All About Log Wall – Types, Decoration, Art, Photos and Other Ideas!

Log wall is a term related to building structure. They are important to build a log house or cabin house.

These are so appealing that many arts, wall paper and even paintings have been inspired by them. In this article we would like to give you ideas about log walls!

What is a Log Wall?

They are a kind of wall that is essential to build any log built structure. The logs are interlocked in the wall horizontally. The logs may refer to some small pieces in different shapes. They can either be handmade or milled.

How Do You Make/Build Them?

To build these walls, firstly you need to determine the length of the wall you are going for. The wall should be square in shape. Firstly you need to put a starter chip in the wall and it will act as a guide for the other logs.

All the bigger sizes of logs then you should attach to the wall and do not forget to drill them into the walls.

In the spaces among the bigger sizes logs you should put the small ones. You should position the door jamb while installing the first course of logs.

Decorating With Log Wall

These walls are present in the building culture for their aesthetic beauty. They are a huge part of decoration because of their versatility.

From home interior to garden fence, we can decorate everything with these types of walls.

Log Wall Interior

If you want to have a welcoming and peaceful home where you can just return in an evening you can choose the internal wall with logs. They have a natural vibe with them and they are very easy to install.

Log Wall Interior

Interior Log Wall

Log Wall Garden

Log Wall Garden

Log Wall Garden

In many countries, the wall surrounding the garden is built with these walls. Not only do they look good, but also they ensure enough ventilation for the garden.

Log Wall Fence

Many people surround their houses with a log fence. There are several designs you may want to follow. Some prefer a half log wall, some may prefer a full lengthened one.

Log Wall Fence

Log Wall Fence

Log Wall Cabin

Cabins with a log wall are one of the trendy things in Scandinavian countries. Some people build their cabins with actual log walls while other people build DIY walls that look like logs. These cabins make you closer to nature. 

Log Wall Cabin

The log cabin accent wall can be decorated nicely with some log wall lights. Some wood paneling can make your log cabin wall look more natural and appealing.

Faux log paneling Interior Wall

The rounded log panel makes the paneling of the log wall cabin. You should place them evenly and smoothly. The faux log paneling makes a log cabin more beautiful.

Log Wall Shelf

These shelves can be a good part of interior decoration. They are some varnished shaped wood log pieces that you may attach into your wall. They can enhance the beauty of your interior. You can put some show-pieces, small plant pot etc.

Log Wall Shelf

Log Wall Shelf

Log Wall Clock

Some clocks these days adopt a log wall inspired design. Though these vary in shape, size and design, they give a retro vintage perspective to your house. They are generally made from oak trees or walnut trees.

Log Wall Clock

Log Wall Clock

Types of These Wall

Depending upon the construction and style, different types of walls exist. You may choose which type of wall will suit your house or other structure you are working on.

Stacked Log Wall

Stacks are small uneven pieces of wood logs. They are mostly square in shape. They give a stylish and messy look in the decoration. This type of wall is common in the main gate of houses or restaurants.

Round Log Retaining Wall

This type of wall consists of long rounded wood logs. They are mostly common in long walls. They are very traditional in appearance also. Furthermore, these loads are capable of holding a heavy weight.

Log Slice Wall

They are walls made of wood log which have a shape like a circle. These logs can be handmade and painted to enhance the beauty of the wall. They give a balanced and polished look to the wall.

Log End Wall

The log end wall is essential to hold all the logs that you may want to put. This is the wall where you may attach a log of your choice.

Inspirations From These

Since log wall’s main function is to enhance beauty, many inspirations for other things have come from them.  Because of their beauty, this wall has been the inspiring factor for many wallpaper, painting and other forms of art.

Log WallPaper

Many log wall papers are available to buy online. They just give an impression of pseudo log walls. These wallpapers are different in size and shape. They are also cheap to buy. You can get some log wall paper idea from below:

Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper
Log WallPaper

Log Wall Art

By putting logs on your wall you can easily make a log wall art. You can either follow any specific design or you can just put them randomly. They look good either way.

Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art
Log Wall Art

Besides, the geometric logs are eco-friendly and make the house look closer to nature. You can get some log art idea in my article.

How to Protect Them

These walls are really some kind of art for your structure. However, they need utmost care and protection. You may protect your wall by following these steps:

Step #1

Moisture is not a good companion of log woods. So, you should be careful to put the log these walls protected from the rain, water, snow etc.

Step #2

As insects can reside within wood, you must be careful to save your wood logs from the insects.

Step #3

Ultraviolet rays damage the logs of the wall. Therefore, you should be careful that your walls are not exposed to the sun.

Step #4

When you are designing your wall, try to ensure they are protected from water or sun rays.

Step #5

Please fix any issues on your wall since they may cause further issues for the future.

30 Impressive Log Wall Ideas

If you ever want to make one of these wall and you need to find some ideas, you may take help from the below log ideas:































Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these walls can be a great idea for decorating your bedroom or fencing your garden. Many painting, wall art are inspired by them. So, they are eco-friendly, cheap and exciting.


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