All About 5 Petaled Flowers – Names, Type, Template & Everything!

Petal is one of the most important parts of a flower. Petals can make a big difference in a flower’s beauty, existence, evolutionary changes and in other related things. 5 petaled flowers is also such a flower that has become a topic of interest to many people.

It is such an impactful matter that many researchers have worked on this. Are you also interested to know more about 5 petaled flowers? Then, yes, you are at the right place.

What is a Flower?

To know about the five petaled flowers, we have to first identify what a flower is.  A Flower is a part of the flowering plant that helps in reproduction of the plant.

They generally are bright in color, they grow at the end of a branch .They live for a relatively short amount of time. They are brighter in color so that they can attract insects or butterflies. This helps in reproduction procedures.

Flowers may have different size, variety, colors or shape. Regardless of these, flowers contain seeds of a plant so that the plant can re-grow the seeds. In this way, plants can continue their reproduction process.

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What is a Petal?

Petal is that part of a flower. It surrounds the reproductive structure of a flower. A group of petals is commonly known as corolla. They are generally bright in color.

Petals consist of two parts; such as blade and the claw. The petal varies spontaneously in different species of flower. The main function of petals in a flower is to help pollinate. Petals are different in size, shape and color. Undoubtedly they are the most attractive part of a flower.

What is a Flower with Five PETALS Called?

A flower can be named after their number of petals. This feature is essential to identify a flower. Since the petals are distinguished we can easily count them and name a flower after the number of petals. A flower which has five petals is known as “Pentamerous Flower”. These flower may have five petals or in the multiple of five.

5 Petal Flower Types

Though petals are a prominent feature of a flower, a flower depends on various other things. These may include wildflowers, seasonal flowers or flowers of a specific region. Like any other flower, 5 petal flowers are also divided into two categories namely “Monocots” or ”Dicots”.

There are also other ways to identify a flower. Some of these are Annuals, Perennials’, Biennials and Ephemerals’. They can also be categorized in the way they re-produce. For example as sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.

5 Petaled Flower Names

A lot of flowers have five petals. Some of them may include:

Small Flower with 5 Petals

A lot of small wild flowers have five petals. They are sometimes so tiny. Consequently, it’s even hard to count the petals. Some of this category may include Spring beauty, musk mallow, trumpets, milkweed flowers, yellow cinquefoil, berry flower, anemone etc.

Small Indian 5 Petal Famous Flower

A common purple flower is very famous in the category of 5 petal flowers. It is quite small.  Caranthus roseus linn is its scientific name. People commonly know them as Madagascar periwinkle or Rosy periwinkle.  The Hindi speaking people call it by the name of ‘ Sadabahar’.

5 Petal Flower Details

In this section we would discuss the pictures, clipart, and tattoo of a 5 petal flower. To know more please read to the end of the article.

5 Petal Flowers Picture

They are so attractive that they have caught the attention of many photographers. These photographers have tried to capture those beauties through their camera. We are adding some of the pictures below.

5 Petal Flowers Picture

5 Petal Flowers Picture

5 Petal Flower Template

If you want to make any crafts using 5 petal flowers or you may want to draw a picture of a 5 petal flower, you can easily make a heart shaped template. This template is easy to make or you can find one online. This can be your guide to drawing or crafting of a 5 petal flower. To help you making a template we are providing you with s template.

5 petal flower template
                                                             5 petal flower template

5 Petal Flowers Tattoo

Floral flowers are becoming a great design for a tattoo. Especially, Young girls like this type of tattoo. 5 petal flowers is one of the designs in trends. A hibiscus or a daisy is most common among these designs.

5 Petal Flowers Tattoo

Furthermore, a flower tattoo may symbolize different things such as truthfulness, faithfulness or strength. If you are ever interested to make a tattoo of 5 pleat flower the below pictures can help you.


5 Petal Flowers Clipart

For a clipart design, a 5 petal flower is a good option. This is becoming popular these days. They are a common trend now. We are adding some clipart designs here for you:

What are The Other Petal Templates?

By the number of petals there exists a lot of other templates for flowers. Mainly petals need to be counted. But people have also counted the sepals, stamens and Carpals. To name the flower by the count of petals, people name it by the number of petals or its multiple.



For two petals or its multiple, the flowers easily have the name by Bimerous or Dimerous. Bimerous flowers have petals and sepals in two.



When a flower has three petals, we call them trimerous. Many monocots have this type of flower. Trimerous flowers have petals and sepal in three. Orchid is an example of this category.



A flower with four petals or multiple of four has a name tetramerous. Tetramerous flowers have petals and sepal in three. Cornus has four petals and four sepals.



Lastly, a flower with 5 petals is known as pentamerous. These flowers have petals and sepal in three. We can say Solanaceae as an example.



Sometimes petals can be united. So we count the number by counting lobes. People call them flowers with “Gamopetalous” corolla.



While petals of a flower are free, the corolla is polypetalous.

 Though these are the most common templates, there can be other templates for petals also.

Why Do So Many Flowers Have 5 Petals

To understand the topics, we have to find out that five is a very common number in nature. But some exceptions exist to this fact.

Most of the flowers have 5 flowers. Because most orders and species are in clade Pentapetales. It means “five petals’ ‘. This is rather an ancestral trait of the plant. From this trait all the other traits we know of have branched off.

Fibonacci Sequence Fact

Most of the flowers may have three to five petals. First of all, The most common reason behind this is the Fibonacci numbers. They say that everything in this world goes by these numbers.

Since both three and five are part of the Fibonacci series. So these two numbers are most common in the petals of a flower.

The growth or reproduction of petals or plants follows the Fibonacci rule. Nature has chosen this strategy itself. In some cases; for example, for a flower with 6 petals 6 can be counted through 3 sepal and3 petals. Hence, there is a part of Fibonacci sequence. But these are just abstract from the past.

Modern Aspects

In today’s world science has advanced a lot. As a result, those theories actually do not matter anymore. So, Modern biology has no interest in these entire psychological phenomenon’s.

Even today for more and wild petal; traditional plants are being hybridized. Almost all of members of classic Rose family show five petals today.

Are There Any Evolutionary Changes?

Scientists have not found any advantages to the evolution a five petal can make. So the old and classic traits reason is the only thing we know as of.

Consequently, we can say that there are no evolutionary advantages. There exists nothing related to the abundance of five petal flowers in nature.

What Does a Five Petal Flowers Symbolize?

Different five petal flowers may symbolize different things. A hibiscus flower is one of the most noteworthy popular flowers with symbolic meaning.

The five petals of a hibiscus flower represent five traditional kinds of duty, five kinds of happiness, and five kinds of unity. Besides, it also symbolizes other qualities that all add up to the meaning of peace and happiness.

Why is a 5 Petal Flowers So Attractive?

Actually attraction of a flower comes from the color or scent of a flower. First of all, Many 5 petal flowers have bright colors and they have a beautiful scent.

These characteristics make a 5 petal flower very attractive. As a result, they easily attract many insects and butterflies. It helps  in pollination of a plant.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, from all of the discussion we can say that the 5 petal flower is a beautiful creation of nature. This type of flower has an attraction to all. A lot of scientific reasons are also associated with it. Due to this researchers have done a lot of research on a five petal flower.

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