You can experiment by painting the corsage or just decorating it with photos, ribbons and so much more. 

How Do You Preserve A Corsage At Home?

Preserving a corsage is no rocket science and can be simply done in the comfort of your own home, with a few materials and a few simple steps after which your corsage is ready. 

How To Preserve A Corsage?(FAQ)

So, does that make you happy, now that you know there are various ways to decorate and preserve your corsage? Well, then, let us end with a few more answers for you. 

Can You Freeze A Corsage?

Yes, this is another very simple method of preserving a corsage where all you have to do is freeze it overnight, after which you can add some hairspray and then be sure that your corsage is here to stay, maybe not forever, but for quite a long time, at least for the event you want to take it for the next day. 

How To Store A Corsage Overnight?

As you saw above, one of the best ways to store a corsage overnight is to freeze it by simply placing it in a fridge. This way, the flowers in the corsage will not wilt and the corsage will remain fresh, at least until the next day. 

How To Dry A Corsage?

Simply leave the corsage in a jar for a couple of days or more and the corsage will dry away. However, if you want to speed up the process and make it more effective, you have various drying agents to dry and preserve your corsage. Scroll up to have a look.


Now that you know how to preserve a corsage, you are happy, aren’t you? And that is why we put down this little article for you. Experience told us that the corsage you are holding in your hand right now means a lot to you. 

Now do all that we told you in this little article and years down the line, your efforts will bear fruit when you sit smiling at the corsage you took so much care to preserve down memory lane. 


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