DIY Lawn Striper – Using, Making, Instruments, Fixing and Instruction

In this article, you will get enough ideas about a DIY lawn striper and how to make one. So, let’s explore the article to get enough ideas about it.

DIY lawn stripers are one of the most used stripers in the field of mowing. Most people love this striper to use on their lawn. Though some people use other readymade stripers to help their lawn, there are a number of people who love using this type of lawn striper.

What Does DIY Mean?

The word DIY is used to is not a word actually. It is an abbreviated form of a full long-phrase. In DIY, D stands for “Do”, I stands for “It”, and Y stands for “Yourself”.  In total DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”.

So, DIY is referring to the situation where making something by some is meant. It actually refers to building, making, or repairing something without taking help from another person.

What is A DIY Lawn Striper?

In the previous section of this article, I told you about what DIY means. Actually, this is a full form of “Do It Yourself”. So, when we add “lawn striper” with DIY, then the meaning changes a little. Now it means “Do It Yourself a lawn striper”.

Here it is referring to making a lawn striper by oneself.  We can find different types of loan stripers in the market. Different companies make them using modern technology and machines to help the gardener to beautify their garden and lawn. But these stripers are really costly.

Thinking about the cost of these stripers some of us try to make one lawn striper by ourselves. If someone makes a lawn striper then that can be called a DIY lawn striper.

So finally we can say that a lawn striper that is made by someone at home without taking any technical help or without using any heavy machinery is called a DIY lawn striper. Hope you get a clear idea about the DIY lawn striper. Now let’s step to the next type section of this article.

Why Use a DIY Lawn Striper?

You might have seen some cricket stadium’s field grass are arranged or colored with beautiful art and patterns. You will easily find them if you look at Australian and English cricket grounds. If you see them carefully you will be astonished seeing the artistic look of those.

Some football and Golf fields also get this type of look. But do you know you also can create those arts in your yard grass? Some people think that this is a really hard job, and it takes months to create this type of color lighting in the grass.

actually, it’s not like that. This is a simple process of doing. This is called striping. When you mow your lawn you can create this type of art in your lawn grass. It will not take much more time and effort from you to create that dark-light shadow on the grass.

you just have to use a lawn striper. Lawn stripers are actually used to create those artistic styles in the grass. So you can use a DIY lawn striper to beautify your lawn grass very easily.

How to Make A DIY Lawn Striper at Home?

A lawn striper is a very simple helping tool to stripe a lawn. A lawn striper does not need any hard functionality and any other technical issue to make. But the producer companies are taking a huge amount of money for a small lawn striper.

Some people think spending so much money on buying a lawn striper is really a waste of it. That’s why they think to make one lawn striper at home. But doing this alone is not such an easy task.

It requires some help to understand the making process well. Now I am going to help you and show you how to make a lawn striper at home without any hard work and without the use of any expensive device or material.

Important Tools

To make a DIY lawn striper at home you have to follow some steps and you have to have some important tools. Let’s discuss the tools first and then we will think about the steps of making a DIY lawn striper.

4″ PVC Pipe:

This is actually used to strip the grass of the lawn. The Main will be played by this. You have to ensure this is strong enough to roll the grass. I can suggest you use a 5” or 6” pipe. That will create more weight on the grass and the striping process will be more effective.

2 X 4″ End Caps:

These caps will support that PVC pipe with a rod and the rod will attest the pipe with. These caps are really important. Ensure good quality of it.

2 Standard “L” Brackets:

Two brackets are important to grab the Striper with the lawn mower correctly. These are supportive of the whole striper. Buying this needs some tips to follow. Ensure the brackets have multiple holes to attest to the eye bolts. Multiple holes will give you many chances of making the bolts fit properly.

1/2″ X 24″ Threaded Rod

This rod is also important to complete the whole process.  This rod works as the backbone of the striper. It goes through the pipe and keeps the pipe running and rolling over the grass.

2 X 3/8 Eye Bolts

These eye bolts will be attested with the rod and with the brackets. You have to follow some tips when you choose these eye bolts. Eye Bolts have different lengths. Make sure you buy medium-length bolts.

Short bolts can not function well on the other hand extra-long bolts can create walking problems while you operate the mower.

