Grilling In the Garage: A Beginner’s Guide 2023

Is it safe, is it unsafe, or a crime that will land me in jail? 

While no one is going to send you to jail for this, grilling in the garage is surely going to come with a lot of risks, to your garage, your home, and finally, your life and you sure wouldn’t want this. Then why do you want to take the risk?  

If you are still not convinced as you stand there in your garage, about to start a grill, read on as we tell you what could happen and the dangers that you are exposing yourself to, and then, you can decide whether you still want to go ahead with such a risk. 

What Happens When You Grill Inside The Garage?

See, a lot of fire hazards that we read about today are a result of people cooking in their garage, and more so by using a charcoal grill, some without even taking the right measures. 

One of the most dangerous mistakes you can make when grilling in your garage is using a charcoal grill, as this can bring about a lot of unregulated heat that can be very difficult to control. 

A charcoal grill can get heated to an extent of 600 degrees which can indeed be very harmful to your garage and your home. Also See more about How To Adjust Steering On Zero Turn Mower?

Is It Safe To Grill In The Garage With The Door Open?

They say that it is not safe to do this under any circumstances, even with the door open. Not only is this dangerous for your health, but also puts your house at risk of being set on fire. 

The charcoal and other natural gasses that you see here make the combustion process very dangerous. If they do not set your house on fire, they can still cause poisoning to harm your health and your family’s health, causing unnecessary problems in your home. 

A lot of carbon monoxide poisoning that we read about today is a result of people grilling in their garage at home.Also, see more about toro-super-recycler-reviews 

Types Of Grills To Avoid Using Inside The Garage

This mainly depends on where you would like to grill, indoors or outdoors. While an electric grill is your safest bet, this may be a bad choice if you like to grill outdoors. 

This can be the most dangerous on rainy days, where there are cases of people getting electrocuted and even dying in the process. 

However, despite this, we will still say that an electric garage is a safer option in your home, and you too would agree with this, now that you read about the potential dangers and other health hazards that a charcoal grill comes with. 

What Are The Risks Of Grilling In The Garage

If it is a charcoal grill, one of the biggest risks is the health hazards that it brings. What will all that carbon monoxide spread in your home and spread in the air? 

And then, know that a charcoal grill can also come with cancer-causing agents, so you can now gauge how safe an option it is. While it is safer to take the grill outside, know that it is still safer to get yourself an electric grill, and use this one indoors, and we will tell you the reason for this later on in the article. 

How To Grill Safely In Your Garage?

An electric grill is one of the best that you can get in your garage if you want to grill indoors. Designed for indoor use, this one does not produce any harmful contaminants that threaten to set fire to your home. 

However, even here, it is very important to do it the right way, beginning by reading all the instructions in the manual and following them religiously. 

Make sure that your house is well-ventilated with all the doors and windows open. More importantly, you need to see that all combustible materials are kept far from the grill. See that your garage is well-built with a high ceiling and a powerful range hood. 

Do not rely on the old-fashioned chimney or a crack in the door to come to your rescue when your grill has started a fire. If not, why not grill on your outdoor patio? The chances of starting a fire are much less that way. Finally, do not grill in bad weather. Wait for another day when the weather is good. 

Garage Grilling Safety 101

Maintaining your grill is another very important step to being safe with a grill in your garage. Make sure that your grill is covered at all times and in good shape when not in use. Do not keep the grill under direct sunlight.

This is something you especially need to be aware of in summer. In addition to that, it is also important to place the grill on a heat-proof surface. 

Tile or granite is safe, as they provide a good layer of protection between the grill and your counter.However, Formica or wood can be dangerous and would need a lot more protection.

Constantly keep a check on your grill, just as you would the gas in your home to see that there is no possible threat coming. Constant cleaning is a must, as a dirty grill is often a result of a lot of bad air spreading in the home. 

Grilling In the Garage(FAQs)

And with that, you perhaps still have a few questions, even with all that you read and know, so here is reiterating it all for you with a few FAQs.

Is Grilling In The Garage Illegal?

No, it is not illegal, but it sure is dangerous, so while you may not end up in jail for this, there sure are chances of you getting trapped around raging flames in your home. Sorry for putting it that way. It was only for your safety and that of your home. 

Can I Store My Grill In The Garage?

You can, but make sure that it is the right place, definitely away from sunlight (we can’t stress enough on this) and with a cover at all times. This way, it won’t pose a threat to your garage or your home. 

Should You Grill In Your Garage When It’s Raining?

Not if you have an electric grill. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your garage. Know that you can get electrocuted. Why not take the grill indoors where it is safer? 


And with that, we hope that you have by now made the right decision about the kind of grill you want to get for grilling in the garage

We also hope that you are now trained in the right way to put it to good use. In the end, we know how excited you are to serve yourself and your family some barbecue chicken, but this should not be at the cost of your health and safety and that of your family too. 


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