A Guide to Trees That Grow in Water 2023

What you need to know about these trees… When you think of growing a tree, perhaps one of the first thoughts that comes to most minds is a stem with its roots down in the soil, where you will have to do some regular watering with automatic sprinklers or a hose pipe to give it the nourishment it needs. 

However, this is different for trees that grow in water. These are trees that stay true to their name. Most of them have their feet submerged in mud, so you can say that these trees are only too happy when there is a flood. 

And these are the kind of trees that we will look into today to see if they are what you can afford to grow in the place where you live. 

What Are Trees that Grow in Water?

Trees that grow in water are called swamp trees. These trees remain permanently saturated to grow; that is how they are meant to be. Then, some even go to the extent of always being covered with water. Of these, some thrive in freshwater, while others grow in saltwater

The mineral soils found in the water tend to give these trees the additional nutrition they need. Of these, one of the most common varieties is the tupelo, though they are often mistaken to be synonyms for swamp trees.

Types of Trees That Grow in Water

Oh, you have a lot of them, starting with the most common mangroves and willows, maple, bald cypress, and birch, to some lesser-known names that include water tupelo, sweet gum, black gum, green ash, black ash, and the list can go on. 

What is shared among all these trees is that they stand on wet feet all through the year. 

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How to Plant and Care for Trees Growing in Water

Now, this will depend on the kind of tree you are planting because every tree will come with its unique prerequisites. Yet, location is one of the most essential factors you must consider in all these cases. Now, the bald cypress tree will thrive in floodwater. The water tupelo is another water-based tree that is going to love flooding. 

So, make sure that you live in a region that receives a lot of heavy rainfall, for only then can you be confident of the healthy growth of these trees. 

Benefits of Trees Growing in Water

All this may make you wonder whether it is worth having a tree in your garden that will need regular water. And so, here are some benefits of having such a tree in your garden. For one, trees help in the conservation of water. Their branches and trunks are good canopies (especially in drought) to infiltrate and  prevent water loss. 

Isn’t this what we need in urban areas that lack these natural sponges today? And then, there is the fact that they also help preserve the soil, preventing soil erosion. 

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Why Does a Willow Tree Grow In Water?

With their silver-tinged leaves, Willows are among the most beautiful trees you can find in history. One of the most significant benefits of a willow tree is that it prevents soil erosion. 

However, these trees thrive only when planted near water. Full sun, rich soil and lots of water are the requisites of a healthy willow tree, no matter the kind and whether you grow them in pots or on the ground. Remember that the willow tree always needs damp soil, failing by which it will soon dry up and die. 

Can plants grow in water only?

This is a common practice among many people who want to increase their collection of plants in a convenient and easy way. But remember that your plants will need a lot of light for this. 

Besides, make sure you use the proper container (opaque, not glass), as these plants are more susceptible to algae growth. You can add a pinch of powdered charcoal to the container for an additional solution. 

Use unchlorinated water and water-soluble fertilizers for the best results Herbs, bamboo and pathos are some of the most common plants you can grow in water. 

Trees That Grow In Water(FAQ)

Before you go, how about looking at these couple of FAQs?

What tree has the most water

The river birch tree. This is what the tree is typically found along rivers and streams. Apart from being very beautiful and attractive, it is also known to prevent soil erosion significantly and can grow in various soil types. 

Which plants float on water

Apart from the lotus, which you have probably already thought of, you also have water lilies, shields, spatterdocks, watermills and duckweed, all of which are lesser-known plants that also grow in the water. 

Can trees grow in the desert?

The truth is that every tree will need at least some water, which is why you generally don’t have trees growing in the desert. The few that you do find are those that can adapt to the desert’s harsh environment but need some water. 


So, what tree do you have in your mind right now? And if it is the kind of tree you have been reading about here, we hope you are in a place that receives a lot of water, for this is not about a tree that will need some regular watering, but much more. 

This is about a tree that loves to almost wade in the water. When you say trees that grow in water, you are talking about trees that stand in water. 


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