What is Prickley Weed? Why It is Bad & How to Remove?

We have to face a lot of weeds in our garden. Some of them are annoying and some are very much annoying. Among the annoying weeds, Prickley weed is one.

This weed has some round-end leaves and horns on it. If you try to pull it out then you will face many problems. This is a seasonal weed that will return again and again every year.

Here in this article, I am going to give you some more valuable information about Prickley weed. You will know what Prickley weed is, how to get rid of it, and so on. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

What is Prickley Weed?

Prickley weed is a kind of seasonal grass that grows in the sand and in dry and hot weather. This is a kind of herb. But if you are a lawn owner then this is the name of a boring weed. Only this weed is enough to make your lawn rough and thorny. This weed has some thorns in its leaves. The main area of this weed is in North America. But you will find it in almost every tropical area.

This weed has a white small flower. This is the main way of spreading its new generation. Continue reading this article from beginning to end. This article will help you to find much valuable information about this weed.

Why Prickley Weed is Bad for Lawn or Garden?

There are many bad sides of Prickley weed. They damaged the lawn’s beauty completely. Some more bad sides are given below. So, read them carefully.

  • It consumes Grass’s foods: The main reason for removing the weeds from the lawn or garden is to save food and water. We provide some fertilizers on our lawn or garden for our plant or grass. But if there is weed like Prickley then it will take all of them. So, Prickley weed is bad for the garden.
  • It damages lawn beauty: The main purpose of nurturing the lawn is to make it beautiful. Sometimes we mow the lawn to give the grass different textures. But if your lawn has unwanted weed like Prickley then the beauty will surely go away. So, we can say that the Prickley weed damages the lawn’s beauty.
  • It has thorns: One of the special features of Prickley weed is its thorn. They are not very harmful to humans and pets but they will be a cause of little pain to both of them. They sometimes become bad for the child. So, this is not good for our lawn.

These are the very basic bad sides of Prickley weed in our lawn and garden. Some of us like to keep sheep and goats at our home farm. You will be surprised to hear that no domestic animal eats this weed.

How to Remove Prickley Weed From Lawn or Garden?

If you want to get rid of this weed from your garden then you have to follow a special way. The main reason behind this is, Prickley can grow from seed and also from the root. If you can not remove this from your lawn at the proper time and proper way then you will have to face them in the next year with more of them. Here I am going to show you the right way of removing the Prickley from the lawn or garden.

Step #1

The first thing you have to do to remove this weed from your land is to collect tools. You need to take some help from some tools to remove the weed from the lawn or garden. The tools are a thick glove and a plus. The glove will help you to be safe from the thorn of Prickley and the plus will pull the root of it very well.

Step #2

Use gloves on your hand and take the plus in another hand. Use the glove hand to grab the Prickley and another hand with plus to grab the root tightly. Try to go deep to the root and grab it in the strongest place. This will help you to pull the weed root very well.

Step #3

Check the root closely. If there is any part of it broken then try to find it again under the soil. If you find it then pull that again. Thus you will be able to remove it from your loved lawn. Do the same thing with every Prickley weed.

Best Time to Remove Prickley Weed

Prickley weed spreads its seed by its light flower like a feather. When the seed rips the flower takes the seed with it with the wind. And next year they grow together. If you can root out the weed at the proper time then you can easily prevent it.

The best time to remove the Prickley weed is before it blows flower. You have to remove this from the lawn before it blooms. Then you will be able to remove it from your lawn.


Finally, now I am satisfied because I can help you by giving you some important information about this weed. Removing this weed is not much challenging if you can think in proper time and do it properly. That is all about Prickley weed. Thanks for reading from us. You can read some more gardening-related articles from us.

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