2 X 1/2″ End Caps For the Threaded Rod

To attest the eye bolts with the rod you have to use 2 caps for two ends of the rod. If you don’t use this then the eye bolts may fall down and the rod will be separated.

4 3/8″ Nuts

These nuts are important to keep the eye bolts attested with the brackets.

2 Lock Washers and 2 Washers

These lock washers and washers will support the nuts to keep them strongly attested.

One Drill

This is another important piece of equipment to complete the making process. You have to drill the end caps, bracket holes, and any other if needed. There may need different sizes of drill for the drill machine.

One Socket Wrench:

You have to handle the nuts and bolts in this making process. So you must have to use wrenches. If you can use a socket wrench then the process will be easier.

Gravel or Sand

This is also important to increase the weight of the striper. You can use sand and gravel. But I can suggest using sand. This will not create any sound while working.

Steps to Make A DIY Lawn Striper

Thinking for making this tool? First time you may face some problem. But don’t worry, we tried to make it easy. Follow the easy steps and make a DIY lawn sprinter:

Step #1

Take the drill and make a hole in the center of the end caps. The hole diameter should be according to your rod. If your rod is 2” thick then do it 2”.

Make sure you make the hole at the center of the caps. There are different ways to find the center of it. Follow your preferred way.

Step #2

Attest the cap on one side of the pipe. Ensure your pipe’s length is equal to the distance of your mower’s back wheels.

Step #3

Take the rod and enter it through the pipe and also through the newly drilled hole of the cap.

Step #4

Fill the pipe with sand or gravel. Fill it totally so that not an inch is empty. While filling the pipe keep the rod at the center of the pipe. Otherwise, it will create a problem later.

Step #5

Attest another cap at another side of the pipe. Make sure that the rod enters through the cap hole.

Step #6

This is another important part of our working process. Here you have to use the eye-bolts on both sides of the rod. Eye-bolts have a hole on one side of them.

Enter the rod through the hole of it. Now use rod caps on both sides of the rod. These rod caps are used to keep the eye bolts fixed with the rod.

Step #7

In this part, we will use brackets. Brackets have holes in them. We have to attest to eye-bolts on the hole. After doing this we have to use the nuts and washers to fix them with the brackets.

You have to use the wrenches to tie them firmly. Now the striper-making process is done. Your striper is ready to use with the lawn mower.

How to Fix The DIY Lawn Striper With W Lawn Mower?

This is another important step to start striping the lawn after making a DIY lawn striper.  In this section of this article, I will discuss how you can fix the DIY lawn striper with the lawn mower.

Step 1

To attest the lawn striper with the lawn mower, you have to remove the spark plug first, and then you have to remove both the back wheels of the lawn mower. 

You have to remove this because the important bolt of the lawn mower to fix the striper stays behind the wheel. You can not add it with that bolt until you remove the wheel.

Step 2

Remove the nut from the lawn mower bolt and clean it. After doing this, attest the striper’s bracket’s hole with the bolts. Use nuts to fix it firmly.

Step 3

Fix the wheels again with the lawn mower. Re-attest the spark plug also.

All processes are done. Now your lawn striper is ready to use in your lawn.

Things to Remember Before Using Lawn Striper

Lawn striping is a play of light. When we strip a lawn we need to know the front side of the lawn. It is important because striping should be done in the right direction so that it looks better.

Usually, most people think of the roadside as the front side of the lawn. They strip the lawn on that way.

You might not know that DIY lawn stripers are not the only way to stripe your lawn. There is another device to stripe the lawn. This device is called a Lawn striper broom.

This lawn striper works in the same way as a DIY lawn striper do. The only difference is that a lawn striper kit uses a roller to stripe. On the other hand, a lawn striper broom uses a broom to do that.

Some people think that striping is not good for lawn grass. They think the process of stripping the lawn makes the grass weaker and also sometimes kills them. But actually, striping is really good for the lawn and its grasses’ health.

If you stripe your lawn then the grass gets enough air to its root. The grass starts growing better. The grass gets new strength to take food from the soil.

Final Verdict

These are the all-important things to know about DIY lawn stripers. I hope you can successfully create a DIY lawn striper after reading this article.

I tried to explain every part and every question you might have in your mind about a DIY lawn striper.

But if you think there are any mistakes made by me in this article please comment here. Stay with us to know much about lawn care and everything. We have a lot of articles about it.

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