Roses Bonsai – How to make rose bonsai? [2021 Updates]

Bonsai is a quite old tradition, about 2000-year-old, of planting art. We can use any kind of plant that has a strong woody stem to make bonsai. But, can we make roses bonsai? To do a bonsai with a rose plant, what must we do? What are the steps of this cultivation?

There are many subjects around us in which we can show our interest. Gardening is one of the most common subjects. Some of the people make gardens as their hobby. Many of them do so to earn money. Gardening may be done even as bonsai. Let’s discuss all the stuff.


“Bonsai” is a Japanese term. It signifies “planted in a container”. This artistic tradition is derived from Chinese agricultural practice. Later, it was reformed by Japanese Zen Buddhism. It is a job to repress a plant from its actual growth. However, it is a realistic portrayal of nature as a tree.

In bonsai, squeezing buds, pruning, wiring branches, etc. are the techniques to confine a plant. Any plant that has a woody trunk, develops natural branches is suited for growing bonsai. Normally, bonsai plants have to have the size to put in a container. It does so to confine its root development.

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Bonsai Styles

Bonsai is such an art of planting that has developed for many years. Through the evolution of time, many of its styles have been introduced to people. Some of them are so common and popular among us. Let’s learn some stuff about them.

The most common styles of bonsai are formal upright style, informal upright style, and broom style. There are some more styles of bonsai. Such as slanting style, windswept style, double trunk style, multi-trunk style, forest style, etc. By knowing the names of styles, you can assume the outlook of them. For example, a formal upright style is a straight bonsai with branches that develop all around.

The outlook of broom-style bonsai is like a bush, fanning out like a mushroom. Double trunk bonsai has two trunks developed from the principal trunk. On the other hand, multi-trunk bonsai has more than two trunks.

Why Make Roses Bonsai?

Now, back to business- why make roses bonsai? Truth be told, bonsai is such an astonishing and amazing art that there are rare people who will say, “I don’t like this kind of dwarfed plant!”. On the other hand, go and ask some of the people about rose flowers. I bet you, almost 100% of them will say that they like these flowers, or their most favorite flower is the rose.

So, why not make bonsai with a rose plant? The rose flower is very beautiful, and bonsai with it will look more beautiful. It will scatter more beauty than any other bonsai. The plants with strong woody stems are perfect for doing bonsai. From this point of view, a rose plant is also suitable for bonsai. In a word, a rose plant will be better than other plants for making a bonsai from every point of view.

Difference Between Normal Rose Plant and Bonsai Rose Plant

Though it is the same plant, the cultivation process and other stuff are different from one to another. Let’s find out the differences between normal rose plants and bonsai rose plants.

  • Seedling: You can plant normal rose plants anyhow, anywhere. Pick up some good and healthy stems of rose plants, make a bed of normal soil to plant, and plant the stems. That’s it.

On the contrary, to make a bonsai, you have to make a specific type of soil in an open-mouthed container. Then you should plant a rose stem into the container. Compared to a normal rose plant, you have to take special care of a bonsai rose plant.

  • The shape of plants: As bonsai is a kind of dwarf planting, a bonsai rose plant is smaller from its outlook than a normal rose plant. A normal rose plant can grow quite tall if it gets enough sunlight and water.
  • Flowers: Comparing these two kinds of plants, flowers are almost the same size.

How to Make Roses Bonsai with Rrose Plants?

For making bonsai, you need those plants that have small size leaves. The rose plant has a smaller size of leaves. So, these plants are so perfect for making bonsai. Let’s do it step by step.

Preparing the soil and picking root

  • First, you have to make the soil. Making soil is very important. You have to mix compost fertilizer with the original soil.
  • Pick a strong and mature rose plant. There are many kinds of roses around us. Select one that you like.
  • Cut its all branches. It is another important task. Cut in such a way that it comes to a shape.
  • Then take out the base carefully. Be careful about the roots.

Planting the plant

  • Then fill up a clay or rock container with the soil that you mixed with compost. A plastic container can also be used, but a clay pot is better.
  • Plant the plant carefully in the container. Cut some more roots if it is tough to balance the plant. The soil should be well compacted.
  • The plant should be placed in a place where there is both light and shade.


  • For bonsai, caring is so important. Always notice that the plant does not get too much sunlight.
  • Water regularly. Do not water the plant if the soil is wet enough.
  • Give compost fertilizer routinely.
  • If the growth of the plant is high, prune the branches to confine.
  • You can follow the wiring strategy to give a shape to your plant that you like.


Making a bonsai is like growing up a child from its birth. Every bonsai needs intensive attention from the very beginning of planting. A rose bonsai is easy to make. However, it is not necessary to take less care. Only after adequate care, the ultimate beauty of a rose bonsai will be revealed.

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