How To Kill A Fig Tree – How To Cut [A-Z Processing]

Here we are going to tell you how to kill a fig tree permanently. To get the best result, you have to read the article carefully from first to last.

Fig is the name of the fruit of the Common Fig tree. This is a kind of tree that has no such commercial use in the Asia area. Some people think of it as a good-for-nothing tree. This tree has different species. Some are long and some are small. Sometimes small species grow in our garden. This disturbs our plants, for this reason, we try to remove them but they grow again from their existing roots.

Make Some Cuts in the Body

This is the best way to kill a tree very easily and fast. This way is very scientific. This is recommended by botany. Usually, the tree takes food, water, and other important elements to living by the outer body part. This part is like the skin of a human being. If you can make a round cut on the surface part of the fig tree then the tree will die after a few days in need of food.

The cut height should be at least 3 inches. The cut should be 1 inch so that the tree doesn’t find any way to take food. You have to make the cut at the root section. This formula is for a big tree. If your fig tree is small in size then you can follow the next section.

Uproot the Tree

We have the main problem with the fig tree, that is it grows every time we cut them down. The main reason behind it is its root system. A fig tree root can live without its body and other parts. When you cut it and left the root, it grows again. But now I am going to show you the best way to kill or remove a fig tree from your garden.

If your fig tree is small then remove the soil from the root of the tree. This will lose the stump of the fig tree. Now it is easy to uproot the tree from the soil. This process is faster and more natural. You can try this if your fig tree is small in size.

Create Some Holes on The Body

Another natural but long-term process of killing Fig trees is creating holes in the body. This works with many trees not only in the fig tree. A lot of people use this technique in their tree-killing process. You have to create holes at the lower part of the tree. Not one or two holes, you have to create at least 10 holes if the tree is big.

Then fill the holes with some salt or hydroxide. Thus the tree will die after a long time. These holes will not let the food and other important living elements go to the top of the tree and start rotting the body from the hole.

Use Stump Out

This is not a natural process but it is very popular around the world. In this process, you have to buy a chemical and use it in the place where the fig tree was. Let’s start from the beginning. First of all, you have to remove the fig tree. You can cut it or you can do the same thing I show you in the 2nd method.

After removing the tree you have to use the Stump Out where the fig tree stump was. This chemical damages the root system and prevents any branch from coming out from the root. This is a very fast process. But you have to be aware that you do not plant any tree at that place for at least 2 or 3 months. That tree will not be able to live there.

How To Kill A Fig Tree (Conclusion)

A fig tree can create problems in your garden. Sometimes they spread around very fast. So, removing it from the garden area is very important. Follow all these tips to remove it fast. The killing process is very long, you can follow the last step.

This will kill the fig tree very fast. If you feel unsafe while using Stump Out, please wear gloves and a mask. These are the main ways to kill a fig tree. I hope you get the solution you are searching for.

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